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Ryan Deiss Unlimited Penny Traffic | First His Free Traffic, Now His Paid For Traffic?

Ryan Deiss Unlimited Penny Traffic | First His Free Traffic, Now His Paid For Traffic?

Ryan Deiss Unlimited Penny Traffic | First His Free Traffic, Now His Paid For Traffic?

Wow. Ryan Deiss has just recently opened up his Unlimited Penny Traffic system, just weeks after his blogging authority for free traffic system. However, he now says that FREE TRAFFIC SUCKS. Well, if this is true, did his Authority Hacks system lie?

I like Ryan, I think when it comes to the “conversion” of traffic online he and others in his industry have a lot we can learn from. However, when they teach ( or try to teach ) you about traffic driving online, why is there always a better way this time than last time?

I know, I am as confused as you are. Here is a little bit about the Penny Traffic and, what the difference is between FREE TRAFFIC and, PAID FOR TRAFFIC.

First Let’s Take A Look At His Latest Two Programs…

About a couple months ago, Ryan was focused on selling a program called “Authority Hacks” based around free traffic through blogging and guest blogging, many of you have seen this.

That particular program for free traffic unfortunately SUCKS, how do we know?, because in his latest Penny Traffic video he said so. So did he lie? No, like most affiliate marketing types, he is just wanting to make a buck from those who want to make a buck online.

However, he is dead wrong about being a minnow with free organic marketing and, being a big fish with paid traffic. You can be a whale with both organic and PPC traffic.

The latest data with a non-trivial sample size organic traffic tells us it remains, by far, the largest driver of inbound web traffic. Organic search is also the best channel for converting customers; it has the best lead-to-customer close percentage of all inbound channels. – Seth Besmertnik

This is a quote from a highly successful SEO company and individual. I highly doubt that an affiliate marketing guru would argue this point and fact.

But does this make PPC a waste of time? NO! He ( Ryan ) is right that PPC does work, especially if used properly. While I am not going to waste any money on this “new” strategy that is as old as Adwords itself, we can still learn something here today.

A Simple PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Campaign Is Just Fine…

So before you pay monthly and get upgraded down the road, let’s look at a simple way to drum up traffic through PPC and how it should work.

Before you create any pay per click campaign, you should have more than a landing page ( Ryan ), or else you will look like another fly-by-night program or so-called business online. So get your organic going on, because this is exactly where you will take them.

Why does organic get over 80% of the click thru on a search and the rest is for PPC and second page links? Because people want to be informed, not sold. Your PPC campaign should be for building an audience on your website or blog, because in the end, that is where over 70% of your traffic will convert anyways.

See, Mr. Deiss had 500K to blow, you do not. Your PPC needs to be done very, very efficiently or, you are broke and the wife or husband will be mad! When we look at what truly converts online it is not a landing page, it is information and authority that sells.

Telling people to stay minnows because they are not in this particular program and “running with the big dogs” is ridiculous. Maybe they cannot afford another program from someone…and especially not only purchase that, but pay for traffic everyday too.

Because you may not be using PPC, does not mean you are a small fish in a big sea, it means you are a smart fish in a tank full of affiliate marketing leeches who’s main purpose is to take your money and leave little value.

PPC is meant to help you get faster visibility in the end, not keep it.

Sorry, but if you are going to tell people that organic and or, free traffic sucks after you sold them a system weeks earlier about how cool it was only to sell them another now, it makes for a ton of confusion.

PPC is and can be low cost, until it ads up and you still have not converted enough traffic. As Ryan said, you can test and play with it all you want…he just left off “until you are broke.”

Free traffic generation has been, and will always be, the most effective traffic you will see online. The basic reason behind this, is the fact that you give away value without expecting to make a dime in the first place. And trust me, you will not only gain trust and authority, but the income to boot!

To tell people that organic traffic through blogging and guest blogging is the best and most effective traffic is the truth, but to turn around weeks later and say it sucks, well, what does that say about your products and services?

Ryan Deiss is correct when he states that PPC with Unlimited Penny Traffic is a good thing, but he is dead wrong when he say organic traffic sucks. To tell you the truth, I thought better of him until now.

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