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“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

There are a ton of web design companies and freelancers online today, and you’ll hear from them when you load your first website! But, there is a difference between web design and, well, a web designer that understands and works with your brand and goals for your business.

Personally speaking, many of the freelancers and high-end web design and website creators out here are great at what they do.

However, the problem we do find today is not the fact of getting a great looking website, the problem is, we usually end up with one that looks great, but has absolutely nothing to do with the products, services, and brand we are building it around.

In the end, it looks great, but it does not speak to the brand, and if it does not, then it does not speak to our potential subscribers and customers.

As a matter of fact, building a great looking site is the simple part, building one around the needs of your niche and brand, well, that takes working together with your web designer one on one.

That is why I added this particular service to That Evergreen Life so that you could work with a web designer that wants to blend your brand with the needs of your potential traffic and customers to make the perfect website and, web presence!

…WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.

It is extremely simple to work with once you have a basic understanding of it. And no worries, as not only will I build the best WordPress website and blog for you and your business, but if you need it, I’ll train you on how to take advantage of it for up to one month, seriously!

What the website and blog setup includes.

The services will convert either a complete and personally branded business website and blog with WordPress. And, includes up to 3 well-branded social media pages set up for you, YouTube or Podcast setup, and your list building and email marketing system setup. And don’t forget, I will personally help you get your Facebook retargeting campaign read too!

Basically, your business online ready to go!

Here are the details…

Professional WordPress Website & Blog Set Up

With a nearly 70% success rate through this coaching and training system, I have cleared the obstacles for and made a simpler path to success, and faster. Here You will get the skills and the type of attractive web presence that converts.

Includes With PROFESSIONAL SET UP Package: 

What we will cover:Confused about all the ways to market online? Learn which marketing tactics to use when to use them, and in which order to use them.
  • We will create a complete marketing action plan together.
  • Clarify your marketing goals and stay motivated to achieve them.
  • Learn how to use the Web to establish yourself as the “go-to” expert in your industry or field so YOU get the media coverage you deserve.
  • Use the Web to turn leads into sales and make more money!

Fully Optimized & Professional Web Presence Set-Up

  • Full WordPress installation
  • Full theme installation and configuration
  • Homepage theme setup with your own content
  • About page, Services page, and Contact page Setup (content created by you.)
  • Navigation, your logo and color palette
  • Security setup and configuration
  • Anti comment spam protection
  • SEO plugin setup,  and sitemap
  • Contact form setup and configuration
  • Make it work properly on mobile devices
  • 3 social media profiles and email campaign setup
  • My ongoing support!

Plus! 1-on1 Coaching – 1 whole month of 1-on-1 coaching services to help you learn and apply some new and powerful marketing skills to your new website and blog!

 Get A Pro Website And Blog Today.

No matter what your business, brand, or opportunity is, you need a well-branded website today.

You also need a complete web presence, and when it comes to many web design services, their attention is usually only on the website and blog itself, here, I help you create everything from the website to the social media brand, and through to your very own email marketing message.

Get started today, it’s time you have a full web presence and the know-how to manage and scale it. Email me now for more info at:

God bless, and talk with you soon.