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Write 1000 Words Daily To Overcome Writers Block – (A Guest Post By Walter Pedersen)

Write 1000 Words Daily To Overcome Writers Block – (A Guest Post By Walter Pedersen)

Write 1000 Words Daily To Overcome Writers Block – (A Guest Post By Walter Pedersen)

I have recently watched an interview with David Boozer and Ryan Biddulph, needless to say, it was awesome! (guest post from Walter Pedersen)

The interview was about many aspects on how to be successful with an online business and blogging but, I would have to say, the best part personally was how to overcome writers block, and this is very important since it is a common event and even the best of us experience it.

According to David, people don’t really get writers block, we just simply need a break and walk away or focus our minds, we just need to relax from what we are doing. The other thing I wondered was, does meditation actually works? I am not sure, perhaps it works for some people, and not so much for others.

Breaks Or Meditation, Does Not Matter.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are those that do believe in meditation to clear their minds, to help them focus better. But before you sit there with your legs crossed like Gandhi pouring out guttural sounds like ahmmmm, just try and relax for a moment if the words are not there for you, basically, take a break.

Quote- “Meditation is an eastern practice that only focuses on self, I don’t think people need any more self-involved practices.” – David Boozer.

We all want to B*thch slap and pound on writers block like a bangle tiger, OK maybe not as aggressive, but what if we just put our mind to work on the subject matter, according to Ryan Biddalph the easiest way is to “write 1000 words daily,” yes this has it’s advantages of course, but can you do it, and can it break through the writers block?

I believe so, and I believe Dave does too!

The more we write, the easier it becomes, right? Do we always have to do this? Heck no!, but it would help knock some words out of our noggins. Now blogging is something we learn over time like anything else, it’s just like writing, ( OK wait… it is writing).

Writing blog content is not just words designed for ranking on Google, it is all about having adn carrying on a discussion with your readers, subscribers, and even current customers. But, you might find yourself sitting there looking at a blank screen instead of banging your head against the wall or feeling like tossing your computer out the window sometimes.

And that is okay, because maybe, just maybe, you need a break, to take a moment and reflect on nothing. Sometimes our brains and souls just need a break. But for those that make a habit of writing, well, they suffer less and less over time from writers block.

Just think about what you want to write about and you might surprise yourself! Now we all know how to talk, so why is blogging any different? I am not the greatest blogger in the world, but I do know how to talk to somebody, and that is my own trick to writing, I carry on a little conversation in my mind with you!

I simply know what I want to say then I write it down. Now let’s say you have an online business and you are writing about your niche, well that is where studying comes into play, and the more you learn and read what your business is about, the more you know what you are “talking about” and the easier it is to blog about.( OK that’s a lot of about) but makes sense right? of course it does.

(OK that’s a lot of about) but makes sense right? Of course it does.

Some people have a fear of blogging, but take a look at David Boozer, he blogs, and Ryan Biddulph blogs BloggingFromParadise.Com, yes they are experienced and well known, but they started from the same place we all do, they just simply worked through it all.

You new bloggers out here, don’t let this intimidate you or stop you from writing…, like Ryan Biddulph says; “you simply need to find your writers voice and yes anyone can do this.

You see, instead of talking at someone on your blogs, try conversating with your audience just like you would in a pleasant conversation. The only difference here is that you are writing it all down, and pretty soon you will find your own voice have fun with it be witty, funny, smart, tell a story, and be professional.

Yep, those are the key ingredients to blog writing and curbing the tendencies of writers block, not kidding!

1000 words once a day, that’s the ticket there. Open your mind and let the words flow, after a while you will become comfortable with your writing skills, and you will find that voice that you have been hiding for years.

Hey, practice makes perfect right?


Thanks Walter for the blog post, it is greatly appreciated by us all…

God Bless,


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God Bless!

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  • walter Pedersen September 15, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Hey David Thanks so much for posting my guest blog you Rock my friend!!!

    • David Boozer Author September 15, 2016 at 9:45 pm

      Of course buddy, thank you for creating it for us!

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