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How To Make Your Internet Marketing Web Presence More Mobile Friendly, Finally!

How To Make Your Internet Marketing Web Presence More Mobile Friendly, Finally!

How To Make Your Internet Marketing Web Presence More Mobile Friendly, Finally!

How to make your internet marketing web presence online more mobile friendly, finally! I mean seriously, if you are not mobile friendly, well, you might as well start using the phones in the image above with a can of spray paint in hand.

As a matter of fact, there is only really one place, one platform online where most people find themselves losing out on mobile traffic the most, and that is their website and blog.

From bad formatting to horrible old software, themes and other junk they purchased on The Warrior Forum, fixing up and learning how to be more mobile friendly with your internet marketing web presence is simple, and here is how it’s done today.

Before We Get Mobile Friendly Here.

Today, content downloaded, uploaded and simply stuck in my brain happens via mobile most. Aas a matter of fact, over 60% of all things viewed online today or searched out, are done on, mobile devices.

Search engines are showing that the majority of searches are done via smartphone today, and tablets are right behind them.


Here are some cool facts about mobile usage today:

  • More People Access Internet From Their Phone Compared to PC
  • 40% Of Mobile Searches Have Local Intent
  • 70% Of Mobile Searches Lead To Action On Websites Within 1 Hour
  • 70% Of Consumers Delete Emails Immediately That Don’t Render Well On A Mobile Device
  • Over 95% of Emails Are Opened On One Device. Very Few Users Open Email on Mobile and Save For Desktop Later
  • 65% of Podcasts Are Listened To On A Smartphone
  • 51% of Global YouTube Views Are On A Mobile Device
  • 80% of Mobile Users Use Their Device While Watching TV
  • 90% of Shared Links to Blogs On Twitter Came From Mobile
  • 70% Of Consumers Found All Types Of Push Notifications, Including Order Updates and Location-Based Messages To Be Valuable
  • 74% Of Consumers Will Wait 5 Seconds On Average For A Web Page To Load On Their Mobile Device Before Abandoning The Site
  • Nearly 50% Of Consumers Say They Won’t Return To A Website If It Doesn’t Load Properly On Their Mobile Devices.

Now that is just insane. And what is worse, my wife told me to quit using “localization” when I am sharing pics to Facebook! (I laugh). It’s amazing how we do not even know where we at that we need Facebook to tell us! (Laughing louder now).

On a serious note, however, I can share my life’s day to day activities, my business and everything else, but only within my business website and blog will any “unfriendly” mobile junk happen.

So, let’s fix that problem…

Get A Multiple Mobile Device Friendly Website.

Personally, checking out my website and blog mobile friendliness here with Think With Google mobile-friendly test, I receive around 80% on desktop and tablet, yet my mobile friendliness is 99%! Awesome!

For those of you in the internet marketing coaching program here, I suggest you see for yourself why you and I use WordPress and a professional theme here; we have truly put together something extremely mobile friendly.

And while having an awesome, professional, and in some cases beautiful website and blog, that website and blog need to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Today desktop is still important, but mobile, that has surpassed it. And guess what else, yes, tablets. My mother has a tablet and continually has to ask me for my password to the WiFi in my home! Hahaha!

But it is true, young and old, people love the tablet, and even this mobile device takes up a large portion of that mobile-friendly usage pie. Personally, I own two tablets, two laptops, to desktops and a mobile phone. I read books on my tablet and test my new pages on both it and my phone when they are published.

I suggest you get a more “multiple” mobile device friendly, even if you have to look at your website on your friend’s tablet or phone!

Redo Content That Is Not Mobile Friendly.

Sometimes, after a website and blog redesign, something goes wrong. Well, maybe nothing breaks, but all of a sudden you look back and see that some of your featured images are out of whack, bullet points are running into images or, worse yet, your video is going off screen.

Well, this is that point in time where you will need to fix or, redo some of that content.

Whatever the problem is, it will take a little time to go through your blog and static pages, but I would start with your static pages first, then start moving through the blog posts. But, that’s just me, how you do it is how you choose to do it, either way. However, it needs to be done.

Create A Consistent Digital Experience Across Your Website.

Sometimes people (new online entrepreneurs) think that creating a “digital experience” across your website and web presence is all in the logo and color scheme. That is a huge mistake to believe, and I mean huge!

What I am saying is that creating a “digital experience” is not in just the color choice and logo, it comes ith the way in which we format our content and the kind of content formats we use.

Personally, as you can see these are some of the basic formats and practices I use to create a mobile friendly blog post or web page:

  • I use imagery that fits the different sections of my website properly, or use a tool that makes that happen
  • I use H2-H3 title tags to break up content
  • I use bullet points and numbered points where needs be
  • I use properly sized video within the blog posts and pages
  • I link to other pieces of interesting content, mine or not
  • My style of content formatting is consistent

95% of my blog posts contain video, and you’ll find those videos underneath the third paragraph 99% of the time. I use featured images, and push-imagery within the content as well. I break my intro between the third paragraph and the video, and at the end, I always add a call-to-action for you to share this content with those you know.

A consistent digital experience when it comes to mobile-friendly content just happens naturally once you get the hang of creating the content you need to create, and finding the voice behind it.

Always Have A Purpose.

Your content should always have a purpose, and that purpose should always be easily accessible and just as easily consumed via mobile devices.

No matter what that purpose is, however, keep it up, keep your internet marketing web presence mobile friendly, and never, ever quit…you’re almost there!

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