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The Secret To Developing A Regular Blogging Habit…Seriously!

The Secret To Developing A Regular Blogging Habit…Seriously!

The Secret To Developing A Regular Blogging Habit…Seriously!

There are some who ask me time and time again, “what is the secret to building a successful blogging income?” The answer is always the same, the secret is in developing a regular blogging habit, or better yet, getting into a habit of blogging!

I am only asked this question because they are hoping that the answer, after all this time, has changed, and that any effort on their part to build a blog has been made easier…, or even better, made absolutely unnecessary.

I don’t know about you, but I get the Natural Law of Causality, and to have a successful income generating blog, you need successful blogging habits, and here are some of the best of them I want to share with you.

It’s Not A Job.

They say it’s not a “job” if you love what you do. I think that is a pretty spot on observation if you ask me…

I have had jobs before, some I kept for a long time, others I was fired from. Not because I did not do a good job, it was just I had an issue with “supply and demand.” They supplied little, but demanded a lot. (I laugh).


Today I work, but I work with something I love, inbound marketing and blogging. I make a living through 3 different income streams based around two different websites and blogs. This is not a job, but it does take work.

Maybe that is the problem with those that ask me over and over what the secret to a successful blog is, they look at this as a job, just one more thing they have to “work” at during their busy, busy lives of gaming, girls, guy’s or watching movies…

See, I skipped all that, and started out with one awesome habit that should be the first one you develop:

“I had a different perspective about the difference between the words work and job, I looked at one as something I wanted to stop doing, and the other as the force that would get me there.”

Now that is a great perspective!

I wanted to stop going to a JOB, and so I started working on attaining that goal.

I did not need Tony Robbins, and I did not need to ask permission of anyone, because in the end, I created a schedule for blogging and other inbound marketing strategies, and that schedule soon became habit.

The Secret.

Nope, it is not some esoteric, eastern filled philosophy that is a contradiction in terms, the secret to success with a blog is simpler than that.

Habits, you build them, they do not build you. You cannot “visualize” them into your life, habit is formed through action, and action is not sitting around visualizing crap all day. The only visualization you need is the dream, from there it is all work.

As you can tell I am a little fed up with all the talk and over-hyped craziness that comes with even my own industry here.

Talk is fine, but at what price does it become too much? A price that keeps you listening but never doing? That costs you far more money than your family can afford? That costs you more time and feeds other people’s success rather than your own?

The secret is in the doing, not just the listening. As a matter of fact, I believe the 80/20 Rule applies to forming a habit of successful blogging…, and it looks like this.

The 80/20 Rule Of Habit Forming.

At first you learning curve and listening will be about 80% of the actual work you do, the actual hands on doing will be about 20%.

And just so you know, even at this point of coaching and learning you are forming habits, actual success creating habits.

How? Well, you are being teachable, and through being teachable you are making time to learn and apply the knowledge you gain. See, you did not need some seminar or rally, no success mind set coaching or anything of the like, you just needed to learn how things work here, and let your passion for your subject flow.

Eventually, after a few weeks or months perhaps, the 80/20 flips, and soon you are spending more time blogging, and less time learning, but you are always learning, trust me…

Just Do.

Habits, there is your answer, creating a habit out of blogging and other inbound marketing practices that drives traffic to your blog. And these habits are only formed when we just do.

Today I am going to ask you to do something; write a blog post and make a video for it.

Even if you are still learning, I want you to write 600 words and make a video to go with it. You do not have to publish it, but I want you to just do it.

When you are done, think about this; most powerful blog posts that drive traffic are not much longer than that one. And when it comes to driving more traffic to your blog and increasing your conversion rates on each blog post, nothing is better than video.

Rinse and repeat this process and watch what happens next… Yep, you’ll get into a habit of blogging, and an even better habit of succeeding with it…

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God Bless!

About the Author


  • Adrienne March 23, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Hey David,

    I couldn’t agree with you more and we only wish there was some secret magic sauce that we could spread all over everything and boom, instant success. Then again, where would the reward be of seeing what you created!

    You definitely need to get a set schedule and stick to it. If I’ve learned anything throughout my own time here online and building my own consulting business is that consistency is the key. When people would come back to me a few years later and ask me how I got to where I was it’s because I didn’t quit. I kept my set schedule, I created my content on certain days at certain times, I’ve been consistent across the social platforms and I’ve continued connecting with people. I did it my way and it worked beautifully.

    It’s not work, it’s pure enjoyment and I love what I do. The true beauty of this comes from knowing I’m helping people. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I’m providing for myself and building a fabulous income.

    Thanks for sharing this message, it’s SO important.

    Have a great day.


    • David Boozer Author March 23, 2016 at 7:09 pm

      Thank you for the comment Adrienne! And for those of you here on the comments, click her name and take a look at what happens when you get that stick-to-it-ness going on! If it were not for sticking it out and being patient with my content plan and schedule, your comment would not be here today Adrienne… Thank you, and thank you for all your awesome content I follow today…

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