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What Are Niche Blogs, And How You Turn Them Into Life Freeing Money Makers…

What Are Niche Blogs, And How You Turn Them Into Life Freeing Money Makers…

What Are Niche Blogs, And How You Turn Them Into Life Freeing Money Makers…

( featured pic by @ournaturedays )

I am all about freeing your life from the 9-5 craziness through niche blogging. As a matter of fact, that is a great question; what are niche blogs? And, how does it really become a money maker?

Someone once said that “to define a (niche) blog is a fool’s errand.” Well, call me a fool, or call me courageous, because I am going to do just that here and today, I am going to define what a niche blog is, and how you can truly build a successful money making a business around it.

So, let’s look at this simple definition and the even simpler ways in which to monetize your new niche blog business future!

Are you tired of these things?

I could not imagine having to go work a regular job today, sorry if that sounds cocky or lame, it is not meant to be. Actually, it is meant to get you to remember why you are here right now!

I mean seriously, aren’t you tired of these things that come the 9-5 life?

  • the meetings
  • the forced relationships with people you wouldn’t otherwise be caught in the same room with
  • the office politics
  • being told when you can go to lunch
  • watching people get promoted who are less capable than you
  • having your behavior scrutinized every day by HR to make sure you’re not violating some PC rule in the 600-page company handbook
  • worrying that something you say is going to get misconstrued and turned into a complaint
  • spending all that time getting up, getting ready, fighting traffic and feeling like a rat on a treadmill
  • being away from your friends and/or family
  • sitting at work and wishing you were woodworking or making crafts of shooting photos or at the beach or reading a book
  • dealing with the petty people at work who think you need to know all about their love lives
  • getting paid about 10% of what you could earn if you did the exact same work directly for the customer

Yep, that really sucks, I remember it, and I felt or thought about many of those at one time or another when I worked for someone else.


Being away from my family, that was the worst for me. I love them all, I wanted to be home all the time. So, one day I changed my attitude and started learning new skills, new habits, and actually, started applying them instead of procrastinating about it!

I started learning basic internet marketing and niche blogging skills, 110 days later, I quit that 9-5 job, period. That is my true story.

What are niche blogs?

I found this at BuzzNitrous.Com, and it made a whole lot of sense. What are niche blogs and websites:

Micro niche website: A very small niche site with 1-5 pages in size generally targeting an extremely precise subject like a specific product model. (E.g: “Olympus OM-D E-M1 waterproof digital camera”).

Niche site: A small to medium sized site with 20 to about 100/200 pages. It targets a specific subject or topic, has between 100 and 5,000/10,000 visitors per month on average (depending on the chosen niche, on the demand and on the number of ranked pages).

Authority site: Much larger than a niche site, this is a big site with more than 200 pages of great quality content. An authority site is usually extremely well ranked on Google (and other search engines) and gets thousands of monthly visitors.

(Personally, that last one, well, you can put the word niche in front of that as well.)

As a matter of fact, is not what you do online, or what you want to build your business around here, in fact, your niche? Well, yeah!

So, what is a niche blog? A niche blog is the marketing center and heart of your niche business presence online, it is the voice, the message, the brand message if you will of your online business and presence here.

It is your spokesperson that convinces people of your authority and builds the trust in your products or services.

Without a niche blog, well, you are only half a voice here.

Trust me, sales funnels and email marketing campaigns work wonders for building trust, and converting people into customers, clients and even raving fans. But, how did you get them there?

Yeah, through the content you created. And just so you know, nothing works better than a niche blog and video shared out and engaged with via social media platforms, and found in the major search engines of course.

Authority and trust are essential.

Running sales funnel advertising campaign is great, and can work wonders for a short period of time. However, to create a solid flow of new traffic, and new raving fans and customers, a great niche blog and content marketing work best of all.

While a sales funnel can help to convert new traffic into fans and customers, it is the content that brings them there first, and it is that same content that works with a great sales funnel strategy that keeps them there.

