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Weekly Marketing Cache 04.14.2014 | Conversion Tools And Practices

Weekly Marketing Cache 04.14.2014 | Conversion Tools And Practices

Weekly Marketing Cache 04.14.2014 | Conversion Tools And Practices

Ah, welcome to this weeks “weekly marketing cache,” the second one ever! Oh, and before we get on with conversion tools and some best practices this week, someone asked me how thick the forests were here…hope the image explains it all.

So, conversion practices and tools, what a subject matter for this week. This subject of marketing is not only the most sought out online, it has created one monster of an industry around it, the guru industry!

Let’s look at some of the best practices real quick and, some news from around the web on the subject together!

Tools And Practices That Convert…

Let’s start with some tools I found pretty unique and, rather profitable.

Nice Notifications

This unique little tool in just a few weeks has worked rather well if you as me. What is it? Well, if you have read this article this far, look at the orange button, it sits on the nice notifications bar.

For 14$ it is not a bad deal as a stand alone WordPress plugin to help you build your list a little faster than just a sidebar opt in form. (Visit the plugin details here).

Negatives, it is a little less than mobile friendly, you have to adjust it until it looks good on all platforms, but, like this one above, it can be done.

This bar can be placed on individual pages for more targeted calls t o action or well, whatever you like. It can be made to be a little intrusive or not, hopefully mine is not. But, either way, it is visible and eye catching!

Ninja Pop Ups

Okay, I love the fact that my form worked…to a point. In one of my latest articles and posts, Different Types of CTA’s a beginners look at them, I go into some detail about the truly annoying and negative parts of a third party plugin for catching subscribers.

For now I will tell you this; for some business types and industries, this could be a perfect tool for converting visitors into subscribers. This is of course you follow my instructions in the article.

Oh, and what I mean is to take a look at the actual visitors engagement through your analytics provider and determine the best placement as far as visual, time pop up occurs, sales copy and, what information you are going to require. And, I mean per page!

But, while the name of the plugin you can see here sounds goofy, it does work and does make sense to use if your needs are relevant for it.

In The News For This Week!

Ahhhh, mobile is up again. Nearly 48-50% of all searches today are done via mobile device. So, if your conversion rate seems to be falling, it is not due to a drop in search engines as the major player of finding information, it is your site!

Responsive design today is a non-negotiable force today, period. And, search engine optimization partnered with searcher focused content as you can see mean a whole heck of a lot today!

start search mobile

Interesting, yeah? By the way, updated designs have increase conversion rates by 33% as of late. (KissMetrics)

You know what else we notice here, BRANDED sites are up as well. This means that you and I were left with some serious satisfaction with the companies content, not just their products and services.

They built authority and trust with us…


Email, The Biggest “SOCIAL” Platform?

Yep, did it again, their studies have shown that there are more people interacting and spend more time in their email than Facebook and Twitter combined!

Here’s the quote:

Did you know that email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined? That’s a whopping 2.9 billion. Kissmetrics -

Sick. All that time wasted trying to get 10,000 Fans on Facebook only to lose out to the noise…

opt in

Email marketing combined with quality content shared is not back in “style,” it never LEFT! It has simply been ignored by most of the systems, products and tools many purchase because of the hype created around the industry.

See, in the end, even the image above speaks to how we engage, don’t forget that!


Google’s Gmail Going Pinterest Style?

Yes, you heard that right, Google is trying out a little “pinboard” style inbox for us. Here is a shot:


Official Gmail Blog: A new, more visual way to view your Promotions tab

Actually, I kind of like it, and here is why. look at the IMAGERY! WOW! And, you know how much I am into images…

On the link below the image here you can sign up to get a free trial of the new look and feel, as long as you give back some feedback.

Sing Up For Grid Look Here.

Go for it!

I will be posting up an article later on the week about how you could possibly take part of this.

This particular “new look” can, if utilized properly, increase open rates and, possibly conversion rates as well!


So, once again, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Weekly Marketing Cache! Remember, conversion tools are there to use, but they are NOT TH REASON exactly for it, conversion is all about YOU!

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  • thaxturner April 12, 2014 at 9:20 pm

    Great information and work brother!! You have an awesome teaching skill-set and you are a killer webmaster!! :) Call me Grasshopper!! :)

    • David Boozer Author April 12, 2014 at 10:18 pm

      Thanks Thax! Can’t wait for your book release! Site is almost ready!

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