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How To Make Time To Write Blog Posts Each Week, And Actually Publish It!

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How to make time to write blog posts, and actually publish them, especially for beginners here sounds like a pretty simple thing to do. But, you would be surprised at how many do not, and why this leads to failure fast!

Making time to do anything is the difference between something done successfully or not. Heck, even if you did whatever it was and it did not turn out, well, successful, at least you gave it a try and learned a thing or two.

And guess what? Yep, that learning curve that you made time for will spell out success, even with a blog. So, here is how to make that time to blog, starting today…

Make time to write blog posts, now!

The biggest killer of any blogger, and any smart business out here wanting to use such a powerful lead generating platform, is the fact that it is either not used properly, or, worse yet, not used at all.

The main reason for this, of course, is the same old excuse that we have used countless times before in our lives, and that is; “I just do not have the time.”

Well, not only is this just an excuse, it is a poor one to be sure. As a matter of fact, you have the same amount of minutes and hours a day as anyone else who has become successful online through blogging or by using a blog.

“The big difference is how we spend our time.”

I have heard many people tell me they have no time, but then again, we are friends on Facebook, and with every update of the video game they are playing, or the day wasted at the bar, well, that is time not well spent if you ask me.

Listen, you only have to sacrifice a lot of time up front, but once that is done, it is only upkeep and the fun part of this blogging lifestyle after that, a few hours a week instead of a day.

Actually, creating blog posts for your blog does not take that long on average.

So, let’s look at the weekly “upkeep” part of this lifestyle. This is what a week looks like to the life of a blogger creating awesome traffic generating and converting blog content!


Today it is all about choosing a great title and 300 words. What I mean by the 300 is what you’ll do every day between Monday and Thursday, you’ll write 300 words.

But, let’s start with your blog post title.

Keywords, they matter all the way through your blog post, but not as much as they will here in your (H1) main title or, headline.

Some have asked me if I honestly do keyword research on every keyword phrase in the titles I create, and to be honest, NO, I do not. Reason being is one simple fact, I listen to my audience and get all the topic matter and words I need to use to go with from them, instead of some software.

You do not always need to rely on software to find topics, and create the kind of message that will resonate with people!

Monday, in the end, is all about topic and title, plus writing your first 300 words, get started now!


Yes, 300 more words today!

Today is a day to kill two proverbial birds with one stone, you’ll write your 3oo words today, and you will find a featured image.

What is a featured image in WordPress? Well, if you are editing a blog post right now, look to the right and down under where it says “tags,” yes, that is where you will load a featured image for your blog post.

Here are some simple rules for optimizing and adding an image:

  • Do not use typical images like the guy on the beach with the suitcase of money
  • Use your own images when and as often as you can
  • Make sure to title each image
  • Make sure when loading to featured image you add the ALT Text
  • Yes, you can add a description
  • Do not use an image that is not at least as wide in pixels as your blog post itself

Where do I find awesome images? Well, no only do I get them from the following sites, I am also a contributor to some of them myself!

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • StockSnap
  • BossFight

I love these sites, they are full of great FREE images that can really help you stand out and apart from your competition!

Now, get started!


Write 300 more words in the same post, again. Have you noticed how simple it is becoming? Writing blog posts is writing! It takes some time to get used to by most of us out here.

Personally, I do believe that some people have and come with gifts and talents, like singers, athletes, and writers. However, I also believe that all of those who do not or are not gifted naturally with these talents can be just as good at them with practice.

Nobody in my family was a skateboarder, but I was sponsored for two years and got myself in a couple magazines, some awards, and money. It was all short lived, but I accomplished it nonetheless because I kept at it, I kept mastering and bettering my craft.

You can master blogging, it is simply writing out what you need to say, about something someone else wants to know about.

Get started writing now!


Fun day! Yes, we are going to write 300 more words, but with that, we will also be putting in a couple outbound links and a couple inbound links within what we have already written.

Find the right keyword phrases and I want you to link to two sites offsite, out in the community here (other people’s blogs). Next, I want you to find two more phrases or a couple of words and link to your landing page, and one to another blog post of yours.

Next, yes, there is one more thing, I want you to use the best practices of the finding and loading an image above and do it again. This time, however, I want you to have that image separate the last two paragraphs you wrote today.

Like this, yeah, the image above.

Yes, you can create a taller one like the one further up the blog post, but for now, let’s keep it simple.

Get started now, write that 300 words, and get that image loaded and optimized. Hey! We are almost there!

Friday (time to publish).

Today you are going to make a short 3-5 minute video about the blog post! Nope, no writing today, simply put, you’re going to make a simple video to accompany the blog post.

Once that video is made, you will then load it to Youtube, optimize it properly (which you can learn here), and then embed it on the blog post itself.

Edit your blog post, and I mean read through it, make sure to correct what you need to correct, but do not spend all day on it. Once it reads nicely, your formatting looks good, the video is embedded, and links and images work, make sure to add in your SEO below.


Once your blog post is live, I suggest you promote it through social media pages, plus a few Facebook groups. If you already have an email list, broadcast it to them as well…

Bonus blog writing tips.

Of course, creating subtitles is great before you actually start writing the content itself. This will help you not only stay on topic but, also help you to stay focused and create the kind of content that truly helps people.

Share it out there, publishing is only one part of the equation here, once you write a blog post promotion will then come into play. You will need to share it out there in social media and any current list you may have.

Last but not least, you need to always make time to write blog posts each week, and this little plan above is perfect to get you building a successful blog, and business for that matter today.


Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

Hi I'am David Boozer

I am a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, online business & internet marketing coach who provides vital training for those looking to build, brand, and grow their lifestyle business online…the right way, the first time. I currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my lovely wife and five awesomely cool children. Oh, and Bigfoot lives in my backyard!

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