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How To Narrow Down An Affiliate Marketing Niche, And With One Colorful Example!

How To Narrow Down An Affiliate Marketing Niche, And With One Colorful Example!

How To Narrow Down An Affiliate Marketing Niche, And With One Colorful Example!

I still think and believe that you should have at least some interest or passion behind it to be truly successful, but here is how to narrow down an affiliate marketing niche, and with a seriously colorful example that we can use to drive the point home.

Choosing an affiliate marketing niche is difficult, seriously. In a world online that has created a place where no spammy, weak, and pointless short memes on a web page matter, but creating value is part of building a successful money making web presence and online business today, you better choose wisely.

It takes work here, but if you follow through, success is simple with niche affiliate marketing, period. So, let’s look at how to narrow down and choose the right niche online business for you! Oh, and keep you mind out of the gutter, trust me, you’ll get it down below…

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Your Affiliate Marketing Niche.

I have three niches online, and each of them I love to write about, make videos about, talk about, and share. Of course, I think you ought to start with one affiliate marketing niche first, but what I am saying here is this;

“Love what your business is about, it makes it easier to build.”

Yes, you can make money with any niche I believe, but when it is something close to your heart, or you are simply passionate about, it creates a lasting affiliate income because you will never get bored. Getting bored here brings about failure, remember that.

It is a lasting business we are looking for anyways, who wants to go back to that “job” 3 years from now when you lose that online income stream because of boredom?

And I will tell you this too, and you can take it to the proverbial bank, don’t build or continue your affiliate marketing niche out of desperation either, it is easy to spot desperation here, even by those not familiar with marketing strategies and tactics online.

When it comes to boredom, desperation, and even fear, these states of mind and spirit can be felt by your readers and viewers, make no mistake about it.

So, when the going get’s tough, it’s okay to get going harder, just don’t let them see you sweat too much.

Let’s look at how to narrow down that niche!

How To Narrow Down An Affiliate Marketing Niche.

Traffic. Buyer persona. Targeted traffic. Traffic volume. Search volume. The list goes on for words and phrases created by one marketer after another to describe your hopeful traffic and would-be customers and subscribers.

And when it comes down to nailing that perfect niche, there are only a few things I like to look at to base my go or no-go decision upon, and they are as follows:

  1. Am I going to be happy with this niche next year?
  2. Is there enough search traffic to monetize?
  3. Is it scalable over time?
  4. Is there more than just affiliate opportunities than Amazon?

These are all the basics I need to know to start an online niche affiliate business. Now let’s look at them separately.

I think I covered the “passionate” part above, so we will skip that, plus, I wanted this to be a simple blog post with a video that explained it all. So let’s dive into the traffic part of this important equation.

Adult Coloring Books.

Like I said above, get your mind out of the gutter! Ha! We are going to seek the other two questions above using the adult coloring fad and niche that is growing rapidly at this moment.

So, here is the second question again from our very short and to the point list;

“Is there enough traffic to monetize?”

As far as I am concerned, depending on the average cost of a product, 300 or more for high-end products is a great number. For mid-sized products, I would try to get close to a thousand. For low-cost products, well, you get the picture here.

As a matter of fact here is a picture of the search traffic and monthly volume for “adult coloring books” from GKP.


Notice anything awesome! Of course!

Okay, if you can’t see it on mobile, here is the basic breakdown.

High competition for “adult color books” but, for “coloring books for adults” it is low, very low in fact.

The search volume for the latter is 10k – 100k monthly.

And, so that you know, the search volume for “adult coloring” is also 10K- 100K with low competition too!

Fascinating, and yes, you could monetize the crud out of this. And if you noticed, the overall ideas for searches within this niche are over 1 million, this means with a great blog and other content marketing strategies, you could build a serious little affiliate income with this topic and niche.

Another place to look is Facebook. Now I am not going to dive into this too much here today, but check out “group pages” on FB about your niche. The things to look for here are simple:

  1. How many people are part of the groups on average.
  2. And, how often do people seem to post on these pages.

These two things will also give a positive answer to the sheer numbers of interest, and it’s current state of interest.

Next, can you build on it?

This is an important question, because eventually, you do, you’ll want to grow your business, it is just what us “entrepreneurs” do!

So, let’s look at the next question.

“Is it scalable over time?”

