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Simple Steps For Building Your New Shopify Store & Business…

Simple Steps For Building Your New Shopify Store & Business…

Simple Steps For Building Your New Shopify Store & Business…

I am currently on this journey myself, and I have helped people with growing their Shopify store and business into six figures a year. So, how did they do this? Well, it was rather simple actually. Here is how to grow your new Shopify store and business online.

Recently, I had a student come to me and tell me that they used much of the coaching here, plus a little Facebook advertising they picked up online here, and since then, well, they are now part of the multiple-6-figure a year income tier, and loving it!

Personally, I could not be happier, and to tell you the truth, I was on my way to creating such a niche income myself with a new Shopify store…, and here is how.

Growing your new Shopify store.

So, I have naturally been building a side niche blog and community online for fun, but, of course, I am going to monetize it, why not? Starting soon, it will have a niche business to go with it.

So that you know, I have monetized it through Adsense and it is already doing over $1,000 in the first month just with that.

But, here is the problem, people, the community there, well, they want more, they want swag like shirts, hats, stickers, hoodies, and even coasters for their coffee tables from me, or, better yet, from the brand I created.

So, my friend who was a student at first calls me up saying “thanks for all the help,” and that his family is now multiple 6-figure income earners online and they created it through Shopify, a blog, a YouTube channel, social media, and some great Facebook ad buying. He also asked about mine! Ha!

Well, the thought was already spinning in my head before he called me, but, I did take it as proof positive that I was to move in that direction.

So, I started selling swag and apparel that they, the community wanted, and it is working out very well for everyone.

But, let’s get into the basics you must first consider when building your new Shopify store. I will not be spending any time on buttons and coding, just the basics here…

Your Shopify niche (merch) is?

It sounds like a cliche’ already, but what is your niche when it comes to your Shopify e-commerce store? Seriously, you cannot just come in here and sell anything at ‘’ today, you still need a niche and a brand for that matter.

“Remember, your Shopify store is a business an online business, not a garage sale gone crazy!”

As a matter off act, here are a few of my favorite little e-commerce brands using Shopify, for the most part:

  • The Great PNW
  • Pnwonderland
  • Camp Brand Goods
  • My Pacwest Bigfoot
  • Rachels Handbags

And that is just a few I buy from and follow closely as a brand. They all create content, they all stay engaged within social media, and they all run good advertising campaigns on Facebook and elsewhere.

Your niche will help you govern your “merch” or, what grown ups call merchandise. Like a niche blog keeps people on topic and subject, your choice of the niche will help you keep to creating camping style shirts on your camp brand store, and not create Star Wars merchandise that makes no sense.

See, the internet is different than walking into Wal-Mart, this is all specific here, search, clicking on ads in a Facebook stream, chatting it up in a group and finding something interesting within that group and deciding to give it a try, everything is specific here.

Search engines are also specific and rank things that are in fact, orderly, focused if you will. And let’s not get started on how we can “create” audiences that we believe are specifically pre-qualified to possibly buy our products!

Getting niche does not mean simply that we are qualifying people either, it actually means we are disqualifying people who would not and are not interested in our particular products this way we can get to those who, well, would buy from us.

Each one of my favorite places to shop online are all niche specific, they found me online, targeted me, and then fed me the best products they could.

Remember, your new Shopify business and store is not a garage sale.

The drop shipping problem solved.

Fulfillment is the hardest part, well, was the hardest part of setting up an e-commerce business.

Many so-called gurus and their brown box formulas suddenly had people filling their one car garage to the ceiling with swag and other products as if they just joined an MLM opportunity in 1987!

Of course, many of them have changed their tunes lately as drop shipping became more “fulfillment center” centered. What I mean is that today it, your e-commerce Shopify store can be truly hands off minus content, and other advertising, of course.

Today, especially if you are thinking out of the box, you can find companies who will do all the fulfillment for you. From Aliexpress to my favorite, CustomCat, all the way through to suppliers you can find on eBay and so on, they can be found, and simple ways to get your product out faster and without stocking stuff is simpler today.

All you have to do is look around. From leggings to t-shirts, from hats to electronics and on to prints, posters, hair extensions and beyond, today you need not keep your house full of stuff to the ceilings, you can find a great fulfillment center or company today with ease.

There are some things to look for though, things that matter, especially when it comes to shipping. Of all the things you need to do to get your Shopify business up and running successfully, nothing matters most as far as I am concerned at least, as that of shipping.

All is fine and dandy, but if it takes a month to get something delivered from New York to Hawaii, well, make sure you pay close attention to shipping details, you’ll be surprised how many companies can let you and your potential customers down.

Content marketing.

My good friend told me the other day that the content marketing and SEM I taught them has created 30% of their bottom line, their sales that is. Their sales in July totaled over 100k!

Content is still king when it comes to building brand awareness, engagement, and a highly devoted following. As a matter of fact, content marketing can develop the best customer base period, just ask my good friends with those numbers above.

I always start building a web presence with people here in the coaching system with a website, blog, and YouTube or podcast channel. Of course, email, social media, and sales funnel come with it, but it is the content marketing channels that go up first.

Why? Because I want you used to create the awesome! Creating what really matters! Oh, you are here on this blog post, so you know now why it, content marketing, matters.

Oh, and remember, Shopify comes with a great little blog content management system!

Paid media and advertising.

A good mix of paid media reach and subscriber or customer acquisition is a good thing, a great thing in fact!

As a matter of fact, running a simple like campaign through Facebook advertising. And, just so you know, you can keep those likes to a minimum of 2-3 cents per like if you do it right!

Another part of the paid advertising strategy for your Shopify store is simple, list building, and, of course, retargeting!

“The sooner we drop the ‘e’ out of ‘e-commerce’ and just call it commerce, the better.” – Bob Willett

You need to be tracking traffic through your Facebook Pixel, and you need to connect your shop to your Facebook page as well. This will help you to start retargeting your audience as it grows, sharing more awesome content, and awesome offers from your e-commerce Shopify store.

Facebook advertising, at least I am learning as well, is not as difficult as you may think to run and use, all you really have to do is learn where everything is, and set up your retargeting pixel.

It pays to be social. (Social media marketing)

Speaking of social media… Want faster traffic? I suggest a blog post accompanied with YouTube video and shared to not only your social profiles but specifically to several Facebook Groups today!

Nothing gets me 20-100 clicks to my content than this one simple practice I do weekly.

Social media is a must for your Shopify e-commerce business today, and it all starts with the branded content you share. sharing is caring, and sharing across multiple platforms is perfect for collecting that list, and mining through with your retargeting ads campaigns.

Get social, be social, build your social reach today, and reap the rewards literally tomorrow.

Branding matters most.

Branding matters. I hate seeing boring storefronts with no message or meaning. I get selling t-shirts and whatnot on Shopify, I really do. But, what about t-shirts that really mean something, that make statements? These are the reasons people buy them today because it makes a statement about us.

Think about it, Christian t-shirts and swag, outdoors stuff and so on, it makes a statement. Why do you think t-shirts with just words today are such hot sellers on platforms like Shopify and from cool brands like The Great PNW?

It’s all about their brand, I would know, I own several of their shirts and hats!

Make sure to create more content than just sales pages and product pages, people want more than a shirt or a candle today, we want the story behind it as well, this way we can connect with what we buy.

And that my good friends is what branding is all about!

Follow up, and succeed with Shopify.

Follow up and follow through with any business including a Shopify store is a must for success. My good friend Reginald and his 6-figure Shopify business can attest to that!

Shopify has it all, blog, e-commerce content management system, and everything else you need to succeed. Actually, the only thing it is lacking right now is YOU!


Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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