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The Weekly Cache 009: Pt. 3 – Building A Niche Blog Income Series

The Weekly Cache 009: Pt. 3 – Building A Niche Blog Income Series

The Weekly Cache 009: Pt. 3 – Building A Niche Blog Income Series

( featured pic by: @thepeoplescoast )

So, we are continuing with the Weekly Cache niche income blog series by showing you and teaching you how to start optimizing and putting together pages and blog posts starting today.

While I will not be diving into sidebars all that much, or other aesthetically nice things, this week we are going to start creating the pages that spell out our brand, our products or services, and get started blogging.

However, I will also be getting the conversation started about social media and sales funnel of which we will dive into during week 5. But, for now, lets get started with putting your pages and menu’s together and start getting the major search engines crawling your new niche blog!

The weekly cache…, pages and posts and menus.

This week we are going to put together static pages and learn how to start blogging. We will also cover how to set menus and dive into a bit more about tags, categories, choosing images, and why multimedia content like video or podcast are so important for new bloggers today.

Here is what we will cover:

  • What are static pages, and how to get started
  • Setting your WP menu
  • How to get started blogging
  • Basic and best blogging practices
  • Finding images
  • Multimedia content

We will also be introducing the next steps of building social media and list building funnel.

So, with that, I hope to see you there. By the way, this is a FREE WEEKLY WEBINAR where each week I will bring you free blog and internet marketing tips that actually work, period, oh, plus playback! See you there!

Join me and my friends for this live webinar event every week & discover how simple it really is to build a highly successful and thriving evergreen business online today…



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