Sirius XM Radio Cuts Fox News | Conservative Censorship With XM

Sirius XM Radio has recently cut Fox News form it regular line up. So is this a business making a business decision or, simply censorship?

I used to pay for the XM Radio service, not any more. As we start looking into the “reasons” that this particular digital radio company dropped Fox News, the more it looks like censorship.

Here is a simple opinion on why I and, many, many others are going to CUT XM Radio from our listening choices.

XM Radio And Censorship…Seriously?

Of course their response to my own Facebook inquiry is that they will still “handle” Bill Oriely, Sean Hannity and a couple other famous voices from Fox News, but Fox itself has been sent to the hounds. Sad.

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Can we just ask one question…if Fox News is the most watched news station (proven), then why cut it for any other reason than bias?

Like Joseph Goebbels, some left wing leaning companies are starting to show their true colors about free speech. There is no other reason for this debacle other than…censorship and bias.

I know that you and I may not agree on all things morally, politically or whatever, but we do agree that free speech should be free. If we don’t, then why the heck are you on my site? get out.

Now I understand that Sirius XM is a business, and as a business they can air whatever show or music they wish, but wow, that is bad business.

Just a fact for 2012 and Fox News:

Fox News dominated as usual, taking the top eight programs. The network averaged 2.6 million total viewers during primetime, for a 47% jump since November 2012.

While some channels and stations like CNN and others saw an increase as well, Fox News still dominated 2012 and show no sign of slowing. I may be a little biased, but I would not cut a station if it brings the customer…

So far, no response of why on my Facebook of why they cut the program, just some hype about the others. My next question however will be if CNN, MSNBC and any others will be cut…and I think we all know the answer to that…no.

I am a fan of Fox News, CNN and even Headline news, MSNBC, well, those people are disgusting and wrong, that is not even news. But, if I owned Sirius XM, well, business is business and they would have a place on my station.

The Radio Station That Censors Is  A Radio Station I Can Quit….

Although we may not agree as I stated above, I think we should let go and drop Sirius XM Radio, besides, there are free services and cheaper services just as good out there. And, here is something I learned, they have FOX NEWS!

Whether you agree with me or not on the why, it makes no sense to drop a media organization as popular, trustworthy and significant as Fox News from a radio platform or for that matter, from your customers.

This politically targeted assault on FXN is about as transparent as the Obama administration and Benghazi. This was a blatant choice between silencing the conservative view based not on business, but on bias and politics.

Sirius XM Radio may cut off Fox News, but I am cutting off XM today. My call to you is to do the same no matter if you are a conserative or not, this is about free speech for them, not business.

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