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Why Trying To Generate Traffic Is A Dead End For Your Internet Marketing Efforts…

Why Trying To Generate Traffic Is A Dead End For Your Internet Marketing Efforts…

Why Trying To Generate Traffic Is A Dead End For Your Internet Marketing Efforts…

Yes, you heard me right, here is why trying to generate traffic is a dead end for your internet marketing and income potential online.

Someone once asked me about my faith; “Dave? What if you find something in the bible that is true, but you do not agree with it?” My answer was simple…, “I change my opinion.”

Much like my faith that I am always learning more about, my marketing and business is something that is always growing or evolving if you will, just like every good marketer and entrepreneur should.

Here, let me explain what I mean in a little more depth…

Trying to generate traffic is dead.

Sometimes you are faced with a truth, one that kind of flies in the face of what you have come to believe and stand on in a way. But, like the question above, what we thought was true may not be, and changing our opinion is just a matter of fact after that point.

I mean seriously, truth is the truth, even if you do not like it.


Recently my mind has faced a certain truth online, and it goes like this;

“It is not my job to generate traffic, that is impossible. Actually, the traffic is already there, I simply just need to get in front of it and funnel it.”

Makes more sense, does it not?

You and I cannot generate traffic, what I mean is that we cannot force people to get online and sprout new traffic out of nowhere. People looking for answers to whatever they need or want, or desire, well, if you have not noticed already, we are already here.

Our job is not to generate it, our job is to get in front of it!

It sounds elementary, I know. It sounds like common sense, I know that too. As a matter of fact, for all the training I have had myself online for the better part of a decade now, learning how to “generate traffic” is what I’ve focused on.

However, that is not what we are really doing here, even though we think we are. And, if you do find yourself trying to, well, you are going about with building your business and your marketing the wrong way.

It’s time to change that today.

As a matter of fact, if you follow what I am saying here, and some of the tips I will show you, you can start making headway starting today!

Hustle, a word dying out in 2017.

For almost two years I have heard people talking about hustling, and I mean online in the business and money making sense.

Personally, even after being online for a decade and knowing enough to be rather successful here, that hustling thing sounded simply tiring to be honest.

Why work so hard? I mean seriously, you can work hard here, but why add the hustle to it, there is no sense in it.

As a matter of fact, I’ve come to learn that it is not about the hustle as much as it is about simplicity and targeting. Now that sounded so much better to me, and to some of you I have chatted with about this already.

Full circle, that was and is my epiphany here; when I started it was all about getting in, creating something awesome, and the, well, retiring to some simple corner of the web living off the residual of earlier work.

Can it still not be for you affiliates, niche bloggers, networker? Yes, it can, and it should!

Forget the hustle crowd and mentality, it is tiring, and you will only spin your wheels if you still do not have the basics down of how to start and build your business online.

Sales funnels Vs. Content marketing?

Some look at content marketing as a chore, and platforms that even I love like ClickFunnles as the only way to make money online.

If that were true, not only would I not have a blog, YouTube channel, and social media pages, but neither would Tony Robbins, Ryan Biddulph, or Russell Brunson.

We all share these things in common because the content is the other 60% of the traffic you are missing out on when you are only focused on sales funnels and paid advertising.

Besides, more money is made via email and content marketing online than by any other means today, still.

Sales funnels are not an alternative here to content marketing, actually, one feeds the other, and both content marketing and paid reach feed the sales funnel.

See, a sales and list building funnel has to start somewhere, and content is the best place so far.

This does not mean you have to hustle your brains out creating content every single day either! Actually, quality over quantity is what matters most here.

Quality means targeting the right audience with the right content as well. It is all fine and dandy to share some sales funnel pages to Facebook groups, but generating real quality traffic takes content, not a splash page.

However, paid media and sales funnels today can be a great way to build traffic faster, and sales.

But, it is a great web presence and content that drive better quality subscribers that soon become customers, that in turn become more or less, brand evangelist’s, this is just a fact.

See, when it comes down to sales funnels and content marketing, one feeds the other. Over time, nothing drives beat traffic than content, and nothing is cheaper either!

Why I don’t “hustle”.

Like you perhaps, I work hard now, but, eventually, over time, I can and do to a point today not work so hard.

The little side hustles I speak of today are part of one simple strategy, sell my service and affiliate myself with others that create a residual income.

See, my services, like yours, is a passive income. But, the awesome tools I use myself to grow my own business I share with other smart business owners and marketers online, thus creating a more residual income here.

Hustling online does not mean running some multisite affiliate monster of a program, or trying to do that with some over-hyped SEO plugin that claims to do wonders.

Simply put, you have a service or a product, and that hustle mentality finds other wonderful tools and or services that can compliment them through an affiliate income.

That is how you hustle online, it is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

So, do yourself a favor, forget the hustle that requires you to work so hard that you find yourself all over the place, yet accomplishing nothing, and get to work building something that is truly focused, and helps others.’

Now that is the hustle.

Why I don’t generate traffic.

I don’t hustle to generate new traffic, there is none. The traffic that is here looking for the answers or help they want is already here, and more come every day.

My job, YOUR JOB, is to get in front of them, not “generate” something you can’t. That would be a bunch of time and “hustle” wasted if you even tried.

Get to creating the content, the list building funnels, and sales funnels you need, and get in front of that traffic, instead of trying to conjure up what is already here.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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