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Why This Internet Marketing Coach Works With You Personally One-On-One

Why This Internet Marketing Coach Works With You Personally One-On-One

Why This Internet Marketing Coach Works With You Personally One-On-One

I do, this internet marketing coach works with you personally one-on-one, and for a specific reason, it makes it easier for you to learn and apply, and increases your chances of success online!

So far, and the better part of a decade now, I still love helping people like you build, brand and manage your online business, and most importantly, achieve the online entrepreneurial dream you have.

Here I wanted to spell out a little bit more about the one-on-one internet marketing coaching service here and share some true stories along the way…

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The Pac West, Blogging And Internet Marketing Coach.

First and foremost I am a believer in the good Lord, husband, and father, and yes, all in that order. I am also a highly successful online entrepreneur, not just a blogger or internet marketing coach and consultant.

I have also over time built a large income out of affiliate marketing and network marketing for that matter.

grow your dreams
grow your dreams.

Seriously, I have had those 15K checks float through my bank account, and for some of those individuals I have coached, well, some have made more than that! But money is just money…

At the end of the day of my professional life, I like to consider myself a simple internet marketing coach and blogger. Nothing more, and nothing less. Being the only Red Sox fan on the west coast and from the Pacific Northwest, well, I hope that only adds to the appeal! Ha!

I love it here, and I love it because I get to work with and help fine people like yourself build something spectacular online.

I love working from home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, it has, and is continually a dream realized, as well as a work in progress. Remember, there will always be some amount of work to be done, nothing is ever really set and forget, even if yu are paying to have it done for you.

Why The Hand Holding?

Well, I am a germ freak, so holding your hand here is not a literal thing! (I laugh). I prefer taking you by the proverbial “hand” here because it seems to be what people just like you want, and in the end, what you need.

Most systems out here I have seen or been a part of through the years are usually very, well, hands off. What I mean is that most people, and let me know in the comments below if this is you, end up in programs that offer only videos and a webinar here and there.

Now I will say this, platforms like Wealthy Affiliate does have a somewhat more of a personal touch you would not expect from such a system, and it is truly appreciated. But, I do get why some still wish for more interaction, I know it helped me.

And to tell you the truth, it was not just about the actual internet marketing tactics and strategies; it was the accountability for me. Being accountable is one of the best parts of one-on-one internet marketing coaching.

While getting that “technical” help is great, the accountability to your coach is a whole other thing that can truly keep us focused and always moving forward.

Beyond that, it was the technical aspect, and I mean the hand-holding when it came to learning this whole “internet marketing” thing.

While I can say that today most everything is easy, and the new things I can grasp a little faster, that was not always so. And for you maybe, the thought of creating even a web page (blog post) like this one is about as out of reach as time travel.

But let me just say one thing;

“if I could go back in time, I would not have changed and thing the day I chose to get online and take it serious!”

And I mean that.

And neither should you at this very moment, do not change your mind, move forward…, JUST GO!

Yes, you will have a few issues, problems, and even make some seriously “dumb” mistakes. But, listen here, you’ll get past them fast, and everything here has an edit button. (I laugh).

Technical things are just that, technical things, and you will learn to get beyond them, actually, to be honest, you’ll learn to master them with the internet marketing coaching services here.

How Easy Is Success Here?

In reality, it is really easy. I am not kidding. At this very moment I am setting up my third and final income generating business online, and it is almost ready!

Once you have the knowledge here, you can build a business, any business on the drop of a domain name and hosting. It does not get any easier than that, anywhere.

And while it is easy to start a business here, it is a whole other thing to build, brand and manage one. Now I am not doing the old “reverse psychology” thing here, what I mean is that it takes a little time to learn the platforms and software to work with. After that, it is creating and build on a basic strategy.

This is not a “mastermind group” thing here, when it gets down to it, like baseball, nobody can bat for you or field a ball hit to you, it is all about your knowledge and effort here.

At least it is for the solopreneur, which by the way is what most of the successful people inside the coaching system are here, solo entrepreneurs learning and building success for the long haul.

There are a few things however that can complicate your progress here, and to tell you the truth, I have seen them spell out failure over and over again.

The first one is a lack of passion for the subject matter or industry. So many times have I argued against this fact, even with peers within my industry. I truly believe that if you seek just money here, you can make some, and without the passion for the business at hand.

However, for those that have created a truly lasting passive or residual income, and at the same time created a more personally fulfilling business helping people, well, that took passion.

The second was no real focus; this is what causes failure most often because it leads to indecision and the all too notoriously evil, shiny-object-syndrome.

SOS can be devastating for people. From opportunities that tell you to get paid 3x a day, to lead generation and list building “gurus” telling you that their software alone can grow your business a million fold today.

Interruptions are everywhere here, and when they become distractions, well, that is where the path to failure is taken.

The third of course is simple, no real knowledge or understanding of internet marketing. Here is where people fall easier for the shiny-object-syndrome, because they lack a fundamental understanding of best internet marketing practices, and how to build a lasting brand online.

It’s not hard, but there is a learning curve, and if I had to do it over again, as I said before, I would not have changed a thing, I would choose education over shortcuts.

This Internet Marketing Coach Works.

Learning to market with simple internet marketing strategies and platforms works.

Patience, it is the one thing, the one attitude and mindset we all need here, and that includes you and I. Everything takes time to build here, this is not the race of the proverbial “Hare” here, and while I think it is not as slow as the Tortoise,  it is slower than the other, that’s for sure.

Why does this internet marketing coach work with you one-on-one? Well, that is simple, to avoid the issues and to help you hands on build something as unique and special as you are…

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God Bless!

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