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How To Create The Perfect FREE Email Course Offer! – Thinking Inside The Box

How To Create The Perfect FREE Email Course Offer! – Thinking Inside The Box

How To Create The Perfect FREE Email Course Offer! – Thinking Inside The Box

I am becoming such a fan of the FREE email course offer that I am seriously moving to that myself here on DavidBoozer.Com. So, here is what I know about how to create the perfect free email course offer to convert new subscribers into customers and or, clients.

Email, it is the most powerful of the internet marketing channels when it comes to building authority, trust, and your bottom line. Without an email list, converting sales is a whole bunch harder here for every business, niche, or passion you are trying to build.

So let’s take a look at how to create a great email course offer to help you start growing the type of list that is full of raving fans.

Thinking Inside The Box.

I know, a great play on words about “thinking inside the box.” But, maybe we need to, maybe we need a little more focus on the inbox, I know I am. Recently subscribing to a few new bloggers and SEM specialists, I am falling for the email course offer they offer.

They are perfect. Short emails with links to the latest content, and we will get to the type of content in a moment, but they are the perfect little emails and calls to action to the next step.

Now I decided I would give this a whirl, after all, I know you like the free video library (as you who are currently subscribed have said) but, I also here that it is very, well, a bit overwhelming.

So with that being understood, I decided to create a simple email based course that teaches the basics for beginners to building a business online today.

Now, with this very long-winded introduction to the “how to get it done,” let’s get it done! Let’s learn to create the perfect email course!

And remember, this will take some time to create, hey, all great things do…

The Perfect FREE Email Course Offer.

The perfect free email course has 4 components:

  1. The emails
  2. The email template
  3. The content and video or audio
  4. Monetizing the free offer

Let’s break these down separately and how they will work together.

The Emails.

Copywriting is part of the equation here, part, but not all. I mention this because the title of the email needs to stand out and be recognizable to the person who recently subscribed to your new email course.

It is amazing how picky we are about who we give our email to, but at the end of a given year, we are doubly surprised about how many we did subscribe to! This is why this part requires good “sales” type of copy.

See, the title should reinforce the “why” and “importance” of the original opt-in in the first place. And they should flow, and by this I mean the subscriber should know that this is part of a series of emails they were expecting.

Like for instance a “10 part series” would read; “Hey Janet here is Part #7 of your tips about “how to juice for better health!

There are many ways to skin a cat with this one, but for example’s sake, that would work perfectly.

The content of the email I believe should be short to medium in length.

I see a lot of people still trying to give an email series strictly via email, and while that sounds like what you are supposed to do, it’s not. As a matter off act, long email content that is part of a series is wasted that way.

Instead, this type of content should be short or medium, to the point with a button or clickable link directly to a page that holds all the information and content on your website and blog. Basically, a static page with no follow and no index tags to it is where we want to bring them.

Personally, I truly believe that while the email box is the perfect place to build trust, you still need to take them away from the noise of email adverts and mommy’s latest diatribe she just sent.

Keep the content to just a few short paragraphs of the text they will find on the email series based page, and with a quick link to get to the rest within your website.

The Email Template.

The formatting of content, as I stated above should not be too long, long form emails are over exaggerated as far as “reading” them by people online by the so-called gurus here.

We will read some, but not all long for emails, so keep it short and get me my link to the rest!!!

(This is why the type of email series content will matter too.)

The feel (or the design) of the email series should be somewhat consistent. Not completely consistent, but somewhat. What I mean here is to keep it simple.

Personally, I like to use a plain background or minimal template with lots of white space and an image at the top. Now the image may change with each email, but the style and template overall remain the same.

Keep it professional, but make sure you retain your brand. As for me, I like 80’s movies, the Pacific Northwest, and I love my family, so this you will see in a professional yet personable manner through the series I have for you here.


The Email Series Content.

I think it should be a simple mix of both written and video content, or material.

Yes, you can offer ebooks and worksheets, but seriously, I’ve never really been into making some crazy worksheet for people to waste time on, I’d rather get you up and effectively making money and driving traffic online sooner than later.

But let’s not get off on the dirt road of what is supposedly “better” here, they all work in their unique way, and for their unique end users. Here we will look at creating some simple pages that include both written content and video.

I have set my email training series, not in my actual emails, but here on the Evergreen Blogger website. Yes, your free email series is a follow-up series that you can simply introduce each new part of the series within the email, but have the bulk of them loaded on your website and blog.

The pages for the series here I created are rather unique. They are built on the Thrive Content Builder plugin I have purchased. Why? Well, I liked them personally. They are professional, yet fun and they are extremely easy to navigate.

For the most part, they are video and textual based (written content) pages full of great information that is actually usable.

Written content is a must, sometimes it is just nice to be able to read stuff without haveing to back up a video and find the information I missed or needed to know again.

However, video is great!

Mixed with written content, video within an email series is a great way to not only better what people are trying to learn or understand, but it is also a great way to personalize and build some real trust between you and your subscribers.

And just so you know, make this all on a page with no sidebars on your website, and make sure that each page, even if subtle, has some call to action to your premium product or service.

Monetize The FREE Series.

Notice in that last bit above I mentioned monetizing the free offer? Yes, you should be sharing your premium offer and any other product or service that can help people accomplish whatever it is in your niche you want to help them accomplish!

Link to affiliate products or link to your own offers. Even better, this is a great time to offer a special offer of some kind as well.

Wrapping Up Your FREE Email Series.

…Great and memorable titles so they are not missed.

…Using video and text to really brand yourself to your matters, immensely.

…Use a simple but stand out email template.

…Format emails that are not “ebooks“, instead, create to the point emails that link to email series.

…Monetize, make those calls to action within the email series.

In the end, a powerful and free email series offer is not about getting a ton of textual based content in the old inbox, it’s about getting them back to your website and blog, back to a conversation between you and them.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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