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How To Flip A Blog For Big Money – Selling Blogs For A Living Today…

How To Flip A Blog For Big Money – Selling Blogs For A Living Today…

How To Flip A Blog For Big Money – Selling Blogs For A Living Today…

How to flip a blog for big money, and then rinse repeat for a lifestyle business from the comfort of home. It can be done, and it is a great living that can be started today, literally.

I know, there are so many ways to make money online, trust me, I’ve seen most of them, and tried many. Some were easy to build and see massive success with, and some, well, failure is not only something quitters come to see, it is something successful people see as well, but we use as a springboard instead of wallowing in it.

Flipping blogs is one of those great little income-generating businesses that will not go out of style for the foreseeable future, and one that could, possibly, make you a six-figure income faster than any other money=making platform or opportunity online today, and here is the how and why…

Flip a blog for big money?

Flippa has killed it this year. But, this coming year, I think they will kill it even more because more and more people are going to be buying blogs to skip the initial stages of an online businesses life.

You see,  today’s statistics prove how valuable a blog is still, so I’ll save you that long, long list and simply tell you, YOU ARE ON A BLOG RIGHT NOW!

What I’ve noticed, especially in the last few years, is when you first start an online business a blog is a must, and it takes a little time to grow. Research, evergreen content, networking, branding, social media pages and profiles, email, and so on, it takes everything to grow a successful blog and business today.

While all of this seems time-consuming, and it is, it is also a fact that blogs and video rule the conversions online, even today. As a matter of fact, social media advertising is great, but it is not what it was even a year ago. Today, we want more, we desire content and blog content at that!

And while I could list the statist two years is that a lot of people (online entrepreneurs and lifestyle entrepreneurs) are skipping all this blog set-up phase and simply buying blogs that are already to go whether they are new or, well established. I watched recently as a four-month-old blog sold for $120,000!

This is not a bad strategy if you want to get straight into things and you have a few hundred dollars or thousand(s) to spare. There is, however, a LOT to consider before you buy a blog so please do not rush into it. If you’d like to learn more about how to set them up and flip them, well, let’s get to it…

“Coffee, a beautiful morning, and some blogging…what a ‘flippin’ life you can lead with such a simple business…”

Starting the blog.

There is more than just finding a niche and keywords that are low in the so-called competition, but high in search volume. To be honest, even with flipping blogs for big money you need some amount of passion for the work it takes to get started here.

It takes a little time here, heck, it could take between 4-6 months to build a blog worth six-figures, heck, five-figures for that matter. But, if you ask me and any other successful online entrepreneur and lifestyle business owner, company, or new business owner, well, getting a blog that is already going and up is great!

That is why this is such a lucrative business model because of the fact that all businesses online, okay, 95% of them here, need a blog. And you, well, you can bring it to them!


Is the hard to learn if you are a beginner? NO!

You do not need coding skills or to be some tech geek here, just look at this blog or this one that I run today successfully. You can also look at the testimonials here, either way, I learned to master how to build beautiful and highly functional websites and blogs with WordPress in just weeks, literally, and I had no online experience beforehand!

So, if you think creating some simple and yet beautiful traffic generating blogs is complicated, well, you can tell yourself that, but it is not even close to being true! You, yes you the beginner to everything online, even you can make this work given you try.

Let’s get to the building and flipping of a blog!

First things first.

#1 Finding your passion.

Yes, even starting out flipping and selling blogs you’ll need to start with a topic or subject you are interested in. Trust me, passion, even if it is just the feeling of being ‘somewhat interested‘ in your first blog set up, is extremely important, it will help you with the whole ‘follow through’ thing everyone thinks you’re incapable of.

You are building a blog, one that you are hoping to sell to someone in the not so distant future, like inside the next few months or weeks preferably. However, this niche blog and website can’t be lame, boring, and full of non-original content that we find so often out here.

Yes, you can talk about what others have said before, even over and over again, but this time, it is created by you making it original, and well said for that matter.

That is why passion matters because it’s personal, it means something to you, and that will spill over to the future owner of the blog. And, just so you know, that kind of blog sells better and for more money more often.

Besides, if you start finding yourself bored of the subject, or have very little interest other than making money off of it, you’ll find it harder to build. Just so you know.

#2 Is the niche deep enough?

Is there enough traffic or inquiry to the subject matter? Without enough people interested in the topic you might find no interest from anyone for buying said niche blog.

First and foremost, get your keyword research done. Good keyword and traffic research through some simple platforms I will share with you will help you determine if building a particular blog around a particular niche would be worth it for you, and potential buyers.

Here are my favorite tools to determine if there is enough viable traffic;

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Buzzsumo
  • Facebook Groups

These four platforms are enough to help you make the decision you need to make on and about a particular niche online today.

