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The Basics Of Blogging For Beginners

The Basics Of Blogging For Beginners

The Basics Of Blogging For Beginners

No, it’s not complicated. No, you do not have to be a Hemingway. And, no, you do not have to spend a ton of money learning this platform. Here are the basics of blogging for beginners.

Whether we are here to drive traffic to our business interests online or, just because we have thoughts, opinions and other cool stuff to say, it has to get found, it has to be visible.

This is why learning to blog is so much more than just writing a bunch of words, it is so much more, and it takes much more…

Pro Bloggers, We Are Worth Every Cent

I have been paid a thousand dollars to have others advertise on my posts, per post. And, to tell you the truth, I could not believe it! But, if you can dominate here, it pays well to be here.

However, this form of content marketing should never be taken lightly, as a matter of fact, next to video content, blogging is the next best source for traffic online today!

Content is not king, it’s the kingdom! – Lee Oden

If Lee said it, I would take with not only a grain of salt, but the whole dang shaker poured on the steak!

But The gurus? They are seriously wrong, and Lee is right. So-called gurus only take your money and feed you thoughts that search engines are dead for traffic and, that quality content is for…well, idiots.

But, we who create content are the ones making the money here, the gurus are only buying you with an image and a pipe dream.

Sorry to be so brash…well, scratch that, no I am not sorry, I just don’t want you wasting your money on trying to make money here. This stuff is far too simple.

Blogging Basic Principles & Practices

Let’s look at some of the basic practices of blogging and, some of the most fundamental knowledge you will need to succeed.

Let’s start with he latter.

1. SEO – It’s Not Dead.

Search engine optimization is a simple but needed practice. The reason the guru said it was dead, is because they pay ten’s of thousands of dollars a month to get you. Do you have that kind of money to blow?

No. And, as you will see later in the facts below, real customers and subscribers are not only free with blogging, but are better quality subscribers and customers to boot.

SEO is not about being a techy-coder-know-it-all, not even close. It is about optimizing your content in a matter that is easy for both search engines and people to digest.

If the search engines see your posts and pages as solid quality answers for the questions being asked, well you can bet your guru dollar you will outrank them and get all the free eyeballs you want.

These practices will include keyword research, link building strategies and, even learning how to use user statistics to help create a more targeted message. Of course there is much more, but we can save that for the blog training system here.

Yes, there is a learning curve, and yes things are changing online every minute, but like writing blog posts, SEO remains as a must piece of the knowledge pie here.

2. SEO Copywriting.

SEO copywriting, much like the actual practice of SEO itself above, is not for just those blessed with being a wordsmith. Not even close.

This practice here is all about formatting your content in an even more digestible way for the end user.

See, in today’s world, we are not just dealing with large desktop screens and keyword stuffed sites. Today’s blogger must make it easy on he eyes and, scan-able too.

We have to break our content down to easy to chew pieces and, make sure we have targeted our audience for all different types of screens, especially mobile.

We have to stand out today. The blogger today not only writes, but we include other content formats from images to podcasts, and even video with our efforts.

We also have to stand out through how we say what we want to say. But this does not mean writing an essay for a professor at Harvard!It means writing like you talk, and writing in a natural way.

Nothing is worse than reading something knowing it was thrown together without thought, and without care.

3. WordPress.

Yes, WordPress still works wonders for blogs, but it has evolved over the years. WordPress is also staggering, and I mean that in a great way.

What I mean is not only is this the best content management system, but the theme and plugin developers that come with it have made it so.

No matter what your “business” is here online, WordPress has everything you need to create not just a blog, but a web presence that truly shows off what your subject matter is, and who you are behind it.

4. Consistency.

Google loves new content. People love new-fresh-relevant content from their favorite blogs and websites, and yes, you either create it yourself or, outsource…we will get to that.

There is no magic number here, however, I do think that no less than one piece a month is probably the least you would want to go with.

In reality though, once you get through the simple learning curve of blogging, creating a good piece of content can take less than two hours…and, you have all month, week, day or whatever to get it done.

But, in the end, consistency is not something you “might” consider, it is a must!

5. Competitive Keywords And Content

Not creating a blog post because the keyword or keyword phrase you want to target is to competitive, is simply another excuse not to give it your all here. Yes, I just called you lazy. Heck, if you practice cowering from competition, I will call you what you will become quickly here, a failure at something else.

Not every piece of content will make it first page of Google. There, you just got the hard truth!

However, what if someone does find you on a particular search engine and, under a similar subject matter? Why not link to that other piece in that one? That is not only great SEO, it is helpful to the reader!

I look for at least some amount of traffic, competition has noting to do with my final decision, EVER.

6. I Am Not Hemingway.

I am not, just read this post again and I will prove it to you. (I laugh). You do not have to be either. It surprises me how often I hear how people are actually willing to create written content, but are simply afraid they will be shunned because they are not “professional” writers.

So what! Who Cares! Just write. Here is what Brian Clark says about what he enjoys reading:

I can read just about anything and come up with inspiration. The connections are everywhere you care to look. – Brian Clark | Copyblogger

He looks for connection, not vocabulary or sentence structure, so no worries! Just get going, you will find your voice with practice.

Start Blogging…Forget The Rest

If you want to build your business or whatever it is you are trying to build online, you need to simply just get started. This includes a little time spent learning and educating yourself, and then a whole bunch of time just doing.

The learning curve is simple. The doing is simple. The only thing not so simple is just getting it done because we are afraid of a little bit of effort.

So, in the end, the basics of blogging for beginners is really all about learning some of the basic practices here, finding your voice and, letting it be known…

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  • Andy Crestodina April 21, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    Your my kind of blogger, David. SEO isn’t dead. Keywords aren’t dead. You’ve put the emphasis in a lot of the same places I do…

    Nice post. Well done, David!

    • David Boozer Author April 21, 2014 at 1:26 pm

      Oh WOW! Thanks Andy!!! I love you information and site, looking forward to learning form you and your team… =)

  • Mantra gayatri June 15, 2016 at 6:18 am

    Thanks for the great informative tips… I as a beginner have learnt a lot from your posts… 🙂

    Thanks again… 🙂

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