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How To Start A Niche Blog For Free, And Without A Blog! What?!

How To Start A Niche Blog For Free, And Without A Blog! What?!

How To Start A Niche Blog For Free, And Without A Blog! What?!

If you want to know how to start a niche blog for free, and without the need for a blog or blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress, here is your simple answer…

See, while I do believe that you should have a professional website and blog on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and even Tumblr, you can at least get started for free if your funds are tight and all you can afford is Aweber to start with.

I know, most people will tell you that it will cost just a few bucks on Wix or Weebly to get started, but that is not completely true, or are those platforms better than WordPress or, even better than the not so secret blogging platform you probably already have access to…. let’s take a look.

Do you “NOTE” this one?

I do believe that eventually, when the income is there and you can truly afford it, investing in a domain name, hosting, and a professional theme plus coaching is a good thing, no, a great thing! I did, and it worked out very well.

So, rule number one, when you can afford it, get a professional blog and website up and running.

Remember, when you rely on another platform like that below, you are literally having to play by their rules, and eventually, you do not want to play by anyone’s rules here other than your own in time.

But, until that time, and hopefully this simple platform and best blogging practices for it should help you to build up the list and the income to do just that.

How do you build a niche blog for free? Simple, you get a Facebook page set up and you start Notes.

What are Facebook Notes you ask? Well, simply put they are;

…Facebook Notes is a simple word-processing feature forFacebook users. While status updates that you post to your Wall have a limited character length and no HTML capability, Notes lets you write full-length posts with formatting, tagging, and pictures.

Notes and a Facebook page is the perfect place to start a niche blog for free today. And in conjunction with some of the strategies below I will share with you here, it works and I can prove it!

Before we get to the how to start your niche blogging future and income to go with it, let’s look at what we’ll need first to get started.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • A niche subject you are interested in
  • A Facebook page
  • A good niche blog name
  • A YouTube channel
  • A way to collect emails
  • Basic concept of blogging

Here is what we will need to do:

  • Blog regularly
  • Make video regularly
  • Build list
  • Monetize
  • Follow up and convert

That is it, and to tell you the truth, the only cost here would be about $1 (if the offer is still happening of course) to start with Aweber as far as collecting emails is concerned.

Let’s break each one of these down briefly so you know where to start and how to work with it.


Finding your passion (subject).

Passion for your subject does matter. I am sure if you have been following me for some time now you would have heard me mention this a few times or more. Without passion for your niche, well, you simply have a second job if you ask me.

My own niche blog that I am building currently using Facebook Notes, is working wonderfully, and the traffic I am driving to the landing page is generating about 65 plus new subscribers a day, plus about 4-6,000 or more hits to the Notes and videos each day.

Funny thing is, all I am doing is sharing great content using really only three basic practices; blogging, video, and email marketing.

Can’t beat that with a stick if you ask me…

What made it all that much easier was the fact that I have a few serious passion in life, and a passion always makes it easier to create the kind of content that truly builds the kind of traffic one needs for a serious niche blogging business online today.

Without the passion, what is the point?

One of the biggest secrets to success with blogging for many professionals and online entrepreneurs was not just their knowledge of blogging itself, actually, it was because they were excited about sharing their passion for a particular subject or niche.

A facebook page.

You know how simple it is to set up a facebook page, if not, go here now.

The most important parts of setting up a page, however, will be;

  • what type of page do I use?
  • what branded elements do I use?
  • and where are FB Notes!?

Let’s get to these simple answers one at a time.

What type of page do I use?

PersonallyI would plan on my future success and go with a “website” page or “brand” page.

Why the “website” Facebook page? Well, eventually, like I said above, you want a website and professional niche blog at some point. I will have one for mine again soon. How did I lose it? Well, too much traffic.

Sounds funny, but I kept getting 40,000 hits a day and my server could not handle it, I need a new server, a dedicated server and that will take some time to set up and load content on to.

Plan on success, plan for your future with everything you do from here on out.

Notes and a Facebook page are the perfect places to start a niche blog for free todayClick To Tweet

What brand elements do I use?

Brand elements encompass everything from the layout of how your create your blog notes to your logo and header image for your Facebook page.

Starting with the header image, the main image that sits literally at the top middle part of the page is important. Get this wrong, and yes you can get this seriously wrong, and you can have people leaving quicker than they came.

Keep it simple here. What I mean here is less play with words and more image. As a matter of fact, Facebook has a rule that no more than 20% of that image can contain words, so keep it simple. I kept the name of my brand, that was it.

You should keep it to that too.