As an entrepreneur, I like to grow my businesses. Seriously, all three of mine online have grown, and one has gone into directions that seemed natural, but at the same time, I would have never dreamed they would grow that way, and that much.

Can you start a group page? Can you interview the color book artists? Is there the possibility of moving from adult coloring books to children’s coloring books over time without ruining your main topic?

Can you sell directly from your website? Should you sell from your website? Running ads on Facebook, Twitter, and even some Google Adwords PPC!

It is one thing to run a successful niche website and blog; it is another to run your niche businesses through it. This is why starting out with a scalable content management system like WordPress is so important, and keeping your social media marketing trim, yet effective.

Not too mention, your email marketing campaigns, every little thing needs to be scalable, period.


Now onto monetization!

“Is there more than just affiliate opportunities than Amazon?”

Yes, Amazon is fine at first, but seriously, there is more than one way to skin that proverbial affiliate niche marketing cat here!

When it comes to the artistry niche here with adult color books, other affiliate platforms can be a great, and more profitable platform than Amazon. Remember, you will only ever make 1-3% from Amazon, and up to 8% or more from other affiliate programs.

From Commission Junction to Share-A-Sale and on, you can even go directly to publishing companies that contain affiliate programs to monetize your colorful little niche here.

And for you, maybe you have a different niche, well guess what? Yep, the same rule applies, there is more to affiliate income than Amazon!

Take your time and look to more than just one platform for the monetization of your affiliate niche business, that’s like marketing only on Facebook. Relying on one system is dangerous, very dangerous.

A Little Extra (and colorful) Help.

If you are new to building or starting an affiliate niche business online, here are a few things you will need to build a successful affiliate niche  marketing business today.

They are:

  1. A WordPress website and blog. Without a blog you have no real web presence online. This is the center hub of where you will drive traffic too, and convert that same traffic.
  2. Social media pages. Yes, social media is important, especially when it comes to SEO, community building, and targeting new eyeballs.
  3. A simple sales funnel is a must today. The sales funnel complete with landing pages and follow up email marketing campaigns is what you’ll need to convert new readers into subscribers, and subscribers into customers.
  4. A basic understanding of internet marketing. Internet marketing today is basically content marketing and some paid marketing combined. Without a simple understanding and strategy, well, you’ll only find it more frustrating here.

There are no short cuts here. Yes, you can run ads on Facebook and use solo ads, but without the above-mentioned platforms, you’re simply an empty shell to people only here for their money.

“Making money online is simply put, solid internet marketing skills mixed with passion then applied.”

Nothing more, nothing less, that is how you find success with an affiliate marketing niche today.

The Color Of Affiliate Marketing Niche Success.

Success is good. Hard work get’s you there, not hand out. Building a successful affiliate marketing niche business will take time, even if you believe you are in a hot “new” niche everyone wants a piece of.

Whether you are into adult color books, kitchenware, or even something as simple as funky t-shirts of 80’s movies, affiliate niche marketing can be a fun and highly profitable business on the side, or, full time.

And just so you know, don’t worry iof yours is a  competitive affiliate marketing niche, stand out by the value you offer, and you will secure a better chance of success here.

Get going today!

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

About the Author


  • Matthew Kaboomis Loomis October 12, 2016 at 8:39 pm

    Hey David!

    I really like how you laid this out, Pretty encouraging and exciting indeed! The possibilities are pretty much endless when you start drilling down into niches. What fantastic opportunities the internet provides!

    Looking forward to talking about Big Foot this Friday, but some other time I’d love to talk with you a bit about a particular niche I’m looking at.

    Talk soon,


    • David Boozer Author October 12, 2016 at 10:33 pm

      Thank you for the comment Matthew! Greatly appreciate it… Personally, I love helping people with niche businesses and blogs online, it is always something new and fun! Finding a niche is never really about competition level as much as it is about your passion for it, and how you can bring value to it. Thanks again Matthew, and I am looking forward to that conversation Friday as well! If you have not yet you guy’s reading this, venture on through to Mr Loomis’ blog, you’ll love it as much as I do, I guarantee it!

  • Walter Pedersen October 14, 2016 at 1:37 am

    Hey Dave,

    What a fascinating concept for niche marketing, as Mathew explained narrowing down your niche Is a great Idea for a second income, the ideas are certainly endless In today’s high tech society of the internet.

    Keep on plugging these wonderful blogs Dave.

    Best, Walter.

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