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What Guy Pizzi Taught Me About SEO And Why I Follow His Advice

What Guy Pizzi Taught Me About SEO And Why I Follow His Advice

What Guy Pizzi Taught Me About SEO And Why I Follow His Advice

There are friends, and then there are friends. Guy Pizzi is of the latter, and you know what I mean, a good friend that has also been a big influence with my own marketing efforts and, about life itself. Here is what Guy taught me about SEO and why I follow his advice.

SEO, search engine optimization can be a mystery to many beginners online, I know it was for me when I started. Eventually however, I learned the basics and was noticed by someone online who, eventually became not only a good friend, but someone I think we can all learn from…

So, here is what this Sombrero wearing geek-in-a-great-way has taught me, and what I want to share with you about SEO.

Mr. Pizzi, SEO Specialist.

I have no idea why he bought into my program, maybe it was just because he liked me and, my message. Either way, I think I have learned far more from him over the last few years than he learned from me to tell you the truth.

All I really know, is that I made a great friend.

But, we are not here for too much of the sentimental, besides, it’s not what guy’s do, no pun intended, and there is only one GUY.

“Yeah, SEO is cool.”

Currently, Guy is the SEO specialist for a pretty cool company, doing some pretty amazing things for a local business niche. He is there go to “guy” when it comes to search traffic and, soon, PPC campaigns.

I met Mr. Pizzi a few years back, I think, it has been so long I can’t really remember how long ago now.

Like myself, Guy had, and still has that little bug in the brain of working for ones self, and a bug that eventually will work itself out. Maybe that is why he sought me out, maybe.

Either way, the return on marketing philosophy, ideas and tips turned into something I never thought I would ever get a handle on, SEO.

Funny, a non-techy guy even today like myself has learned what SEO really is, how it works and, where I should be focusing most of my marketing energy…and all thanks to GUY.

So, let’s look at what I have learned from a great friend…and SEO master.


I always thought I had to play the “smart” game and become a whiz with search engine optimization. What I learned from Guy was that this was not the case, but it was something most people believe about it.

Before he even talked a little bit about technical SEO, which was simple as well to learn, VALUE was of the utmost importance. Without adding value, your voice, your message and your brand was simply irrelevant.

This meant quality content versus quantity of content had a simple answer, quality.

Today when I hear the compliments from fine folks like yourself, it was the message of value that stuck out the most when it came to the basic understanding and practice of search engine optimization, I just had to be me.

And, likewise, you just have to be you.

Your message needs to be relevant. Your brand needs to flow across multiple channels. You need more than Facebook today, you need a value added full web presence, period.

Eventually, I moved myself from landing pages and video to a more full web marketing presence, a decision that I have not regretted since. Even today I am learning new things and testing new platforms. Not all of them work, but some do, and that is what matters, always finding ways to bring the VALUE.

Value is how we help, inform, educate and even, entertain people with our content. We give them something they can use or, enjoy, and all without expecting a single thing.

That’s pure SEO, giving value to better the experience for another person no matter what that quest or query is, and regardless of an opt in or sale.

Thanks Pizzi, you were right!

Now, onto the technical…sort of.

Website Navigation.

It matters, and not only for search engines, but what matters most, your visitor. Navigation is all about making things not only easy to access, but if you are a marketer, it is the way in which we control the flow or movement through our website and blogs.

From the header navigation to inter-linking or, contextual navigation, helping people access more content and pages allows for search engines to do the same.

And, as we all know, optimizing for people first, is optimizing for search engines…period.

Like a good index in a library in the 1980’s, a good navigational system within your website can spell SEO success.

Date Night Mr. Pizzi?


On Page Optimization.

While your website as a whole should focus on a particular subject matter, and have some amount of static pages that express that subject, each page needs to be optimized properly.

This should and, has always been most important when creating the TITLE of a page.

After that, the way in which we format our content within a post or page matters too. From titles and alt text on images, to how many lines make up a paragraph and sub-headings, there is a lot to consider when creating a single piece of content.

Having a great title is great, but if the rest sucks, well, your bounce rate will let you know if it does.

Every little thing matters on a page. As a matter of fact, I am so animate about this that I included a free webinar above with Mr. Pizzi.

Off Site Optimization.

No, not linking schemes, it is all about making sure your social media and other off site profiles are not only complete, but include links to your main website and blog.

One of the main goals of social media marketing is to NOT KEEP people there, but to move them back to your website where there are absolutely no distractions.

This is why sharing content and having a full and robust profile which includes links to your web presence should be a matter of fact.

And, it is why we share content in a way that educates, entertains or informs…In other words, something that is not “typical” of your industry.

Link Building.

Mr. Pizzi was one of the first people to tell me that yes, links are important, but links should happen naturally.

In today’s search engine marketing practices, it seems that link building is still a good practice, but it is not the amount of links you need, as much as it is the type of links that matters most.

Thanks for that little tip Pizzi, that probably saved my website!

There are a lot of hucksters that would sell you the link building pipe dream, and I have seen and heard some pretty horrible stories about poor link building. But, when you know the best SEO specialist in the world, well, you can forget falling for snake oil ideologies and count your blessings.

As For Me And My SEO…

I love SEO, and yes, there are some little so-called techie things we do need to learn. But, because of Guy Pizzi, even I understood it in the end.

So, thank you Pizzi for the patience and, the friendship.

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