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The Advantages Of Starting A Blog In A Competitive Niche – Facts, Fiction And The Lies

The Advantages Of Starting A Blog In A Competitive Niche – Facts, Fiction And The Lies

The Advantages Of Starting A Blog In A Competitive Niche – Facts, Fiction And The Lies

I know, you were told to find a niche blog that has little or no competition. Well, that can work to, but I personally believe there are better advantages of starting a blog in a competitive niche…, and here is why.

After weeks or months of keyword research. After one seminar and webinar after another. And even after the umpteenth and millionth Youtube video search, here you are, still trying to find out if the niche blog you want to start is not only niche enough, but profitable as well.

But for some reason, you really want to go into another direction, and one with more competition. But what if I told you it was smarter to go after that than it would be the other? What if you could find your way into a highly profitable blogging niche that was packed full of competition. Well, guess what? You can…

Facts, Fiction And The Lies.

Finding a low competition niche is harder than a keyword phrase, trust me. As a matter of fact, you lost out on “low competition blog niches” about 5 years ago, maybe 4, but there is no sense in arguing when, the fact is, you’re late.

“But Dave, I just watched a video by a pro who said the only way to make money is with or through a low competitive niche blog! Are you serious? Am I following bad advice?”

Okay, maybe it is not bad advice, but it is misleading to be sure. I mean seriously, you do not think someone has a little authority blog on books written by J.D. Salinger? Spark plugs for a 4 wheeler? Or better yet, fly fishing jigs for bass fishing?

Sorry, but I will tell you this, there really is no niche out here that has no competition, let alone a minimal amount.

Most people spouting this on “Warrior Forums” and what not, are only hocking systems to sell to you. If they include training on how to build, brand and manage that blog, well then, it’s your lucky day, but if not, your simply on a keyword phrase quest created by a dungeon master of sorts is all.

These are the facts as not only I see them, but as others from Pat Flynn to Darren Rowse will tell you here on their latest podcast.

“It is a competitive niche that gives you a real advantage with a blog.” – Pat Flynn

I agree wholeheartedly with Pat on this, you not only have an advantage, but you have all the advantages below to build something truly passive and successful…

The Advantages Of Competitive Blogs.

#1 – It Makes Money.

You can bet you bottom dollar their Annie, that if it has traffic, someone or some people are making money through a niche blog with it, I don’t care what the subject is.


Millions upon millions are paid out to affiliates from Amazon to Wal-Mart each and every year, and I am talking hundreds of millions.

This means that everything from golf balls to napkin holders and picture frames can turn an income through a blog. But the better question is, “do you really want to write and create content around napkin holders?

We’ll get to that question in a bit, but back to monetization!

There is money to be made through a niche blog, from affiliate income to your own unique products and services. As a matter of fact, any training system or coach worth it’s or their beans would tell you that and even give you some ideas to work through.

But, at the end of the day, looking at the subject matter you are truly interested in, you will find competition in it, and you’ll also find they are making at least a little something or a lot of something from it.

#2 – Bettering The Answer.

At this point, you’ve seen, read and even viewed (video) your competition. You have seen everything  they cover and to what extent. And guess what? You’ve also seen what they are missing out on…

You can better the answers in your niche!

Here is your chance for legalized “corporate espionage!” Okay, that was a little over the top, but in a way it is true, this is your chance to not only match their game, but also fill in the the blanks they are leaving out or missing giving you a huge advantage.

Whether it is free information or not, here is your chance to fill in the gaps with what you believe your competition is missing.

#3 – Looking Better, Feeling Better.

New design and layout. Easier navigation and user experience. Now that you know there is traffic, and you know where the weak and strong points are, you can now create something visually stunning and extremely helpful!

Sometimes, and I know this from experience helping others, old designs can actually put a damper on the share-ability of your blog content, and that in turn can eventually erode your traffic.

And if you look around some of these competitive blog niches, well, you’ll get what I am saying when you do…

So Many Advantages Today.

When I first started out online, you had to be pretty creative, and the reason behind that was not competition, but because you really had little to get any ideas from. Even the most creative people online today steal here and there ideas for design or usability.

Today that is just not so. You have a ton of horrible platforms and sites, and a ton of great ones! You have everything you need to learn and get great ideas from!

From analytic’s software, to keyword research, to sites like Alexa and jsut day trippin’ around Google or visiting BuzzSumo for ideas of social media pages and the look and feel of your blog and website.

For crying out loud! You have all the advantages today!

So, if you have read this blog post and shared it out for me because you liked it, just remember one thing, don’t tell me the niche your interested in is to “competitive”, because if you do, I will grab you by your ear, drop you in front of this blog post and make you read it to my two year old…(not kidding).

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God Bless!

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