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An online business for the lifestyle entrepreneur today is about building an income around your lifestyle & passion in life...

How to start your online business.

So, how do you start your online business and lifestyle here, and start it the right way, the first time? Here I will answer that extremely popular question and set you on the path using the right tools and best practices to do so.

First off, we need to define what a lifestyle entrepreneur and online business is, and it is as follows;

“This idea of ‘lifestyle entrepreneurship’ goes far beyond the scammy Facebook ads that promise the “laptop lifestyle.” In it’s simplest form, online lifestyle business means you create something that supports the kind of lifestyle you want to live.”

I like that, it pretty much sums up what it is we are and what we seek here as lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Not only is this a simple life that we are seeking, simplicity is the basis of everything you will do as you build your successful lifestyle business.

Given some basic but best marketing and branding practices, as well as practicing some patience, building your own highly successful lifestyle and online business from anywhere is really a simple path to walk, and a simple future to achieve.

Remember; it’s not about how fast or the dollar amount you earn here, it is about building a business and income around your lifestyle, not the other way around, that is called a job, and a job is not what a lifestyle business is.

Working a good job is great, but creating a lifestyle business and income is better!

I mean seriously, aren’t you tired of these things that come with the 9-5 life?

  • the meetings
  • the forced relationships with people you wouldn’t otherwise be caught in the same room with
  • the office politics
  • being told when you can go to lunch
  • watching people get promoted who are less capable than you
  • having your behavior scrutinized every day by HR to make sure you’re not violating some PC rule in the 600-page company handbook
  • worrying that something you say is going to get misconstrued and turned into a complaint
  • spending all that time getting up, getting ready, fighting traffic and feeling like a rat on a treadmill
  • being away from your friends and/or family
  • sitting at work and wishing you were woodworking or making crafts of shooting photos or at the beach or reading a book
  • dealing with the petty people at work who think you need to know all about their love lives
  • getting paid about 10% of what you could earn if you did the exact same work directly for the customer

Here are some of the most common examples of thriving online lifestyle businesses today.

  • Professional niche blogging. This is most probably the quintessential lifestyle business. Many bloggers now make their living through blogging.
  • Master affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing still takes a personal approach to your content and paid reach. Here I can help you grow that multiple 5-6-7-figure master affiliate marketing incomes.
  • Novelists, authors, journalists… These writers prefer to take the freelance route instead of getting employment in established organizations or companies. They travel, go places, experience things and write about them. Or, they (you) just want to write!
  • Network marketing. Network marketing still rocks as a lifestyle business today, period. Next, to personal brand businesses, this one platform can create a passive and residual income.
  • E-commerce online stores. E-commerce also falls under the lifestyle business category if they meet the definition of one.
  • Personal brands. Photographers, videographers, YouTubers, podcasters, and the list goes on to those who create and wants to sell their own goods, personal brand websites and platforms can grow a highly successful lifestyle business income today.
  • Coaching, mentoring OR, consultant. Services of consultants are sought after these days, ranging from matters regarding finance, law, technology, health, travel, real estate, and more. Life coach, business coach, if you have the mind and knowledge to help others, then a simple and wonderful lifestyle business awaits you through your own private coaching, mentoring or, consulting services.

I know I was… So let’s look at how to start building your lifestyle business, and one that will last.

Step 1. Define your goals today.

No matter where you are going, no matter what road you are traveling as an entrepreneur, you have a goal in mind. As a matter of fact, you have goals plural if you are a smarter lifestyle entrepreneur.

At first, your goals are to find what it is you want to build your business around, and how you will build it. But, before you start there, I think defining and looking at the bigger picture is actually a better way to start.

And being in your position at one time, I would start with these:

Financial Freedom:

What is your end means when it comes to the actual “means” (income) you need to quit the day job or career. Of course, like any business out here, the income or money is what we are looking to earn, it will be the basic measure of our success.

However, the amount of income will be dependent upon you, and what you feel comfortable with. Yes, every one of us wants to be rich, and that is fine. But, if you really get down to the serious nitty-gritty of the question about what it would take to be happy, the answer is always the same; “I want to make enough to free myself from my current position in life.”

Ask yourself this question right now; “how much do you need to earn to live the simple lifestyle you want?

There is your first major goal to put at the top of your list today.