#3 Monetizing the blog.

While some might monetize before they even sell the blog, I would say you can and if it is best, you should. Nothing better says “a great money making blog” like a money making blog, right? Right!

How you monetize each blog, however, well, Adsense is a simple way to at least get something going that can help pay for the blog itself while you are building it. No guarantees, of course, but it is not unheard of.

The most important part of this step is simply knowing that it can be in fact monetized, and the best way it can truly make money for whomever eventually buys it.

You need to know this as it will be part of the sales copy you will use in the advert to sell the blog in the first place.

Tell people the many different ways it can be monetized, this will help them know that there is more than one way to skin the proverbial money-making fat cat with it!

#4 You do not need to be number one!

I am talking about ranking factors or, better known as SEO.

When it comes to ranking content, which we will dive into that a bit below, it is important when building a niche blog you want to flip. However, you do not have to have a blog and WordPress website as a whole number one for its keywords.

Some would say that for a blog or website to drive any traffic at all it needs to rank number one. While that can generate a good amount of traffic, it is the individual blog posts that matter most. Besides, social media and other content like video or podcast make up for a ton of traffic later.

As a matter of fact, knowing some of the best ways to drive traffic to the blog, besides written content will be to your advantage as y can offer some “coaching” or “help” with growing the niche blog as a part of the sale itself.

Teaching the person who invests in your blog how to grow it, well, you will get nothing but future word of mouth advertising from then on, and a ton of it hopefully.

Offer a little more and watch what comes back to you and your blog flipping business.

#5 Platforms and hosting accounts.

Keep it simple. Through the coaching and training sessions, I’ll teach you how to transfer files and or, simply turn over hosting accounts and other content platforms to the new owner(s).

But, for now, keep it simple and go with Hostgator for anything and everything you need. You can click here to get an account, and yes, that is my affiliate link!

I have trusted them for 10 years now, and they have never let me down yet.

WordPress, use WordPress as your niche blog content management system. It is easier to learn, and it is scalable over time. Besides, most businesses owners, small companies and lifestyle entrepreneurs looking to buy a niche blog come to learn fast that WordPress is what they need, so, in the end, they want a WordPress based blog and website.

Give it to them.

Building a blog that is worth its weight in gold.

So, here we are going to dive in a few of the major topics that surround the where and how to build a blog that is worth selling or, in fact, is worth it’s proverbial ‘weight in gold!

Of course, in the one-on-one coaching I offer, I’ll teach you even more, but from a 30,000-foot view, below is all you really need to know and do to get started today!

#1 Creating value-added blog content.

If you hate to write then this awesome money-making opportunity and platform is not for you. But, if you are like me and have either come to love blogging and writing, or you loved it even before you found this blog post, well, you’re in for a successful trip down the entrepreneur highway.

However, this is all dependent upon one thing, of everything on this page this one thing matters most of all, and that is creating value-added content!

Your blog content is not the only content you should consider creating either, but I’ll get to that in a moment. Blogging is why you are here, to build a blog that generates know, like and trust which is what converts best online.


Whether it is to convert into a list, money, or both at the same time, great value-added blog content is a must. Blogging, as I have said before is; “half art, half business.” This is a good quote I think you should live by when it comes to your blogging efforts. It is a business here, but it is also something creative.

There are other forms of content that matter as well, and how to use it to build traffic that you will consider, period.

Video, podcast, social media memes, and email marketing are a must I believe. I know, you are going to ask how to do a video or create a podcast if you are not going to keep the blog? Well, that is easy and we will get into it with the coaching.

But, for now, when it comes to content, think evergreen, think value-added content and you will succeed in creating the kind of niche blog that sells.

#2 Building that list.

It makes it a whole lot easier to sell a blog for good money if you have a list to go with it. And no, not just subscribers on YouTube, or Facebook for that matter. Actually, we are talking the best most responsive income-generating list, the email list.

Yes, it is not only possible to build a list that you will not keep, but I suggest you do to somewhat matter of fact with you.

They have said now for nearly ten years, the greats of the internet and online marketing world that is, that the “money is in the list.” And, just so you know, it is still true today.

To be totally honest, if given the choice between one or the other, I’d give up Facebook retargeting and advertising for my email list any day! No question about it really, email marketing still converts better.

But, what I am trying so obviously to say is this; “build a list as you go, period.” This can and most likely will increase your blog flipping income exponentially!

#3 Starting a Gmail account.

Create new accounts as often as possible. New Facebook profile to run pages from, and, of course, Gmail, get a new Gmail account.

Why? Well, it is good to be connected to Google with all accounts that pour into one website and blog, plus it is easier to sign it all over when it comes to selling the blog and everything that goes with it.

