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That Evergreen Blogging State Of Mind…

That Evergreen Blogging State Of Mind…

That Evergreen Blogging State Of Mind…

I can’t help it, at the end of the day I’m a blogger. I have multiple streams of income online, but I am constantly in the evergreen blogging state of mind, so here I will be a blogger, and this is what I am going to do for you because of that fact.

Internet marketing is more than just SEO and social media or email marketing, it is also about blogging. Blogging is one of the most effective tools here, and it is one I have come to love…

So here is s a little bit about the “why” behind this love and passion for blogging, and how it may help you.

That Blogger Lifestyle.

Here I will be coaching and helping you build your passive blogging income. I have done that myself on other blogs, and will now help you do the same. And if you do not have a particular product, service or system to promote, I can help with that too.

So, now that the selly-sell chatter is out of the way, I wanted to share with you why I love blogging, and why you should also share this mindset of blogging with me…

Personally, I did not like writing at first, as a matter off fact, it sounded like more work to do personally. And when I started my journey online, I started with article marketing, videos and a sales funnel.

“Writing articles was boring, and for about a year I spent writing boring, but traffic driving content.”

Eventually, truth be told, Google and other search engines took a turn for the better, no longer could myself and every other marketer out here rely on short, boring and over optimized articles. Nope, those days came to an end on one fateful day.

It’s funny how a single algorithm can change your business over night, seriously, overnight.

However, I found WordPress, and I found blogging.

From there I learned all I can from friends and brands like Ryan Biddulph, Brian Gardner, Copyblogger, Darren Rowse and so on…

What Blogging Does.

At first, blogging did the following for me, and it will for you as well;

  1. It Gives You And I A Platform. Blogging, combined with the power of WordPress, and a powerful theme from Studiopress, offers you and I a truly remarkable platform for building our voice and the brand to go with it.
  2. It Gives Us Better Visibility. Through search egnines, awesome content that can be shared throughout social media platforms, and the fact you can add other multimedia like video, podcasts, imagery and live casts, a blog can truly help you become easier to find online.
  3. It Makes You And I An Authority. All that awesome content lends to your credibility, your authority if you will. Trust is built over time, and it is built on the foundation of your readers or traffic seeing you as an authority on your products, services or opportunities.
  4. It Gives You And I A Brand Presence. A brand presence is where we can drive traffic to a simple, and more focused, conversation between you and your traffic.
  5. It Build You And I A List. “It’s all in the list.” The money, the notoriety, the brand building and so on, a blog can build you a list through free offers, newsletters and so on that you can create via your blog.
  6. It Can Build Your Passion. Your passion, no matter what that is, you can build not just an income with it, but in the end, build a voice and brand around what you love in life.

And yes, it can do so much more for your business and so on, but it also gave me something nothing else did when it came to marketing online…, it gave me a smile.

I think what you’ll find when you start blogging is the same thing I found, that I do love to blog, even write. I love the creativeness that comes with it from choosing and taking my own pictures for each post, making videos, podcasts and even live casts.

Most importantly, the smile comes because I get t be creative for YOU.

Start Blogging.

Quit ignoring it, you know, that feeling that you should be writing it all out or building a real branded presence for your business with a blog.

Trust me, the sooner, the better.

It’s a state of mind here to build a truly passive income blogging lifestyle. It takes effort, discipline and that evergreen state of mind for staying ahead of the curve and creative…

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