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How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE – Simple Solutions To Build More Readers Fast!

How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE – Simple Solutions To Build More Readers Fast!

How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE – Simple Solutions To Build More Readers Fast!

How to increase blog traffic for free, might sound like a lot of work involved up front, hey, it’s blogging! But actually, there are some very simple solutions to build more readers fast, and it will indeed cost you nothing!

I will assume that you have a blog, and I will believe that you are learning currently somewhere or here for that matter about how to blog effectively. However, you still see only a trickle of traffic here and there, and wondering where all that “magical” content marketing based traffic is hiding.

Here we will not only look at how to increase your blog’s traffic faster but also dispell of some of the hype still running amuck online about the effectiveness or, the ineffectiveness of blogging in general.

Increase Blog Traffic Free?

Blogging is, as I like to say;

“Blogging is part art, part business, and the rest you…”

This means that blogging, like many other of the most highly effective marketing strategies online, which are all content marketing based just so you know, takes some time to build traffic with, let alone convert it.

However, unlike many a crafter of cheap hacks and supposed lead generating software created by everyone on the Warrior Forum and sold by the likes of Frank Kern and group, content marketing does not take forever and a day to prove very efficient either.

To tell you the truth, many people believe that blogging, video marketing and so on are such complicated, time-consuming practices that they find any and every excuse to avoid them. In turn, they avoid success as well because of that misinformed decision and all-around laziness!

There are many ways to increase blog traffic, and most of the simplest, not easy just simple, are free. The only investment here is a little more time, that extra hour a week that most people will not afford, not that they can’t, they just won’t, but you can.

So, let’s look at these simple and highly effective strategies and best practices for boosting your blog traffic starting today.

Create The Evergreen Content.

I love and am a huge fan of evergreen content. It’s reliable, simple, and you can almost guarantee it is trustworthy information you’re about to get every single time.

The creator keeps updating it as needs, and they care enough to do so. That my friend, that spells out trust and authority and keeps new traffic coming, and older traffic devout fans of the business or brand.


“These days, you have the option of staying home, blogging in your underwear, and making a great income with a blog. I think I like the direction things are headed.”

Here are some cool insights and facts about evergreen content from HubSpot.Com:

  • High Search Engine Rankings: Because of the quality and timelessness of evergreen blog content, it will typically rank very well in search engines over time. This makes it critical for bloggers to make sure evergreen content is well-optimized with the keywords for which they’re trying to rank in search engines.
  • High Traffic: Because evergreen content typically achieves high ranking positions in search engines, it gets found more, which means it contributes a steady, continuous amount of traffic into your blog and website, even long after it was initially published.
  • Continues to Generate Leads: As a result of the constant traffic it generates, evergreen content that is optimized for lead generation also has a powerful capacity to generate leads over time continually. The HubSpot Inbound Marketing blog, for example, which has published nearly 3,000 articles to date, can credit a lot of the day-to-day leads it generates to articles that were published months and even years ago.

Even Myself on this blog, I have many older posts still driving traffic from 3-4 years ago today because the topic matter is evergreen (relevant today) in nature.

As I said, I love evergreen content, and this kind of content not only builds better more quality links for SEO, but it is usually engaged with more often, converts better than short term topics much of the time, and it can drive more traffic faster as it is in-depth content that truly answers current needs and wants of people.

In the end, evergreen content may take more time to create, but by no means does that mean that it will drive less traffic, actually, just the opposite, and for a longer period.

Want quality traffic fast? Then bet on evergreen content, it works, trust me…, and trust the other experts at HubSpot!

Video Blog Content.

I like podcasts, and I listen to some here and there, like the Problogger podcast with Darren Rowse (one of my favorites). But the video, which is about as important to me as my blog itself, and if you know me even a little bit, you know I love blogging.

And when you marry these two platforms together you get this:

  • Content from your blog on the major search engines like Google
  • You get a video on YouTube on the second largest search engine
  • You get links leading back to the blog post, great SEO there!
  • You get personalized blog content via video embedded on the blog post to increase conversion rates
  • And lastly, you get the perfect combination for build faster blog traffic through a perfect multimedia approach

Call me crazy, but do not call me some “internet marketing guru” here, this should be and is common sense best marketing practices, period.

As far as blog content that drives faster traffic, I do not think anything, including evergreen content that works quicker than a video on YouTube that simply speaks to the blog post itself. As a matter of fact, 42% of the videos on my YouTube channel that are viewed are viewed on my blog posts.