Time Freedom:

I don’t mind putting in a lot more time today, for a lot more free time later. The problem is, most entrepreneurs online, or offline, usually end up working just as much, and just as hard for themselves as they did at their last job, and it continues today.

That is not a lifestyle business. That is when you trade one job for another. I have fallen into that trap before, and it was created by me, and it was me who had to cure that problem.

The income level you decide you need may grow into a lot more than you expected, and it often does, but the time freedom may not, and that is why you are here in the first place right? Right.

As I said above; “this is about creating an income around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Time, I would trade all the money in the world for more of it is what most people say on that last day.

Location Freedom:

Where do you want to live? Seriously, where in the world or in your town or city would you rather live given the income and freedom to do so?

This is a serious goal if you ask me. I picture myself in a mountain home in the Pacific Northwest, and you know what? Yep, I got it!

Setting a simple but future goal like this will help you determine what kind of income you’ll need, and the time you’ll want to spend doing the things that you love wherever in the world you want to live!

Goal setting should be the first place to start, and I suggest you start with the end in mind, basically, where do you want to be with your lifestyle business in a particular bit of time.

Step 2. Identify your passion and niche.

Some get sucked into the hype of “scammy” business opportunities online today, actually, it’s a lot of people to tell you the truth. Many are in the form of “watch 10 ads a day” or, they are simply dead end programs about making massive sums of income via social media.

Instead of following the fray into the mess and confusion, a great lifestyle business built upon your own passion, interests, or, hobbies is usually the best answer to success.

From great leaders to great coaches and mentors, all started with a passion and built it from there.

And no, there is no such thing (hardly) as a niche with low or no competition, that is a complete myth and fabrication people try to sell you to get you on their email list.

You will always have competition, period.

But, you can stand out in your niche and market as a lifestyle business owner and brand, and actually, that is rather easy.

Step 3. Find a problem or need.

Finding a niche is as simple as finding a need or problem to solve, and creating a product, service, or affiliating with those that have those answers for your audience and promoting it.

It does not matter if you are an author, niche blogger, master affiliate, provide some kind of service or, you are wanting to create some awesome brand through Instagram or YouTube, to get the attention you need, you need an answer to a need, a problem, and even, a desire someone might have.

Step 4. Decide on the business you will start.

The business and monetization of this lifestyle business stick will now be the problem to solve.

Can your business be automated? Can you create a more passive income or residual, or both?

How you decide to monetize your business will help you define the business you have, and the products and or, services, you’ll want to promote and sell.

Here are some basic business or income generating platforms online:

  • Your own product (clothing, apps, books, ect…)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Network marketing (products or services)
  • Coaching service (life coaching, blog coaching, ect…)

Step 5. Set it up.

Set up is the time-consuming part of the whole lifestyle business. It is also the most confusing for most people I hear from to tell you the truth.

Where to begin? What platforms to use? What social media is best? What blogging platform should I use? What about video versus podcast? There are many more questions that you’ll have, but here are some of those answers.

The basics.

Domain Name & Hosting: You’ll need a domain name and hosting, and I prefer Hostgator, but there are other good enough providers. This particular company just so happens to have great customer service and a great product period.

Whether it is your own name, or a personal branded name, your brand itself will be defined by whichever you choose. You can learn more about that here.

Blog: You need a blog, even if you are not a “travel blogger” here. Blogs are still, next to video, the best way in which to grow a massive following and email list for your new lifestyle business.

Of course, how much you rely on your blog will differ, not every lifestyle business rely on the same things thing most. Basically, some will rely heavily on video versus podcast, or Instagram instead of Facebook. But, everyone needs a blog, they just do not need to rely on it as much. Learn more about that here.

Social Media: Social media, like a blog, is a must. And like a blog, which platforms you will need the most and how much you will rely on them will differ.

However, there is a difference here, you only need one blog, but you will need at least 3 social media channels. Why? Well, it is playing your bets safe, not everyone likes Facebook as much as they like Instagram, like me! Learn more about that here.

Video Or Podcast, Or Both: Like social media and a blog, the reason I bring these two things up is that you need them. Seriously, I don’t care if you are a clothing designer on Instagram, sharing some cool news, tips, and overall message via video or podcast is a must for your brands reach and influence today.

Yeah, some can get away without either of them, but you are new here, so take it seriously, and choose one. Learn more about that here.

