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Webfire Review | Honest Review of the SEO Software

Webfire is the latest SEO software to hit the online marketing community. Created, well not really created by Mike Filsaime, this product creates a sense than any beginner to Internet marketing can dominate the search engines. So is this true? And what are the cheaper alternatives?

Mike Filsaime’s latest release of the Webfire search engine optimization software and tool is turning out to be a craze among the newbies to Internet marketing.

Here is a simple and honest review from someone who actually creates his own unique content and knows that all the software in the world from GURUS can be a waste of money and time.I may not be Mike, but 50.000 subscribers later I do understand what is the right software to use, what works with creating content that converts, and that I do not need everything a marketing guru (car salesman) promotes.

So let’s go through what the Webfire SEO software does and add some common sense before you spend your money.

There are many promises made every day by SEO software, not too mention so-called “marketing gurus” online. Each of them in their own unique way do bring some wonderful things to the marketing table online.

However, some of what else they bring is rather meaningless, vague and really not worth the money or time spent on it.

SEO software is usually created to “help” you dominate the search engines. The major problem with this is that there are still no guarantees:

“From 1996 through to today, SEO scams have used ‘guaranteed rankings and traffic’ as a slimy catchphrase to lure in gullible buyers with too-good-to-be-true promises. That association has stained the entire industry. SEO’s cannot control the search results the way FedEx can control shipping packages or Coca Cola can guarantee the taste of their beverage. The search engines alone are responsible for, and privy to the rankings’ methodologies. – Rand Fishkin SEOmoz

Honest Review of the Webfire SEO Software

1. Instantly analyzes your website or market to get the best SEO suggestions.

This is one of the few factors about Webfire that I do like. Any tool that can help you truly analyze your sites performance and market is a plus. Of course there are many FREE PLUGINS within WordPress to do this for you as well.

2. Fixes and improves upon it’s suggestions with powerful SEO tools

This seems to be something that you might not find for free online, but well worth the buy.

SEO tools can be a dime a dozen today, but finding real tools that can help with suggestions like keyword placement, density or, what words people are actually using can be invaluable. This particular piece of the puzzle could be worth it to get Webfire.

3. Submits press releases to top Google press release sites

This one I am unsure about. Press releases are invaluable, but there are those sites that are trusted, and those that are not.

Trust is what Google is looking for, not just information thrown into the wind here. If you actually believe that your Press Release will be number one from some software release program, guess again.

4. Submits news stories about you to thousands of media outlets, magazines, publications, etc (online and offline).

Once again, this is like a a Press Release, even social bookmarking. The best thing to do before purchasing Webfire is to ask for a list of the sites you will be submitted to. Google today takes a lot into consideration of “where you are” and that can be a BAD THING!

5. Turns articles into videos with optional human-like voice-overs and submits them online.

While this can sound considerably appealing to beginners to online marketing, I say make your own DANG VIDEO.

Forget about not having the confidence to do it, and forget what other people will think, imagine what you would do with a fake voice and hyped up images trying to sell you something…wait, you are looking at Webfire….

6. Turns 1 article into dozens, hundreds or even thousands of unique version that read perfectly… and submits those unique articles to top article directories exploding your “exposure” and “reach” in the search engines.

This is a HUGE NO-NO. No matter what “guru” or person tells you online, this is spinning content. I have been offered this stuff by some and it hurt them in the long run.

Just by taking a look around at the different pieces of spun content you can tell it when you see it. So can search engines, and they HATE IT. Stay away from this part, do not spin your content…sorry, but it is TRUE.

7. Uncovers hidden keywords for getting top rankings with top secret keyword tools.

Are there really hidden keywords online? The answer is a hilarious NO! I was just trying to find them and apparently I could not…does that not sound funny to you? I think what this means is to help you better find low competitive keywords with a decent search volume.

The Webfire SEO program is not the only software or program to offer this there are many free plugins and GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL to use. Finding hidden keywords is as simple as seeing how people are asking the questions they are searching.

8. Instantly alerts the search engines and top sites about your new content.

Google Bots and Crawlers are always searching new and fresh content, as well as crawling old content for new information.

There are many a free plugin within WorPress to use that will spur the bots and crawlers to immediately begin indexing your content. Webfire software is just another software that supposedly calls to action the crawlers that are already going to crawl, so why pay for that?

webfire review

9. Gets fresh leads from people who are asking specific questions related to your niche.

Lead generation is the reason you are looking at the Webfire software. The biggest question I have for this particular part of the program and software is:

  • WHERE ARE THE LEADS coming from?
  • Are they people already in the and apart of the Webfire system?
  • Are they fresh leads? Are they just made up? Better you ask.

10. Finds high value domain names that you can grab that help to get you top rankings and traffic. Some are already ranked!

This part is one of my likes. Any time you can get a good piece of software that helps you narrow down a good domain name is good.

Is it worth the cost of Wefire? maybe, maybe not. There are some great FREE tools out there to find good domain names with and sites for that matter.

Some of the best domain names are pre-owned domains that you can find on certain reseller sites, look for those and you might not need the software.

11. Finds top forums and blogs in your niche that have new posts related to your niche so you can quickly participate in for getting instant traffic to your website in just minutes.

This is another good aspect, but another one that can be done on a simple search using the keywords based around your particular niche. Forum marketing is not as quick to the punch for creating an income as many do promote by the way, it takes time just like everything else online does.

There is NO SOFTWARE that will last forever or guarantee you front page ranking all the time.

Some of the best ways to take advantage of search engine optimization is by using the FREE tools that are readily available online. Google Keyword Tool, Google Trends and others are really all you need.

After that, it is all about creating and conveying your message through a solid piece of content.

Looking at the Webfire software honestly, you might find the same answers I have, unless you are a beginner to online marketing.

As a beginner we know little about a particular subject, and what we do know is what someone else is trying to sell us. The best piece of advice I can give you is to LEARN HOW TO MARKET ONLINE yourself first, yes, I mean learn how to work and put forth effort.

Other than that, the Webfire does work, but remember, do not get lost in hyped up software, you will forget what you are really here to do, build your business.

In review of the Webfire SEO software I have to say I do like it, to a point. There are a few aspects of the program that you should do without, like anything that creates content for you.