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WMC (EP: 003) – Meet Successful Online Freelancer Brent Jones (Online)

WMC (EP: 003) – Meet Successful Online Freelancer Brent Jones (Online)

WMC (EP: 003) – Meet Successful Online Freelancer Brent Jones (Online)

I’ve been following successful entrepreneur and professional online freelancer Brent Jones for just over a year now, and boy am I impressed!

For those of you interested in getting into or starting up your own freelance online marketing services, listen up! Brent will answer some of the most important questions you’ll most likely have from the start.

So, let’s do just that, let’s tune in, turn it up, and listen closely as a truly professional freelancer teaches us how to take advantage of freelancing online…

Brent Jones Online, The Dot Yeah!

If freelancing for a living online catches your attention. If that dot com lifestyle as a social media manager, website setup guy or gal, or blog writer to name a few get’s your attention, I suggest you follow along with Brent.

Brent Jones is literally a highly successful online marketing freelance entrepreneur who’s specialty is social media management.

I’ve been following brent for over a year now as a trusted authority within the marketing and freelancing world, because at the end of the day, I too am a freelancer if you think about it.

So, if you are a small business and need some of that “Brent Jones” social media marketing help, I suggest you learn more here… And, if you are wondering if this freelancing life is for you and how to get started, I suggest you listen to Brent!


Brent Jones


Freelancer & Blogger


Brent Jones is a freelancer and blogger living in Fort Erie, Canada with his beautiful wife and two dogs. Since 2014, he has earned his full-time income online as a freelance social media manager.


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