Content Marketing & Paid Advertising: A simple approach to free content marketing best practices and paid reach is a must today. Personally, I’ve learned that while you can get a better, more quality subscriber through content marketing, it still takes some paid reach to get your offers in front of their eyes today.

Via social media, paid advertising is a must today for the lifestyle entrepreneur. And, when it comes to the free methods of growing your list and brand, well, nothing generates a better list today than great content. Learn more about that here.

List Building & Sales Funnels: I know that many a lifestyle entrepreneur and business owner may want to believe they are, and their brand is unique, and to a point it is. However, it is you who are the unique part, your products, services, opportunities or, whatever you are promoting are usually not.

This means you’ll need to build a list using the right software for you and your business needs, not what some guru or master affiliate tells you to use. Sales funnels consist of software for creating sales and landing pages, whereas, email marketing software is for housing and controlling your list. Learn more about that here.

Step 6. The Social Connection

Blogs are the largest social media platforms today, surprise! But, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others like Pinterest or Twitter, are a must to consider today when it comes to building a lifestyle business and brand.

My own personal view is to pick 2-3 social platforms to build your brand on. YouTube and or, a good podcast, is a must, like a blog. Of course, while you will focus more on one of these social media channels than the others, you’ll still need a coupl or more to share with.

As a matter of fact, you’ll find many lifestyle entrepreneurs today started with a platform like Instagram and YouTube before they moved to using a blog or branded website.

In the end, however, using the right strategies within social media can truly build a lasting and powerful lifestyle business and brand today. Learn more about that here.

Step 7. Get going, and get it done

Nothing spells out success for those who have achieved it than the fact they actually woke up and got to work each and every day.

No, you’ll most likely not have to work every day, eventually, but you will need to at first, and therein lies the biggest hurdle, what to do, where to start, and how to build your lifestyle business.

Hopefully this “how to” here has helped to at least unscramble your brain about what you will need to start with and where but, also help you get your heart ready for commitment and follow through with the lifestyle business and entrepreneurial life you can build starting today.

And, here are three awesome tips to help you along the way, just so you know them;

  • Create and produce quality content. This is, after all, the main work of a lifestyle business, to create the kind of content that promotes a brand. You have to create content that will address or solve the problems that you have identified earlier or the services that do.
  • Stay connected. This applies to your audience or your marketplace. Through staying connected with them via social media and email, you will be able to keep yourself updated on the products and services that they want to buy, and the problems that they will be having that you might have a solution for.
  • Stick to your brand message. This matters as much as the other two, if not more. Having a clear and relevant message for your brand is the foundation to any great lifestyle business and entrepreneur today.

At the end of the day or path that is, it comes down to the effort, and follow through if you will.

Talk with you soon, and you can learn more here about building, branding, and growing your lifestyle business from anywhere.

Here is your online business coaching.

What will the lifestyle and online business coaching consist of? Well, for starters you can expect to get and learn the following;

The Set Up:

  • Full WordPress or Shopify e-commerce installation (plus  product pages if necessary)
  • Full theme installation and configuration
  • Homepage theme setup with your own content
  • About page, Services page, and Contact page Setup (content created by you.)
  • Navigation, your logo and color palette
  • Security setup and configuration
  • Anti comment spam protection
  • SEO plugin setup,  and sitemap
  • Contact form setup and configuration
  • Payment gateway setup (if needed)
  • Creative logo designs (extra charge depending on extent of logo needs)
  • Make it work properly on mobile devices
  • 3 social media profiles and email campaign set up
  • My ongoing support!


  • Understanding of what works, and what doesn’t
  • Learning how to identify opportunities and pitfalls
  • Validating ideas together
  • Understanding the lifestyle and type of business that actually fits your personality and situation
  • Learning how to identify and fix problems yourself in the future
  • Internet Marketing Basics
  • Learning how not to give up, even when it gets difficult or boring
  • Encouragement, support, and accountability

How you’ll feel about the coaching:

  • Motivated to work on your business
  • Optimistic and positive about your future
  • Focused on what really matters
  • Powerful and well-equipped to run any business in the future
  • Free from negative or limiting beliefs about yourself, your abilities and making money from home
  • Inspired and motivated to take action

Get the coaching today, and make a difference for your future starting tomorrow.

Thank you, and God Bless.