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Tips For Standing Out With Your Niche Blog Among The Other 300 Million Plus Blogs!

Tips For Standing Out With Your Niche Blog Among The Other 300 Million Plus Blogs!

Tips For Standing Out With Your Niche Blog Among The Other 300 Million Plus Blogs!

Here are some serious tips for standing out with your niche blog in a sea of millions… Competition, without it, some of the best things in life would not exist if you ask me, and that includes some pretty awesome blogs!

If you are afraid of competition, you’ll never succeed at anything, period. Competition is a healthy thing, not something to be leveled and done away with to make things “fair for everyone.” That is how you take away the innovative and creative part of the human experience.

And with blogging, there is a lot of competition in every niche, but there are also many different things we can do to stand out with both our blog and our brand in this sea of competition as well…

Competition Is Good.

Competition keeps things fair, this is not only a fact, but a promise as well.

Niche blogging does not mean “no competition” whatsoever, all it means is that you found a “niche” or “subject matter” you are passionate about and would like to build a blog and blogging income around it is all. There will be competition!


But, you can stand out, you, your content, your brand, all of it can be something that people stop and take a second look at, and in time, even come to love and trust!

You do not have to hide under the blankets anymore, you can, you can stand up, stand out and shine online given you follow some sage advice from those of us who have done just that, threw the covers back and let it all come out on our blogs…

So let’s look at some of the simpler practices and other tips that can help us stand out with our blog, and in any niche.

Theme Design Matters.

Recently I wrote about how content is king, but so is design and usability. I think the format of the content is as important as the content itself.

I mean think about it, could you imagine walking into a restaurant that was, well, a complete mess, dirty, and hard to find your way through. Or a store for that matter, imagine it is so messy and full of products that you can’t even walk through it hardly…

Themes help to format content in an easy to view manner, and they also, most of them at least, allow for bettering the usability of a content management system like WordPress as well.

Either way, or your reason for finding a great theme, a great theme matters when it comes to standing out in your blog niche…

Content Matters.

My content is not “out of this world!” But, then again, it’s not all that bad either, at least that is what I am told by awesome folks like you, and my friends and peers here online.

Nobody said you have to Hemingway with your writing, and Sonia Simone with your marketing and business knowledge, not even close.

All you need to have is some passion behind the words, I mean actually care about what your are sharing with people, that’s all. Do some research if you have to, learn, and share that knowledge and the story behind coming to your conclusions or beliefs about that topic.

Content is content, and it is either really good or, it is a strain on our precious time, and trust me, you waste our time with less than decent content, you’ll never have that opportunity again… Create value, over and over again, that is how you will not only stand out, but shine as well.

More Than Text Matters.

Video, podcast, livecasts and even imagery, there is more content and a brand that stands out than the text you create, or the words you write. Blogging is so much more than that today.

There was a time, years ago when I first came here, that you could get away with more textual content than any other. Not today, today you need to be fully branded, your blog needs to be fully branded.

Video is great, it is personalble and is great for bettering your conversion rates. Podcasts are cool, not as awesome at converting traffic as video I believe, but it is a great alternative.

Livecasting (Blab, Periscope ect…) is pure traffic to your blog! Trust me, Blab has grown this new blog in a massive way!

Imagery, I take over half the pictures, or images, you’ll ever see on this blog. I wanted to brand this to me, my tastes, who I am, where I am from, and what I love. Nothing speaks more to your blogs brand than a first impression, and usually, 95% of the time, imagery is that first impression…

You Matter.

I remember the day when sales, marketing and building a business meant putting yourself aside, and I mean taking out the “me” “myself and “I” out of the equation completely. Not anymore.

When it comes to building a business online, and especially with a blog, YOU matter, your message, your experiences and your passion behind it matters to me and others who will listen…

Not too mention, and not to be too sappy, but there is nobody like you either. In all of the worlds history, there has never been another you, and nor will there ever be again. So do what you should do and just BE YOU!

While the world has not changed much in it’s time…in time, some things do change, not a lot, but some things do, like marketing…

Your store is your blog. Your blog is your business. And your blog reflects who you are and how you run your business.

Start With You In Mind.

Every successful blogger out here started with 1 visitor a day. And when we started, we also started with ourselves in mind, seriously. No, it was not an ego thing, it was a branding thing!

We wanted to “personally” brand our blogs through the imagery we chose, the video or podcasts we created, the words we wrote, and the calls to action we made… We knew this platform would need more us to be shared with you, and so we did.

If you want to truly stand out of the other 3 million plus blogs out here today, be you, share content that you love, and never stop. That is how you start standing out with your niche blog, where everyone else’s niche is the same.

P.S. If you have a second, sharing this article with your twitter followers would be a huge help. (It’s just below) I know, I’m shamelessly asking you to tweet my article, but it’s easy. And thank you very much…, and God Bless!



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