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Making Your Internet Marketing Plans For The Fall? – Try Some Of These Tips And Strategies…

Making Your Internet Marketing Plans For The Fall? – Try Some Of These Tips And Strategies…

Making Your Internet Marketing Plans For The Fall? – Try Some Of These Tips And Strategies…

So, are you making your internet marketing plans for the fall too? Well, same here, and I have a few tips and strategies that might help you out along the way this autumn.

Seasonal marketing is a good thing. As a matter of fact, sticking with certain themes seasonally speaking can truly create a more up-to-date feel of your content and marketing efforts.

It can also, as you’ll see, help to build a better, more personable and quality brand as you move forward here. So, with that off the wall introduction, let’s get into some simple fall marketing tips for us online entrepreneurs…

Internet Marketing Plans For Fall.

Personally, I am not a summer guy, and I never will be this side of heaven. I think it is the colors that catch me in the fall, huh, “catch me in the fall,” sounds like a great tagline for something! (Oh, and yes, I like winter too!)

Fall is just around the corner. This is a time to watch our kids head out the door trampling through fallen leaves of every color on their way to school. It is a time when the days are still a bit warm, but the nights so cold they lead to those beautiful foggy mornings I know you secretly love.

fall pictures.

And this is a time to take advantage of those quieter hours when the kids are out of the house, especially if you have the weekday “off days” from the day job, and are currently building a business of your own online, building freedom to be exact.

Coffee in hand, a little pumpkin spice flavor mixed in and you are ready to start your hour of marketing for the day before you head out to rake leaves.

Picturesque right? Well, I am not the most vivid writer or blogger in the world, but I will tell you this, that is exactly what it is like, expect for we homeschool!

So, now that you have this awesome daydream in your head let’s look at some tips and strategies for your fall marketing efforts here online, and let’s start practicing them as well…

Pictures Of Autumn Are Perfect.

I know that most “marketers” and “bloggers” never truly jump into that “seasonal” internet marketing mindset, but that is their fault for losing out on some great content ideas and strategies that can help you build that list and convert it.

Most marketers and online entrepreneurs only spend a little time on holidays, but not you and I, we use what we love about creation and the seasons to build our brands with and upon as well.

We share what we love, and usually, we share it through one of the best eye-catching content marketing strategies hands down, we capture them through pictures.

Want to capture my attention real fast on social media with your content or advertising campaign? Well, I suggest you use great imagery!

Sorry professional copywriter(s), but the first thing that catches my eye, and most of the people I know of whom I did ask, it is awesome imagery that stops us in our tracks.

From the colorful and brilliant fall leaves to pathways, trails and roads covered in them, pictures of fall in your marketing should simply be starting today.

I know, you want to squeeze out that last bit of summer, well, you can personally, but as we move ahead with our internet marketing practices, it’s like Halloween in Wal-Mart in August with your pictures and other imagery!

And as we move into the seasons like fall, for instance, I think gradual images that speak to the change you see locally is a great idea, even as pics containing contextual memes on them.

See, in the end, this is all about personal branding, sharing your story, and your life, not just your products and services or opportunities all the time.

Trust me, this fall, let’s see the colors around you. Get out and take some real life pictures of your part of creation, and start sharing…

Video Works, Even In Autumn.

Personally, I love fall, and I love making videos for my blog posts, all of them if I can!

So, why not treat your video marketing here and there like your images? I mean seriously, don’t you have a great looking local park or hang out like that has all the colors of fall?

Not every video needs a whiteboard, editing or words that annoy the crud out of me popping up in the “right place at the right time.” (That is so funny).

Get a selfie stick, your smartphone that acts dumb sometimes, and start talking.

Don’t forget to get into a position or, if walking, make sure the best autumn colors can be seen most of the time. Composition in videos is as important as photography, just ask a videographer!

Change Up Colors?

For the most part, many of us have our branding and logo colors chosen, and switching might prove problematic. So, if this is you, ignore this part of the post and skip on ahead.

If however, you are a niche blogger and your website and blog can use a change without confusing your current readers and traffic, change ou the colors to match the season!

Why not use a little orange, deep red, purple or yellow as your link color? And why not use a seasonal header image on the front page (if you have one)?

Don’t be afraid to change colors from season to season or here and there, I know I dig it when I notice it.


Try Some Social Media Sharing, And Make It Fun!

Share it out. As a matter of fact, here is a simple little content and social media strategy for your autumn marketing efforts:

  1. Take 100 photos in September as the leaves change and fall.
  2. Load up 1-2 of those images through the rest of September through November. (If you run out, take more pics).
  3. Turn some into memes, and I mean add some quotes or short sayings to them.
  4. Post at least 1-2 videos each month on your website, blog and social media that is outdoors.
  5. Use some images as featured images on all blog posts for October and November.
  6. Rinse repeat each day and week until winter.

Simple, and I will tell you from experience, it is effective.

This is not about sharing your “proverbial story” we hear from professional, and non-professional marketers and so-called thought leaders today, this is about sharing your life, your community, and the story behind the brand and business visually!

Get Your (FALL) Autumn On.

I believe solid internet marketing skills are half business and sales copy, and the other half art and just all-around creativeness.

This is why using the seasonal approach can be not only fun for you and get you out of that hot, lazy summer attitude, but also lend to you and I learning to think and live outside the typical internet marketing box.

So, with all that said, start making you internet marketing plans for the fall, and make them fun!

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God Bless!

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