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Getting Past The Fear Of Internet Marketing Technology – What’s Stopping You From Success?

Getting Past The Fear Of Internet Marketing Technology – What’s Stopping You From Success?

Getting Past The Fear Of Internet Marketing Technology – What’s Stopping You From Success?

What a FREAKY pic! (I laugh). However, when it comes to getting past the fear of internet marketing technology, and all the software and platforms involved, I guess that clown seems a little less intimidating after all.

But it shouldn’t. In reality, the clown is more intimidating.

Here is how to get past the fear of the software and other internet marketing technology that may be stopping you from building the success you are seeking as a could-be successful digital entrepreneur.

Send In The (Internet Marketing) Clowns.

Getting past the fear of anything (sharks and spiders being mine) is hard. Many of us, including myself at first had fears of working with certain platforms and software here.

WordPress, well that was intimidating as all-get-out! I sat around for a whole day looking at this thing feeling both excited about the idea of writing (blogging), and at the same time, I was freaking out about what I was looking at in the dashboard!

Then there was search engine optimization back in the day. Video, writing and even podcasting seemed almost out of reach for someone who had never been online before, well, except when looking for movie times.

For you and I, starting something new can be scary, and when it comes to the world of the Internet, we automatically assume this is the world for millennials and geeks only, and they alone can make money here.

But that is hardly the truth, your fear, like my own nearly a decade ago, is really meaningless, pointless.

There is no reason for the fear here. None, no matter who you are, or how old you think you are, it is rather simple here in the end.

The Fear Of Internet Marketing Technology.

No, you will not need to attend my TedTalks speech (not that I have one). No, you will not need to attend some seminars, webinars or buy my book either. Nor will you need to walk over hot coals to get past this fear of technology.

As a matter of fact, it’s rather a simple process, but it is a process nonetheless.

So let’s look at this process and break it down into a system that you can start practicing today!

  1. Get over it. Seriously, get over this fear of working online and all the thoughts and ideas about how complicated it is you made up in your mind, because that is what you did, and that is what it is, made up in your mind. Erase it from your mind, there is nothing to be afraid of here after all.
  2. Start with WordPress. WordPress is simple, once you get used to it of course. Yes, there is a learning curve with this content management system, but it is one that I have helped thousands of people get past with the free training here, and it only took them a few days to understand it and work with it.
  3. Keep it up. Keep up the learning curve of the platforms you will use to build your business online with. And just for poops and giggles because as you’ll come to understand it is easy here, learn some new things here and there when you have time.

Getting past the fear of technology is what we have to do today if you are planning on building a business, no matter what that business is.

From the local plumber to network marketing and beyond, a web presence and internet marketing skills are a necessity today.

Getting past the fear of internet marketing technology is simple; get past it, stop thinking about how complicated they might be, and start thinking about where you will learn how to use them.

What’s Stopping Your Success Online?

It’s not technology, that for sure. What is stopping you from seeing the success online you are dreaming about is your own fear.

I shared that fear with you, and from time to time it sneaks up when I am learning something new. But I get past it, and I get to learning and applying.

Getting past the fear of internet marketing technology and the best practices here is just getting past the fear itself, that’s all.

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God Bless!

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