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How To Start A Niche Blog And Why You Should Start Today…

How To Start A Niche Blog And Why You Should Start Today…

How To Start A Niche Blog And Why You Should Start Today…

How to start a niche blog is a whole lot easier than figuring out why you should start one today. Yeah, money has a lot to do with our motives, but that is usually the wrong motive, just ask any successful niche blogger out here.

But, before we get into any of the technical aspects of starting a niche blog, let’s look at what truly matters when starting one today, and what many, many successful bloggers shares here online.

Oh, and just so you know, this list of reasons why you should and how you should start a niche blog today will come with some pretty cool references…

Why you should start a niche blog today.

Let’s for a moment take out the money part of the motivation for starting a niche blog, just for now. I think we need to focus on the other “why” behind starting such a venture, even if it is a business venture.

Starting a niche blog today is rather exciting, and the competition level is still minimal at best.

I know, you are going to tell me there are nearly 152 million blogs out here! I know this. But here is a fact you may not know; most of those blogs are for corporate businesses, local businesses, or are for the most part, simply journals.

Niche blogging is still in its infancy. What a niche blog is is enough to prove that point, a niche blog is in fact;

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market. Niche blogs may appeal to “geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any other particular group of people or, special interest.

This is a blog not just about music, but a more niche-specific blog about 1950’s Jazz music to be exact! (That is an example)


This alone is a huge part of why these types of blogs are so successful today, heck, I’ve done it myself!

But getting niche is not all it takes to build a successful blogging income and lifestyle, there are other reasons that make this platform work so well, like the following.

Why should you start a niche blog today? Well, because you want to, you want to see how far you can go with it, how successful it could be. If you ask me, there is no better reason why to start a niche blog today.

Niche blogs keep you focused.

Focus, focus, focus, it is something I wrote about on Blogging From Paradise once that was a pretty big hit with Ryan and his readers.

Focus, it is the one thing a niche blog automatically gives you, and I, because of what it is, a blog about a specific idea or topic all focused on a particular group of people or readers.

And the one reason for failure with any business online, blog or not is usually due to either a lack of internet marketing knowledge or, lack of focus with marketing efforts, or, both.

Between all the talk of how to grow a blog, and the software you just “have to have today” to properly grow a niche blog and make money with it, well, no wonder people get unfocused, and let’s not mention fed up and disgusted with the whole “internet marketing” and “blogging” industry.

There are many, many bright and shiny objects out here, especially today. Here is the deal, get a blog, get a few social media connections to it, get a YouTube Channel, and get yourself an email marketing system and ale funnel set up.

Now you are good to go and can focus on creating valuable content! Ha!

Niche blogs are easier to monetize.

Okay, let’s get to the money side of things for a moment.

In reality, I had mine monetized in minutes, and so can you. Even today, I have the blog and the other channels monetized. But for now let us just stick to your monetization.

One of my favorite blogs for learning to blog is over at Copyblogger, and someone there, I can’t remember, but they came up with my favorite quote about blogging and niche blogging if you will, it goes something like this;

“These days, you have the option of staying home, blogging in your underwear, and making a great income with a blog. I think I like the direction things are headed.”

I love that, and the fact that monetizing a blog through simple platforms like Adsense, Amazon, and even a little personal product or service, well, monetizing a niche blog is as simple as finding an existing product or service to affiliate yourself with, or creating one yourself.


Niche blogs have a more focused audience.

What makes it easier to get traffic, make money, and grow on all of that? The audience, of course!

Niche blogs are focused on a specific subject, or topic, which means that the audience they receive is just as focused on the answers they seek about and for that topic or subject.

While I would like to go on and on like some, do with the answer to such a simple common sensed, and obvious fact, I won’t, I’ll let the others do that.

Simply put, a niche blog means targeted traffic, and targeted traffic for a niche blog means better and more qualified traffic that is a whole lot more receptive to what you have to offer, given the fact they can trust you first.

How to start a niche blog.

There are many, many tutorials and highly qualified people online like Darren Rowse or Ryan Biddulph who can teach you to start a niche blog, heck; even I have some great tips here.

