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How To Get Started With Instagram For Your New Online Business

How To Get Started With Instagram For Your New Online Business

How To Get Started With Instagram For Your New Online Business

I personally have come to love Instagram, so, I thought, why not show you, the new online business owner how to get started with Instagram and use it to grow your reach, influence, and your bottom line as myself and many others have? So, let’s do it!

Remember, I will show you how to take advantage of this awesome platform as well as setup, but know this, social media is meant for being social, especially Instagram. I think this is the problem with all social media today, it’s not so “social” anymore.

Let’s get started…

Get started with Instagram.

Not every business model or type will need to be here, but even if it is for personal use, Instagram is great! It is by, and far, the last bastion of a real social media platform online today. Trust me, Facebook is simply a data collection service and glorified Craiglist anymore, even though it is good for advertising.

And, of course, that is why you are here, to learn how to set up this awesome little monster of a tool for your business, and how to use it effectively.

Oh, one other mention, Facebook is the owner here, so your Facebook advertising campaigns will work here if you did not know already. Okay, that is enough, let’s get started with Instagram!

Click Here to connect with me on Instagram.

Profile setup.

Yes, that is my profile above, and it was started 1 year ago. Naturally, and I mean without begging people on Fiverr to give me followers for $5, I’ve built up my own reach, influence, and brand to some pretty cool numbers for an online business and marketing coach.

And, just so you know, I’ve helped people get way better numbers than that of my own, and I mean in both followers and income, to be honest. Yes, some of my own students today make more than I do, and that makes me happy!

But, we are not here to boast about those facts, we are here to build our Instagram.

Your profile setup is the first hurdle here, and one I have to say many people get wrong right off the bat.

The technical part, well, you only get 150 characters to work with when filling out your profile or, biographical information. If you notice, however, many successful people, brands, and lifestyle business owners make it work rather well. Personally speaking, I have two websites listed if you look closely enough, and some people do!

Your profile is the call-to-action of getting people to know, like, and trust you enough to follow you on Instagram, period. Yes, your content, the images, and memes or messages you share and tag properly will matter, but even I will look at your profile before I follow you.

Why? Well, it is not that I do not like clutter, but when it comes to the clutter of advertising and whatnot on my Instagram, well, it is the last bastion for sharing social stuff for me and many others, that’s why.

I do not mind adverts, but I do mind too many of them, and especially from the same person.

Keep it simple, be personable here, with Instagram you need not get overly complicated and selly-sell with your profile, just introduce yourself and leave a link.

As far as the image is concerned, use a selfie or the logo of your brand or business, it’s that simple.

Follow some folks.

Instagram, it is all about following people, and for more reasons than just your business end of the stick. But, since you are trying to grow your business reach we’ll dive into whom to follow, and whom not to follow.

First and foremost, DO NOT FOLLOW profiles that you are not either personally interested in or have nothing to really do with your niche. I know, some of the profiles you’ll follow have nothing to do with your niche, but what I’m saying is that you need a mixture of both!

Whom you follow on Instagram and what you re-post and share will reflect on you, not just your business. And, in a day and age where “personal branding” is at an all-time high of best internet marketing practices, you need some personality as part of your influence, so yes, follow the artsy-fartsy types that share images you actually love.


Click Here to get the Instagram Grids App.

I share between my niche, and simply what I love to stare at.

But, that is where you need to go next once your profile is up and ready, it’s time to follow some folks. You know, on another personal note, the best practice I have for following people is to choose three non-business profiles for every two business or niche related profiles I add.

Start posting.

Sometimes people follow me, and I would love to follow back but there is nothing to follow! How ridiculous is that?

Once you start following people, make sure to add a few images yourself, and share that of others as well. It is time to start posting and sharing images and content to go with them that build conversation and engagement.

Posting content should include not just images, but memes, blurbs, and of course, hashtags to be a part of a larger conversation to give you more reach and spread your influence even further, faster.

Posting content also means re-posting content of other creators on Instagram as well, thus my reason for the bonus below, and the image above with a link to the Grids App.

Either way, posting your own content and sharing others is what you need to do on a daily basis I suggest for a while. Oh, one other thing, to share links to blog posts and images I suggest Buffer for that.

Start commenting.

I comment at least twice a day and reshare at least 4-5 posts from others I follow each day. That simple practice in 10 months has given me the stats on the image above, seriously, that was all it took, a few minutes a day in the morning.

Commenting still captures eyeballs for you, and builds influence and opens your brand and business to others like you would not believe.

Commenting each day here and there on a post from someone on your Instagram feed is good practice, besides, there are some pretty cool things to comment on here anyways!

Start reposting.

Reposting is basically re-sharing like on Facebook a particular post from someone you follow.

I really do 4-5 each morning, and usually, to be real honest, that is the minimum I do in a span of 15 minutes I spend on Instagram in the mornings each and every day.

But, at the end of the day (morning actually for me), I repost like a madman every day, and it has helped them, and me.


Add to your blog (website).

If your theme does not have a widget for Instagram, download an app or plugin that allows for it, even if it is on the sidebar!

That image above with my fancy puke-green arrow in it is an image of what can be found at the bottom of this post and on every page of this website and blog. Not to mention you can >>>check out the sidebar near the bottom.

Hey, I love Facebook for marketing, but Instagram is so much cooler looking don’t you think? me too, obviously.

Adding an Instagram widget to your website and blog personalizes your business and brand, and that is worth its weight in gold today to be seen as more than just a product or service.

Extra: Get the Grids app.

That owl above in the picture is the Grids App I use, at that moment I was about to share that beautiful image of the owl from a profile I follow on Instagram.

As a matter of fact, @starwarslore, @sasthesquatch, @pnwonderland, @autumnwinter_love, @flyfishingnuts, @thegreatpnw, @thatpnwlife, and much more, about 710 to be exact I follow, and for good reason.

Not to mention again the fact that reposting, sharing and adding in great content via this amazing app has been the perfect answer to growing my own Instagram following.

Seriously, without it, well, I think it would have taken twice as long…

So, with that, get on Instagram and start sharing great content of both your business interests and your personal flavor too!


Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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