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How To Start Writing Blog Posts For Your New Niche Blog

PIN how-to-start-writing-blog-posts

How to start writing blog posts for your new niche blog and website can be a little, well, for many beginners to blogging it has become a bit of a bump in the road…

You now have a great looking and well-optimized website and blog (built by myself hopefully, if not, get one here now), but now you need to start your content marketing journey, and of course, blogging is a major part of that process.

So, here are some tips, strategies and some much-needed help on how to start writing blog posts that matter, and convert.

How To Start Writing Blog Posts.

I am a writer myself. No, I am not a Hemingway or even an Ann Handley, but I am a blog writer nonetheless, and a decent one I’ve been told… As a matter of fact, I write most of the blog posts here on Evergreen By Design myself.

Here is what I have learned after years of bettering and continuing and coming to love blogging, the practice of successful blogging is half business and half art.

See, blogging is not about filling people full of sales copy and fluff about your products and or, services, no! not even close! See, blogging is all about building authority and trust through helping, informing, educating and for some, could include inspiring and or, entertaining people about your industry or niche.

The rules of marketing have changed, with all the information available today, people have choices, and they can make better ones based on your blog posts and other content.

I tell people all the time;

while it is still a slight risk of buying anything today, at least you can make a better more informed choice today than ever before to minimize that risk.

And it’s true.

This is why blogging or blog writing has become so important because here we have the ability to influence and or, persuade with content.

Yes, a blog is more than words, it can be imagery, video or audio, which in and of themselves infused here are powerful, but for now let’s just stick with written content.

Here are some tips for writing blog posts, from the titles to the calls to action!

Choosing A Blog Post Topic.

Choosing a topic is rather simple actually, especially after you figure out that all you need to really do is listen to your potential traffic or customers, basically listen to what they are asking via the internet.

From social media to comments on blogs, videos and even podcasts, conversations around your niche’ are happening all the time-24/7.

Now I know that some search engine optimization specialists will turn to keyword research for the viability of the topic via it’s relation to the amount of traffic you might see. Basically looking at the numbers of people that are searching using a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

Guess what? Yeah, it’s a huge waste of time today…

Oh, you’re surprised I said this? Well think about it, even if one person really needed the answer to a specific problem that was directly related to your industry, would you not care enough to create the answer no matter how long or short it needs to be?

I know I would, and I do.

See, keyword research is fine when developing a website as a whole and even with some blog content, but when you find someone on social media or a comments section or forum somewhere online that has a question, well, there is your potential traffic, and hopefully, eventually, a customer!

Finding topics is easy, creating and formatting your blog posts is the real issue here.

Blog Post Title.

Next to images that can stop people in their tracks online, a great title can have the same effect.

When it comes to copy writing skills online, nowhere does it truly matter more than in the title of your blog posts! Not in the body of the content, the last sentence, the call to action, all of that is for nothing if you do not have a great title.

Titles matter most, and not just for search engine optimization via keywords and keyword phrases, but because they contain the answer to a problem, the inspiration I need right now, or the entertainment of my day…

It’s all in a title.

Formatting Your Blog Post.

First things first when it comes to writing blog posts, keep the paragraphs short, basically what that means is to format them for mobile consumption.

Unless you are writing some academic type of whitepaper, I suggest you keep the paragraphs you write to a minimum of no more than 3-4 lines tops. Anything more than that and even I get a headache on my mobile device.

Mobile friendly web design is not just about themes and awesome content management systems like WordPress, it is also about how we write and create content that can be consumed on smaller screens.

We are on the go (unless you work at home like me) and want our information the same way as well…

Think mobile when creating and writing content today, you’ll save yourself a ton of time fixing a major problem later, and my eyes when I go to read it. Ha!


I am not saying be Fred and Ginger here, and if you do not know who they are, but you know who Kanye West is, you’re really missing out!

What I am saying here is this, think podcast and video, they are what radio and television were back in their day…, I can’t believe I just said that! But, it’s true. Today anyone with a YouTube channel or an iTunes account can inform, educate, or entertain people, know matter what the subject matter…

Even if your subject and business are not so “Tinseltown” than some, you can still make your writing and content shine by enhancing it with video or a simple podcast.

A good video or podcast not only enhances your SEO efforts but, it also literally spells out personality and trust in your brand along the way.

Writing is a must, and it is great, but accompanied with a video or audio, well, you have a hit.

Tell The Story, The Whole Story.

Be fun. Be enlightening. Be enthusiastic. Be entertaining. Be forgiving. Be graceful. Be informative. Be educational.

Just be you and share your story, and the stories others have to share about the problems you have helped them overcome.

Storytelling is as important to writing a blog post as formatting is. And just so you know, it is right up there next to the title if you ask me…

People like stories, and when it comes to writing great blog content and copy, people do not mind if we use the “me, myself and I” so much as long it is part of the story.

And don’t forget the “us, we and them” to go with that. Using other people’s stories is just as important, these are simply little testimonials about your products, services and the all around help you offer.

Be a story teller, the right kind of storytelling that is, not the one that got you in trouble with grandma! Ha!

Wrap It Up With CTA’s!

CTA’s, or otherwise known as call-to-action(s). This is where you make the call for people to actually engage with a piece of content. Whether that is a call to share a particular blog post, to click an advert or to literally call them to subscribe to your offer, it makes no difference, what matters is that they are there where they need to be.

Wrap up your content with calls to action!!! I did down below…

Sometimes it is a blatant call to action to subscribe, I have done it, seen it and know that it works wonderfully. Do not be afraid to weave in a good call to action here and there with your blog posts, as a matter of fact, it can help you get better at copywriting period.

Start Writing Your Blog Post Today!

You’ll never know how good you are or, what you will need to improve until you start writing blog posts today. It took me months, actually, almost a year to get into writing and actually start to enjoy it. Yes, eventually, you get to enjoy it!

But I never would have got there if I did not start, and neither will you…. Get started today writing today, and keep it going.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

Hi I'am David Boozer

I am a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, online business & internet marketing coach who provides vital training for those looking to build, brand, and grow their lifestyle business online…the right way, the first time. I currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my lovely wife and five awesomely cool children. Oh, and Bigfoot lives in my backyard!

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