But, I am sure we would all agree on these basics when it comes to starting a niche blog:

  • Find the right niche for you
  • Start with your domain name and hosting
  • Use WordPress
  • Set up the right social media channels that match your audience or readers
  • Create a simple sales funnel
  • Create a free offer that stands out
  • Follow the best blogging practices from the experts
  • Always be learning
  • Always be creating

Not too complicated actually, and as far as the basics of starting and continuing to grow a successful blog, this should be a pretty simple bullet point to follow.

Starting a niche blog will not be perfect at first either, even if you have a professional set up, it will still change from time to time as you, and your niche, grow.

Basic blog SEO.

Understanding basic blog SEO, or search engine optimization for each page of content is a must.

Understanding the difference between an H1 title tag and an H2, and where they go matters. Understanding how formatting effects your SEO, and why embedding a video from YouTube is better than embedding one loaded to your WP is works for you, not against you.

Load time, outbound links, inbound links, link building, optimizing images and on, and on, and on it can go, do you need to know it all, or just what matters if what matters exists in the first place.

I will tell you this, it does, “what matters most” does exist, you’ll never know everything about SEO, but you can know what matters most and effects you right now, and over time.


You can also know enough to be dangerous here right out of the gate, and I mean dangerous in a great way!

Blogging SEO is not hard to learn, optimization is a simple set of basic best practices you can learn in almost a day, and master by the end of a single week, given you try, of course.

Finding passion is where it’s at.

Today’s niche blogger, the successful niche blogger that is, finds that building a blog on something they are passionate about works better, and even faster.

Many people have tried, and still try, sharing content on and about subjects that they do not care much about, and most of the time, it ended up in failure or, lackluster when it came to the amount of success we were hoping for with it.

I can keep this basic practice short because, in the end, it usually has everything to do with the following…

Long term vs. trendy niche blogs.

I am an evergreen kind of guy, and marketer. What that means is that I like to fall personally on the side of building something to last, like my marriage, and a good business too. I know they can not be compared, except when it comes to building something that lasts, I think we can make that comparison here.

I get the “trendy” niche blog thing, who does not want to get in on something while the proverbial “iron is hot?” As a matter of fact, I’ve done it myself, and it worked wonderfully.

However, I still had the “evergreen” side of things built here first. It’s not like many people come in, strike at rich overnight, then walk away back to the day job.

Setting up a more long term niche blog is better for the beginner here. This particular niche blog will be built for a passive income that will last, not one that will be here today, and gone tomorrow.

Be a smarter online entrepreneur and blogger, build for tomorrow today, and when the opportunity for today strikes later, you’ll have the advantage of a knowledge base of blogging that will allow you all the success with trends for good.

Making money with this sucker!

Okay, fine! Back to the money making part of niche blogging.

There are many, many ways to skin that money making blog cat here. Here are just some of the most popular;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Network marketing (MLM)
  • Native advertising income
  • Paid content platform
  • Adsense
  • Your own unique product or service

Just a few, but the most common for sure.

Passive income? Residual income? Here today have to earn it again tomorrow income (ha!)? They are all different ways to earn income. However, not every platform or niche business and blog will give you that residual, passive, or here today gone tomorrow.

See, each platform you use is different when it comes to how you earn money with your niche blog.

Some believe that passive income and residual are one in the same, but nothing is further from the truth! They are night and day when it comes to how we are earning that income.

Can you mix a passive income with a more residual? Yes, and you can even throw in some of the “here today, and gone tomorrow” if you wish.

However, if you are new to niche blogging and online business ownership, try a little affiliate marketing income with just one other platform, for now, try not to get too carried away at first, you may come off money-hungry looking, and that is not a good thing here.

Your niche blog has a future here…

Competitive niche blog topic or not, your future of success through a niche blog will be based on your willingness to see it through.

They say Rome was not built in a day, but it did not take long to tear it down from the inside. Usually, and this is something I’ve seen personally over the years, people will tear things down just before that moment that success should have, and could have been.

Before you get started, know this; “it will take time here to build a successful, money-making niche blog, no matter what someone else is telling you.”

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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