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Marketing In The “Attention Economy” | You Have 5 Seconds To Hook Me

Marketing In The “Attention Economy” | You Have 5 Seconds To Hook Me

Marketing In The “Attention Economy” | You Have 5 Seconds To Hook Me

Marketing in what is now coined as the “attention economy” can be rough, especially for the beginner to building a business and the eyeballs it demands online.

Today you and I literally have between 3 to 5 seconds to hook someone into clicking on a link, scanning or reading our content or, sitting through a whole video that is only 5 minutes long.

But, there are some who seem to pull this off, and they do it with flare! So how do they do it? How do people get you to actually not only read, but interact with their content? Easy, and I will show you how…

You Have 5 Seconds My Friend!

In some situations, like a Die Hard movie, 5 seconds can feel like an eternity. But, on the internet, where the attention span of a gnat is what we all suffer from, 5 seconds is not that long. Heck, some sites don’t even load in 5 seconds!

But, that is all you have if you are lucky here, mere seconds to get mine and yours attention.

Coined in the late 1990’s was the phrase the “attention economy”. This was mentioned in an article written by an economist in an old thing we called newspapers. Oh, you know what they are, newspapers are those things people put on our doorsteps to help us build fires with in the winter…duh.

Anyway’s, this economist was talking about the ever advancing world wide web and it’s fast and easy way to digest content.


I think even that guy had no clue, that by 2005, we would be inundated and barraged by over 500 ads a day.

We have found ourselves, each and everyone of us, suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder because of how fast we can find an answer, view a product, find out the score of last nights game or, view what my wife is making for dinner in the other room, via my Facebook application.

Crazy, and you wonder why you might not be getting the attention you want with your business online…

And, because of all of this, you have 5 seconds to get my attention.

It’s Not About You, Except.

It’s not about you, except for this, creativity. The way in which we design out not only our websites and blogs, but the way in which we design out each individual piece of content will be your choice.

The attention economy demands individuality today.

I personally have 4 businesses online, yes, they are similar in nature to subject matter, but each takes on a different role. And yes, three of the sites have the same child theme installed on them, but, the look and feel via imagery and some layout components are very unique to each site.

Plus, the imagery I CHOSE to use reflects what I WANTED you to connect with. And not just the look and feel, but me, and that should be how you look at building something that grabs attention here, through your own uniqueness.

Your taste in images, video or podcast thumbnails and, even down to how a page is created is up to YOU.

Does it need to be a little flashy? Maybe. Does it need to be a little plain Jane with a cool image only? Maybe. In the end, this is up to you how you want to display the content in a way that will grab the attention of us gnats online.

Ways To Grab Attention, Fast.

When it comes down to it, imagery is how we process information, and at a speed 60x faster than text. This is the one thing we need to use to grab peoples attention online just long enough to have the “text” sink in.

However, many today who are either new to marketing online or, listen to bad advice, try to over power people with hyperbole through these images. “Bad form Jack!”


Successful content marketing woos, it does not force itself on you.

Here are some tips for wooing your would-be readers and subscribers:

1. Let the imagery speak to the content itself, without being full of money signs, highway signs that read “prosperity this way” or, any other typical crap you see from affiliates and networkers.

2. Stand out, don’t be afraid to be a little artsy-fartsy with imagery, it has worked very well for many of us here.

3. Keep your content readable, scan-able if you will. Nothing is worse on my eyes than reading ten sentence long paragraphs on my smart phone, via your blog.

4. Keep your site clean, by this I mean use ads where they need to be, but do not overdo it. White background with black text. And, ad some video or podcasts for crying out loud, it’s 2015! (Almost).

5. Keep the navigation of your site plainly visible at all times.

6. Use featured images for blog posts and no!, sliders are not a bad idea for everyone like some would tell you. Funny thing with sliders, those who do not use them, at least I noticed, need them.

7. Font is important. Seeing cursive or some weird font can make reading your content, once we get there, much harder and, easier to forget.

8. Use bullet pints, number points and, if you need a CTA within the content, make it nice to look at!, and get to the point with it!

9. Even micro content marketing needs creativity!

It’s A Mad, Mad, Attention Grabbing World!

It is, it is a mad, mad attention grabbing world here, and you need to do everything you can to stand out with your brand and what it has to offer.

This means everything from the theme of your website and blog, to the way in which you market offsite to gain more eyeballs and, hopefully, subscribers.

I once heard someone say something I truly believe online; “Getting a subscriber is a miracle.” I am a Christian man and this statement, well, it’s true. And to get these miracles, you need to be ready to receive them, just like in your real spiritual life.

This also means no “faking it to make it” here, we can all tell who does, it’s easy to spot.

Creativity and originality are the call for today’s marketer of answers online. Without it, well, you’re doomed here. You literally have 3-5 seconds to hook us today, that is the “attention economy” created by the information age.

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