The logo or selfie image. This one is something that can actually turn into a big fat headache for most people when it comes to decision time on which to use. I suggest you go with a selfie, for now, just do it and keep it simple here, you can change that as you grow into a website and blog with WordPress down the road.

The formatting of a blog post in notes. This is limiting, not horribly limiting, but compared to WordPress or Blogger, it is limiting. You will not have too much room to play here, but you can create a very clean blog post type of content as often as you need to.

Where are notes? They are in your Apps section and you can add them to your menu.

A good niche blog name.

Choosing a name is serious business when it comes to your new niche blog, and the money making business behind it. And might I suggest this;

'forget the keywords, go with your heart when choosing a good niche blog name, you won't regret it!'Click To Tweet

I am serious, you could use a keyword or two if you need to but, do not believe for a moment it is going to help you rank better with a website and blog later. Keep it memorable and interesting, that is what matters most about a name for your new blog and business brand.

And just so you know, if you do have $10 to spend, get your domain name you choose registered with Luckyregister, Hostgator, or even GoDaddy if you are truly desperate. It is better to own it later than to see it disappear down the road when you start building momentum here.

The real key to a good niche blog name is one that is easy to remember, and you should remember that; pun intended by the way.

A YouTube channel, seriously.

Why YouTube? Well, you’ll need to make up for some of the loss of platforms like WordPress for SEO or, search engine optimization.

Also, the video platform is probably one of the best content marketing practices when it comes to not only SEO an SEM, but it is truly an extremely powerful way to convert traffic into subscribers, and better yet, into customers!

Video marketing will be a “must needs” if you will for this particular free alternative to building a niche blog online with Facebook Notes, trust me, you’ll need it.

For every Facebook Note (blog post) you create, you will add in a video hosted on YouTube, and embedded on the Note itself.

List building.

You can create an embed source code for your Aweber opt-in form, and yes, this is the one non-free thing you should save up pop bottles for each month if you have to. $19 a month is not bad, and once you get that list building with your Facebook Notes niche blog, it is only a matter time from which to monetize it.

(watch this video HERE to learn to embed form)

List building is a must here, as a matter of fact, they say, and the stats speak to this around the web, that 80% of the income made by an online entrepreneur is usually due to their follow up email marketing campaign.

The video on that link above will teach you how to create a simple lead capture page on within your Facebook page, which is real easy.

And I know, you are saying to yourself that I said; “this was all free!” It is, except this, email marketing is the one and

It is, except this, email marketing is the one, and only platform everyone needs to have, it’s like the home ou rent or, the mortgage you have, you have to have this, it is mandatory for success here no matter what anyone else tells you.

Make sure that you are linking to that page as well in the middle and the end of your Facebook Notes, that is how you make a “call to action” here, and you must direct people to it or they may never find it.

So, what is the reason they are opting in for? What is your free offer if you have no website to share valuable content on?

Well, how about a private Facebook Group entry? Maybe a hidden video playlist that only they can access on YouTube given the fact they opt in! There are many things you can choose from if you just open your mind to it.

Oh, what about an ebook they can get on Facebook itself! Ha!

Understanding blogging (for notes) basics.

The basic of blogging here on Facebook Notes is no different than that of any other platform, you want to always be creating quality content people want.

Blogging, well, better blogging happens when we understand a few simple best practices;

  • On page SEO
  • Formatting for mobile
  • Imagery
  • Video content
  • Linking
  • Sharing
  • Blogging consistency

With these basics in mind, and understood, you can truly, and I believe this, build a pretty successful list of subscribers through a FREE niche blog via Facebook Notes. Currently, I am doing it myself here for the last 90 days.

Here are some statistics:

  • 500,000 plus video views
  • 4,000 plus YouTube subscribers
  • $1500 earned in first 40 days from YouTube advertising
  • Over 850 email subscribers to date
  • Average daily subscribers is nearly 25
  • 1,000 plus hits to the Notes each day

On a side “note”…

There are some limitations within Facebook Notes, like the lack of HTML usage, plugins to create cool looking pages, membership programs, and so on.

However, you can still monetize your posts through links, and the use of imagery, video and even podcasts can be added to each individual post.

To be honest, Facebook Notes is not bad for a blog that is not a true blog to start with.

And always remember this, when people tell you certain things online, always question them, and once you find the truth, you can usually take it to the bank!

Yes, to have a professional website and blog at some point is necessary, but if you truly have nothing to invest to get a professional web presence up and running, all you need is what I have shown you here, and the only thing to pay for is Aweber.

Can you really start a niche blog for free today? Yes, you can, and you can get started with Facebook Notes just like I did…

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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