Video embedded on a blog post is like peanut butter is to jelly, it just works better together.

35 days

And yes, video marketing is free!

The Podcast & Blog Posts.

I listen to a few choice podcasts myself, but only two of the 3 are internet marketing or online business related, the other is all about Bigfoot! Ha! But, hey, if Bigfoot is your niche’, then I am your target market!

But let’s “talk” podcasts and your blogging efforts for a minute.

I am a fan of podcasts, to a point. Preferably I like my educational stuff online to be text based and or, delivered via video. However, a good podcast like Darren’s here about blogging is great, informative, and he is a natural at it.

Podcasts can be a free way to grow your blog readership and your email list too. Yes, not everyone goes to iTunes and everywhere else. However, it is recommended that you do pay to play Like the Clinton Foundation when it comes to your blog’s podcast episodes. This will help to drive even more traffic.

But, shared via social media and to your current list where many will most likely share it as well, podcasting is a great way to drive more free blog traffic and at the same time, offer up choices of how people consume content within your blog.

So, if you are nervous about making videos, try podcasting on for size first!

Sharing Is Caring On Social Media.

One of my most favorite ways to get fast traffic and new eyeballs to my latest blog posts, and blog for that matter, is via social media. But, I am not just talking about sharing to a business or fan page, I am talking something better, and much more effective.

Groups and communities!

I will post this blog post itself to 3-4 groups on Facebook today, and then again to 3-4 different group on Friday. Same goes on Google Plus and it’s communities, but let’s just look at Facebook for now.

Of course sharing other people’s content is also good, especially when you are sincere about it, but for now, we are just talking about your content…


“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.” N. Patel

Facebook groups work for generating fast traffic to your blog by simply sharing the link on a post within each group you share too.

See, as we move into a more and more social web, content shared or even created within social media channels is and will become more important over time. This includes your typical Facebook profiles, Instagram and the likes of SnapChat and YouTube.

From blog posts to video and even podcasts, sharing your blog posts and other content of value via social media is what needs to happen for every business type and model today.

Be Consistent.

Blogging on a regular basis can not only increase your search engine optimization efforts, but it can also help your visibility in other ways, like people seeing you as a reliable and up to date sourse of great value!

One of the biggest reasons for failure online with any business or individual behind it is simple; lack of value added content.

From blogging to video and beyond, a great stream of reliable, authentic, and trustworthy blog content is truly a part of the successful foundation for traffic driving on any meaningful scale today.

Blogs are still the best for driving and converting traffic, especially when accompanied by great imagery, video, or podcasts for that matter.

Blogging regularly, being consistent with value added content is the key to success here, and a big part of how to drive more blog traffic starting today!

Target The Right Audience.

Keywords still work, and keyword research is still an extremely valuable best practice today. See, without a little “search engine optimization” (SEO) and targeting the right audience, it will take a lot longer to build any traffic to your blog, period.

Targeting your audience using good keyword research and simply listening to your community works best for creating the kind of topical content that not only creates visibility, but it also helps to convert.

We hear a lot about persona targeting, your target market, marketing persona’s, and so on. Every marketer, brand specialist and content marketer or SEO specialist speak about this strategy constantly.

And rightfully so, targeting your audience helps to define not only your preferred customer or client but, at the same time, helps to define your blogging efforts. This way, in the end, you are spending more quality time creating blog content that targets quality traffic (personas).

However, do not spend all week or all day trying to “find” the right keywords, you should never care about competition as much as you should simply creating the answer to the query in the first place!

More people spend wasted time wondering around creating lists upon lists of keywords than they do just simply doing the one thing we need out here, and that is just answering the question we have.

To tell you a truth, and a very important keyword research hack is to simply listen closely to your industry and community when it comes to keywords, you and I have the best questions, the only questions actually, Google Keyword Planner does not contain questions, it only holds the words we use with a question.

By the way, just because Google Keyword Planner has those words does not mean it cornered the market on the context of how they are asked, and how people want that question answered.

Increasing Blog Traffic Is About Readers.

Yes, these practices above can truly drive some pretty fast blog traffic, but here is another fact, no matter what you plan for here, plan for creating the type of blog content that speaks and connects to readers, the kind that keeps them coming back for more.

Take your time to build a blog that matters, but make no mistake about it, using the above strategies can help to increase blog traffic for free…, and free is great!

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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