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Kannaway MLM Review | MLM Opportunity Or Social Engineering ?

Kannaway MLM Review | MLM Opportunity Or Social Engineering ?

Kannaway MLM Review | MLM Opportunity Or Social Engineering ?

Pot. Cannabis. Hemp. The word of the day is that you can say yes to drugs, if you are a part of the KannaWay MLM opportunity that is, maybe, possibly. Here is a simple review and, if you do not mind, an opinion.

I do not wish to ruffle feathers, but then again if your high right now, you would not stand a chance with the argument, you’re high for crying out loud. But, nonetheless, is this really an opportunity based around the “medical” uses of Hemp or, is it a political movement?

First lets look at the “opportunity” and it’s products then dive into the “moral” side of things. And please, do not bash me for the review, this is just my take on the subject… We can at least agree to disagree, or as you might see, just agree.

Weed For Sale! Weed For Sale!

First off, we are talking about hemp oil, seed, and for crying out loud, some potions. And yes, as a Christian I believe it has some wonderful medicinal properties to it, the science is there. Heck, science was one of the basic reasons I found Christianity to be true.

Kannaway is an MLM opportunity based around not marijuana itself, but it’s other product, HEMP. And by definition, this is what it really is:

Hemp (from Old English hænep) is a commonly used term for high growing varieties of the Cannabis plant and its products, which include fiber, oil, and seed. Hemp is refined into products such as hemp seed foods, hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, and fuel.

Duh. See, Kannaway is actually in the business of promoting HEMP within oils, vapors and other more medicinal purposes, and these purposes at least for now, contain NO THC. What is THC?

In large enough doses, THC can induce auditory and visual hallucination. Acute effects while under the influence can include both euphoria and anxiety. Concerns have been raised about the potential for long-term cannabis consumption to increase risk for schizophrenia, depersonalization disorder, bipolar disorders, and major depression.

And, according to the statistics, smoking weed actually contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke. Don’t yell at me, yell at science.

However, once again, this is not about weed, this is about hemp. For the most part, this is about their oil and salve, and yes, they do work as it has been proved. If you want to know more about the opportunities compensation plan, you can ask me, I know people in it and can direct you.

One Toke Over The Line?

Here is where it get’s, well, personal. I UNDERSTAND the oil, the salve and even rope, duh. What I do not understand is the farce behind legalizing the marijuana aspect because of it’s science. And, the messge behind the opportunity is not about salve, oils or hemp itself.

Weed. It is bad for you who are healthy.

I was once diagnosed as dying from a rare disease myself, but I survived as you can tell. I was put on some pretty hardcore drugs to help battle what was wrong. But, at the same time, all drugs have their side effects, this includes pot.

I also come from a home and background that weed played a very big roll in, and it was never any good, period. You can read that here. Ask my friends who still smoke the doobie, they will tell you, my old man was not always a great guy to be around.

However, today he is clean and sober 23 years…yeah pops! Proud of you! But, in the end, all those years of abuse have caught up to him creating all kinds of havoc, and he is still rather young.

Funny thing is, one of his doctors said they thought some weed would help. He looked at him and said; “did you read my chart? I am an addict.” My father said he would rather go home to the Good Lord before he went back to drugs.

See, here is the problem, weed. It kills your lungs. It makes you hallucinate. It makes you not want to do much while your high. It makes you non-social, trust me, you people are really boring to hang out with when you are high.

“Oh Dave, I am chilled out. It helps me relax and take the edge off.” So does a good song, participating in a hobby you love or, hanging out with your children instead of smoking a joint.

My favorite; “there are very little crimes committed by people high on weed.” Listen, crime is committed by drug addicts most of the time when they are sober . You can’t even get off the couch and away from the chips while your high, you wait until your out of weed and money before you commit a crime.

The problem I see is not the products or opportunity with Kannaway, it is the message I see everywhere I look at the opportunity. It glorifies drug use. I do not want my kids dependent on nothing but their faith and efforts.

Anything else would be an addiction to something that takes away from who they really are.

Marijuana wrecks you. And besides, I see you, I see the people who go to get “medical use” cards. You can’t lie to me, I know better, I have been there and back. You are a pothead plain and simple. And, you want to make it legal. That is the true motivation behind this MLM opportunity.

You make those who truly need it look like you, plain and simple drug addicts.

How do I know? Look at the way it is marketed. It is a “revolution.” A revolution for what, medical use has been legal for a very long time. Hemp is legal. Pot however, well where we see it legalized, we see old problems sprouting up at higher rates already.

If I am wrong, then change your message, because this is all we see.

But you may not care, you are all about you and your weed, I know, my own father was like that for much of my life growing up. Another word for that, SELFISH.

I personally believe that Hemp and it’s products are fine. I believe the opportunity from the standpoint of the products as they are now, are great. However, this is not what we are seeing within the community marketing it, we are seeing, REVOLUTION. We are seeing “SAY YES TO DRUGS.”

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  • Dennis Barker April 23, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    I appreciate your opinion David,however,i have had different experience.I don’t smoke weed or use any other illegal drug but I think that reframing the use of cannabis for its medicinal effects as an addiction is a bit harsh – particularly as you have “Coffee Addict” in your tagline.

    The fact remains that cannabis has the potential to be a very useful medicine,whether that is as an extract of the active ingredients,or specific breeding to create a combination of those ingredients that produces benefits in specific medical conditions.

    Time will tell how wide the appeal of Kannaway is,if it is limited to the pothead community then it will probably disappear without trace.

    I’m going to do some test marketing to find out,rather than rely on personal experience.

    • David Boozer Author April 23, 2014 at 6:31 pm

      No, I think medical use is fine, but still…it has it’s side effects. I actually agree with you, I do believe it has great medical value. And, as far as hemp is concerned, as I said, I have no issue with it and think this opportunity is a great opportunity and product to boot…. My issue was trying to find people in it who were not trying to ,”make pot legal” on their site and focus in on the actual products and opportunity…

      I think the product as I said is great….should not be too difficult to test it out….=)

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