See, authority, the thing that people want to see from you is built on a solid foundation of content. And, the trust, well, my good friend said it best with the title of his book Trust Funnel. Authority brings the traffic, and trust converts it.

This one fact above give us reason to truly believe and rely upon the truth that authority and trust are essential for your niche blog and business growth today.

It is rare for me to click on an advert in Facebook. As a matter of fact, if that is the first time I have ever heard of your brand or business, most likely I would dismiss it or, literally, have it blocked.

Call me a jerk if you will, but I like those I come to see as authorities and have earned my trust with my time and money. Recently, I purchased some training from Blog Maven, why? Well, I have seen Jenny as an authority for years now, and I trust her with helping me grow my own blogging knowledge and practices.

I spent $400 on that training that I am currently at this time attending, and I am extremely happy I did! The authority she has built, and the trust that has been built by it allowed me to jump in without any real hesitation.

Like ClickFunnels, or Aweber, you know that these brands, products, and or services are awesome because I have learned that they do through the authority they created, and the trust they took the time to build with me, and will do so for you too.

How do a niche blog and great sales funnel really work together?

Money is made with niche blogs by partnering and promoting the right products, services, or opportunities that match your niche, and especially ones that people really want, or need or, desire.

However, the trick is, getting them to know you are here, and building that convince and convert sales funnel.

Simple. One builds the authority, the other converts with trust.

Personally, I use my blog, video, social media, guest posting, and other marketing practices to grow traffic, and yes, a little paid media here and there.

But, I use my blog in conjunction with my sales funnel and email marketing campaigns to build trust.

Of course, you want to get the selly-sell done here and there with some blatant calls to action to buy your products or services, but between those it is a great idea to build trust through emailing your latest blog posts as they are published.

This keeps you in front of their eyeballs regularly, but not enough to bother people, for the most part (some will always be bothered by a call to action).

But, what I want you to know is simple, both your content marketing and your sales funnel(s) should work in tandem, period, it will only help to build the trust between you, and your new subscribers.

The perfect audience.

The biggest reason niche blogs have always been the best way and platforms for making money is simple, they are targeted.

A niche blog speaks (usually) to one main subject, even though there are many sub-subjects, one topic is the focus, and that drives tons of specifically targeted traffic to you all day long.

And the fact that you are blogging, making videos, adding in great imagery, links to other great answers, and calls to action, well, yeah, this is a duh moment for many of us.

When I am looking for a straight answer to what the difference is between a motor and an engine, well, your lifestyle blog is not going to cut it, even if you are talking monster trucks, energy drinks, and rock-n-roll. But, “EngineBob.Com” might be!

Unless your lifestyle blog is about minimalism, faith, or, your personal weightloss journey, a journal that is all over the place will not, and usually does not produce much in sales or list building. Sorry, but that is just the truth out here.

But, a great lifestyle blog with a niche to it, now there is the possibility for a hit!

Easy to monetize.

Another reason that a niche blog can be and turn into a little but highly successful mocney maker is the fact that you can monetize them from day one. To tell you the truth, the first month with a Bigfoot niche blog and I literally earned about $1000 in AdSense revenue.

Yes, eventually and even at the beginning you can promote your own products,  services, or opportunityand you can make turn your niche blog into a multiple stream income with affiliate programs as well!

Nothing is easier, and simpler to monetize than a great little niche blog and YouTube channel connected to it, trust me, I do that here every day, of every week, of every month.

Monetizing your blog is the easy part, taking it serious enough to grow a potentially large amount of passive or residual income, however, is totally up to you.

Niche blogs rock.

Niche blogs in conjunction with great content and an awesome sales funnel rock when it comes to a life freeing money making potential online today.

And when people tell you that it takes years to accomplish that, well, they are either lying or, they are simply pussyfooting around the issue of “guaranteeing” things online.

Listen, nobody can guarantee you success, not even in finding your favorite shampoo in Wal-Mart, however, you can guarantee your own with some simple blogging and marketing skills applied.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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