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The Key To Your Content Marketing Success Is By Doing Less…, Seriously!

The Key To Your Content Marketing Success Is By Doing Less…, Seriously!

The Key To Your Content Marketing Success Is By Doing Less…, Seriously!

Someone recently asked me “what was the key to your content marketing success?” The answer was simple, “it is by doing less, not more, seriously.”

There are so many people and systems out here geared towards helping you clear the clutter and find success it is amazing. As a matter of fact, next to the weak and nonsensical grievance industry, the mindset crowd has been around for 100+ years and has created some very popular beliefs, ideologies, and successful orators as well.

However, while some of them are great or even just good enough, there is one message that has resonated with myself and other successful people online, and that was to keep it simple here…

Doing Less Is More.

It is not that I am against the “positive mindset” crowd out here, as a matter of fact, much of it is worth a listen. However, some of it is full of crazy talk if you ask me, and the sales funnels for them expensive.

But that is my own opinion, and that is an example of a subjective truth, not objective.

There is one thing I learned however while reading a piece from a popular orator and author within this industry, and what he said was astounding! He said;

keep it simple stupid.”

No, he was not the originator of this golden little nugget, actually, he probably stole it off a shirt Forest Gump was wearing at the time. Where he discovered it did not matter to me, what mattered was the common sensed, the matter of fact brilliance it stood for…



In to day’s content marketing (or, internet marketing) world, we are in a constant barrage of “do this and do that” marketing mentality. And in the end, it is not only maddening but can also be expensive.

We are told to advertise here and there. To be a part of these 20+ communities, social media platforms and multimedia outlets. We are to pay for traffic and $2500 today can be $4000 tomorrow, if we have the guts that is… Oh, and don’t forget, we need this training, that training and this system over here “my friend” just started for only $97!

Arghh! No wonder you might be feeling a little worried and even frightened about starting your own entrepreneurial venture online today…

I get it. I was there once. I even lost a whole website and blog by following the crowd and noise I knew that I should not.

And I am going to scream at you right now and yell;

Don’t do it! Do not follow them! Stay the course here and keep it simple!”

See, here is how simple your content marketing efforts should be, and how to take advantage of growing a strong online presence…

A Successful Content Marketing Strategy.

Focus, focus and more focus is what we need. Instead of  being made to believe that we need this or that thing or platform, why not shut off the noise and focus in on these three things:

  1. Who?
  2. Where?
  3. How?

These three questions will and should create a simple approach to your content marketing efforts. Let’s look at them separately together…

Your Who.

There is something to be said about targeting the right audience. Even on this website I am targeting (in a good way just so you know) individuals who may not have any idea or somewhat of an idea about internet marketing and building a seriously lasting income and traffic generating presence online.

I know that the word targeting can seem a little negative when it comes to this industry, and if you think it does, I have a safe place for you to run to, it’s called China. Targeting your traffic is about finding the right people who truly need your products and services, it is about saving you time, and them a headache.

Persona marketing, targeting traffic and so on, the list of names the strategy of finding your “who” can go on and on, but it is what it is, a time saver for you, and a much more lucrative time saver at that.

Finding your “who” will help you figure out the “where” and the “how” as well… Think about it, once you find out who your target market is, then you can find out where they spend most of their time online, and how they like to find their answers to their problems.

Go find your who…

The Where.

Now that you know who they are, now it is time to find out where they are.

Facebook. YouTube. Google. Maybe Instagram or Pinterest, and maybe more are hanging around the likes of LinkedIn! From social media to search engines like YouTube and Google, this is where most people hang out.

However, when it comes to truly targeting people on large platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it can be a little trickier than you might think.

Some like Facebook will require more than just a page, you may consider becoming  a part of some Facebook groups where people are sharing and seeking answers for the particular problems you can solve.

Just so you know, Facebook groups is one of my favorite places to share the blog and video content, it truly can deliver some fast and targeted traffic…

Keyword focused content on Youtube and your blog can truly build some content marketing and traffic driving success in a hurry as well. Of course, good evergreen content will be the best to create here, but even evergreen content on your blog or channels like YouTube are perfect!

This is where people are. Nearly 500 million YouTube searches a day, I remember when they hit their first million…LOL! Google, for crying out loud! If you want to truly find that content marketing stride and path to success, Google will feed it to you all day!

This is where we are at, constantly…

The How.

How do you hook them? And yes, I mean turn them into a subscriber and from there a customer…

This is the trick, the goal, the coup de grace if you will. It is also the one thing that can suck money from your pocket faster than any other platform online today.

Someone once told me that getting an opt-in “is a miracle,” and one you want to repeat every day over and over again. And that is really the issue, this “miracle” seems to be answered by ever Tom, Dick and Harriet out here, and for a Kings ransom!

But in reality, it is as simple as a newsletter and discounts, a free ebook, a video library that is full of great content like this one or, even invites to private webinars and other functions. Whether or not you have a value ladder, that is a different story, but either way, the how is through two things:

  1. Great content that gives value.
  2. A great offer that meets their needs.


Look around at your competition, what are they using, and if you think it can be better, ask yourself and others, how?

Doing Less Is More.

A good content marketing strategy is in fact…, strategic. Strategic means; “of or relating to a general plan that is created to achieve a goal in war, politics, etc., usually over a long period of time.”

of or relating to a general plan that is created to achieve a goal in war, politics, etc., usually over a long period of time.”

A plan to achieve something does not assume a complicated plan of attack, just the opposite works most of the time. Listen to those who are successful in your niche, they’ll tell you that work is involved, but the plan of building it was actually easy!

You do not need every landing page software, social media platform or page, and you do not need every internet marketing strategy out here, just the ones that matter to your particular niche is all.

Everything else would just be, well, complicating things… Keep your content marketing strategy simple, and you most likely will find the content marketing success you are hoping for.

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God Bless!

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