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Why I Bought The Collection Of Ryan Biddulph Books!

Why I Bought The Collection Of Ryan Biddulph Books!

Why I Bought The Collection Of Ryan Biddulph Books!

I am writing this from the sea, at least most of it that is. Here is why I have bought the collection for Ryan Biddulph books (Blogging From Paradise) recently.

I am not much for hot and muggy. I stayed in Hawaii for a bit and that was horrible! Nope, give me a grey rainy day in the ole’ Pacific Northwest with a good blog or a good book and coffee and I am a happy man!

And when I came across Ryan Biddulph and his Blogging From Paradise I have to say, I was not all given in to palm trees and white sand. What really caught me were the titles, they are like a pack of Marb’s to me sometimes…

(No, I do not smoke any more, but I still crave!)

Blogging From Paradise, Or So He Say’s.

(Yes, I believe he does, blog form paradise that is…)

I am not much for cuss words, but I am a huge fan of great blogging and inbound marketing tips, strategies and helpful blogging advice from anyone. And sometimes, you find it behind some potty words you can just as well get past.

Yes, I loved the books Ryan, they were perfect and came at the right time!

It was a long hot summer of discontent for me. I lost my father in April at the age of 62. I lost my beloved grandmother a month and a half later. This all put a lot of things in perspective for me, a lot of things.

One was my future online, not the question of being here at all, but more of the direction I wanted to go. Then I started reading these awesome books and started to figure it out.

I could do all three if I wanted.


I can have multiple streams of income and without being pulled in too many different directions.

It all just takes practice, and the right tools and mindset.

At least that is what I am learning from Ryan.

However, I do believe that you need one stream of income working first, then you can go out and decide if you need or want the others after the fact.

I think that was the problem for me, no, not the first income stream, I have had that for 6 plus years now. Nope, it was making the decision on the other one or two extras I wanted to build.

But we are not here for my own personal journey into income streams, we can talk about that some other time.

On with The Ryan.

The Biddulph Enigma.

From Jersey to traveling the globe as a highly successful blogger, and yes Ryan, I labeled you a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER so that you do not have too in your books or blog posts…ha! (That’s a funny)

He will get that last paragraph and know I read his books, or at least that one. But, to tell you the truth, every single one that had to do with blogging and marketing I have purchased.

Ask my wife, she was wondering where the $164 dollars went. Ha! again.

Hey, that probably paid up a weeks worth of food in Bali I bet… Well, those books are so good that I am happy to oblige Ryan and his better half with the scrumptious delicacies of Indonesia.

Trust me when I say this, if you are going to work with me here, and let me be your coach, you will be spending a little reading and following time with some of my friends online I have come to trust. And Ryan is one of them.

See, even the coaches have coaches and people they look to for solid information and trustworthy practices. Ryan is one of those, he has no hype, no craziness and definitely shoots it straight to those who think “blogging from paradise” was an easy road.

Blogging takes a little time, not a ton, but some, and patience is something you need to master, or you can simply forget it here for now. This was another thing I learned along the way, and one I am sure Ryan would back up any day.

Personally, I don’t think Mr. Biddulph is an enigma, nor any other successful blogger out here, I just think they found what they wanted to do in life and simply did it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Blogging By The Sea.

I have had the pleasure of reading some pretty in depth and educational books about blogging lately, and they are all by Ryan Biddulph.

At a time that was a little…off, a calm, cool and effective voice came through, much like the other voices I have listened to here along the road to success with blogging through the years.

Thanks Ryan for the lift of spirit, for the books that have cut through the clutter out here, and for just being you.

For those that have not bought any of Ryan’s books about blogging yet, I suggest you do, and I suggest you do it now. Trust me, and trust Ryan, it’s better to get started now on building your dream than waiting around wondering about it.

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