Some build niche blogs to flip, while some of us build a blog and web presence that people are sure to be more interested in.

Yes, we are all about flipping blogs, but in the end, it’s about building a blog and web presence that makes it easier on people, and easier is a great aspect of the service and product you are selling.

#4 Install analytics and pixel.

Install Facebook pixel, and start generating likes to the page, and retargeting traffic from the blog.

First, get Google analytics, it will make it easier to track your growing traffic, and how to better your content marketing efforts along the way. And, trust meet, go to Google Search Console and get set up there too!

Next, yes, your Facebook Pixel. In the training I have, I will actually help you set that up personally, and teach you Facebook advertising. But, for now, if you are doing this on your own, get all three of these tied into your WordPress website and blog, you’ll need it, and it is a great selling point!

#5 Get keyword focused.

Some basic SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge is a must, and understanding and knowing how to do some basic keyword research is a necessity as well. (I teach that in the course).

However, let’s take a look first at what is most important about keywords, and some basics of using them real quick.

Never stuff keywords, and I mean to repeat them over and over again constantly, that is bad.

Make sure to use them in the title of each post or page.

Use them in subtitle at least once.

Get semantic, you can see the definition here and use your common God-given sense with it.

Best places to do keyword research are simple, and few actually, especially for this particular business platform, you’ll not need all the bells and whistles just yet.

Here they are:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Facebook Groups
  • Buzzsumo

That is all you need for now. I think SimilaWeb.Com is fine too if you want to see where your possible competitors are being found, and under what terms or phrases.

#6 Get social media set up.

Last, but not least, after the website and blog are set up, you have your email and list building funnel ready to go, social media will need to be set up before you start to create content and launch your new niche blog (that you’ll sell for big bucks hopefully).

Keep it simple here, and for crying out loud! keep it smart!

You do not need to be on every social media platform. Actually, you only need to connect to 2-3 and pay close attention to only 1-2 of them when it comes to growth and engagement.

No matter what though, engagement is what matters most.

Selling your blog.

Ahh, selling the blog for cold-hard-cash!

This is what all that so-called hard work was for. Trust me, I chopped wood and stacked it on Saturdays for most of my young life and blogging and building blogs and websites to flip or sell is not what I consider “hard work.”

But, let’s get to the last tidbits about selling and flipping blogs.

#1 Start gathering data (statistics)

As you go along creating content, however you decide to create it or have it created for you, collect all the data!

Take snapshots and keep them in a file on your computer that gives your prospective buyer an idea of how the blog and website have grown and continues to grow.

This also includes email list statistics and social media insights.

Gether the data, keep the data, and be ready to share the data.

#2 How much to sell it for.

Deciding how much a blog is worth is simple, look at the potential of income, what the average seems to be of its competitors, and what other websites similar to yours have sold for on sites like FLippa or are currently up for auction.

But remember, any outlay you’ve had of money should be figured into the selling price.

When I list a price for a blog or website I always put it at slightly higher than what it is worth using the 12 x monthly revenue model. This has the effect of leading your buyers to believe that it is a quality site and getting them to dive deeper to see why it is priced so.

I can’t tell you how much to sell it for, however, but I can tell you multiple 5 figures or six-figures are not out of the question!

#3 Upsell with coaching and other goodies!

Make more money by selling and using affiliate products your new owner can actually use.

Affiliate products like list building software, email marketing software and any other tool that could be used for that particular niche should be offered.

Coaching, helping people to own that new niche blog and website like a boss can add to not only the value personally to the new owner, it can actually increase the monetary value as well.

#4 Sell on Flippa or Fiverr.

You can sell on Flippa and other blog and website flipping or selling platforms. Auctions are awesome when it comes to driving up the price real fast of a particular niche blog.

And do not forget Fiverr. I know, you are thinking that place is for logos, headers, and t-shirt designs. Well, actually, Fiverr is also a place for freelancing with just about any online business need as well!

I suggest you set up a profile and start selling!

#5 Use honest, but killer copy for the advert!

When you set up your profile on platforms like Flippa or Fiverr, or even Upwork you need good sales copy, and you need to be fully transparent.

In a day where the idiot politician talks about transparency yet never shows it, you have to, and you should.

Not every niche blog or website you create is equal and worth a ba-gillion dollars! But, some are worth it, and all are worth the transparency that your potential buyer is going to demand.

Use great copy, but be honest and upfront, this is why snapshots of traffic and tracking analytics are so important!

Flip a blog for big money, at last.

Yes, I have a class for this with some one-on-one time to help you grow it (you can contact me here and get the free videos now).

But, until you stop procrastinating and actually contact me, please get past the procrastination as fast as you can and start building a simple and exciting future online through flipping blogs and websites for big money today!


Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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