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What Is The Most Profitable Online Sales Channel ? | Hint: It’s The Most Trusted!

What Is The Most Profitable Online Sales Channel ? | Hint: It’s The Most Trusted!

What Is The Most Profitable Online Sales Channel ? | Hint: It’s The Most Trusted!

What is the most profitable online sales channel online? It would be a better question to ask; “what is the most TRUSTED sales channel online.”

The answer is not only surprising, but it is also the most complicated to build, why? Because it is email, it is the list you build and brand yourself with through everything that is you, your products, services or opportunities are online.

No matter what your business is online, your list, the emails that have been entrusted to you, are where you will convert all the efforts online into sales. However, you still may need a list, you may have issues getting people to subscribe. Well, let’s see how we can get that successfully started right now…

The “MONEY” Is In The List…Really?

It is 100% true, the money really is in the list, the email list that is. It took a few weeks to realize this when I started my journey online, but either way, it was absolutely true.

For most people who are new to the online marketing world, or those who have fallen into the pit of syndicates and affiliate gurus hyperbole, getting and building a list is the chore of all chores it seems.

Well, no matter what someone tries to sell you, building a substantial enough list to truly turn a profit can take awhile. Now I am not saying years or, even months and months for that matter, what I am saying is that it will take a little time…

And, since you actually have a little time today, why not start setting up a presence online that actually has a chance of building a profitable list? Yes, you can do this, so let’s look at some of the simple platforms to use and, how to convert your list into cash payers.

1. A Blog/Website

A central hub that is all about you helping people discover more about you, your products, services or opportunities is a must. Blogging through a solid website contains what the search engines love, and it is what people love to find, fresh relevant answers to their questions.

Blogging has been one of the most successful platforms for building an email list. Do not believe me? Simply look at the facts from other successful, highly successful that is, individuals online other than myself.

Here is the one place, other than what we will discuss next, where you can truly build, brand and manage a successful traffic and lead generating funnel.

2. Video Marketing

Why so many people shy away from this particular platform amazes me. Some miss out because they are shy, and some miss out because of what they think others will think…seriously? are we still in high school?

MAKE THE VIDEO! And here is a little secret that most won’t tell you; place that video, embed it I mean on your post as close to your opt in form as possible. Make a call to action to the form and, just be YOU! in the video.

Video converts traffic I believe a little bit better than blogging, unless it is on your blog, then both work perfectly. I know this, I have a 36% conversion rate on this site alone… Trust me, get the video on your blog posts.

3. Google Plus, Twitter And Facebook

Sharing really is caring today, especially when you engage with others and not just your stuff. It is crazy how many people and companies actually get blacklisted from using such simple platforms, but they do.

Social media can be used properly, even with your email list. Creating simple Facebook pages with a video to share or, some written content with some sort of call to action is great.

Treat Your List Like A Lady!

Now that we see how an email list can and could be built, let’s look at how to convert some of these people!

Treat them nice, and they will stay. Treat them like a goofball second cousin you just want to buy your stuff, well, forget about it, they will fall off like dead flies.

Much like the content you create, it is better to inform and educate what you are promoting or trying to sell.

Sales pages or landing pages with a video and some content with Call To Action can be a great way to “personalize” the point of sale. Teaching and informing people about how what you have can cure a problem verbally can work wonders.

If you go the email only route, once again, make sure you are informative! And, never forget your links!

Like I said above, “your money is in your list,” what most people online forget is that these are PEOPLE!!!, not just a faceless email and name…

Pay attention to them. If you want more attention from them after they subscribe, get personal, reach out to those you can when you have time with a personal email. Offer a little bit of free time or, information.

Treat them like a lady, if your a lady, treat them like a guy you know treats you well and you will all do well and convert your list.

The most profitable sales channel online is the one you created in the first place, your email list. Here you are entrusted and, you have to continually earn that trust. That is how money is made online.

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1 Comment

  • Lana June 25, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    Hi David!

    Great post!!! I’ve found that Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental to growing my list. Though I don’t get hundreds of people a day (wish I did), I DO get a few signups per day, but they are pre-qualified, know who I am, and what they are getting into because I actually contact each one and talk to them – building my relationships.

    Another thing I do is to ask for people to share or RT just in case they aren’t interested. I get a good bit of signups just from that alone,

    Lana šŸ™‚

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