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Get A Professional Local Job Killing Website And Blog Set Up Starting Today!

Get A Professional Local Job Killing Website And Blog Set Up Starting Today!

Get A Professional Local Job Killing Website And Blog Set Up Starting Today!

I have a friend looking at the “Job Killing” business opportunity and training program, well, here is how to get a professional local job killing website and blog set up, and how to manage it too!

Of course, there is not a soul out here (who is telling the truth) that would tell you that you can guarantee first-page ranking in search engines with their tactics or their magical SEO prowess, that would be a flat out lie. But, you can build a simple web presence to drive continual local traffic to a particular niche every day.

As a matter of fact, that is what the Job-Killing local marketing training teaches you to accomplish, to create simple lead generating website and blogs that collect leads based around a particular local niche you can then charge for. Simple yeah, but easy, well, sort of. Here is what I mean, and here is what I can do for you!

Local Job Killing Niche Websites.

It is not easy to rank for a given keyword phrase today, and you can almost forget to rank for a single word altogether either. But, you can still get traffic, huge amounts of traffic locally speaking through a solid web presence, not just the website and blog.

And you can rank well given a few simple to implement strategies with your website and blog.

Killing your day job with this particular system is doable, however, it will take some time, just like everything else online, there are no quick fixes.

that local niche thing…

Yeah, there might be some lucky Jim or Janet out here that hits the jackpot quickly, but for most people, well, give it a few months first before you throw in your towel with this particular opportunity.

No, you do not need lengthy training to set up and even manage a local niche web presence, you can get the training FREE here.

I mean seriously, the only advantage to the “local job killing” program is to learn how to sell the leads exactly to a local business, which you could probably figure out yourself once you learn how to work with something like Aweber and forward all emails to said local business.

I mean seriously, job killing with this system, in a nutshell, goes like this:

“Capitalizing and cashing in on the low-level local competition to leverage leads and sales for business owners and service providers using the Internet.”

Simple concept, maybe not all that easy at first, but it is a simple concept, and as I said above, completely doable for anyone. Now you know why I have a huge fat argument about those who believe “opportunity” is only for some, I guess they have no WiFi.

Anyone can build a successful business online today, anyone. All they need is the will and basic internet marketing skills you can learn here.

So, now that we know that to kill your job all you need is a simple local niche business website, social presence and blog, let’s look at how I can help you put it together. And how you can increase not only your traffic but, also tap into even better and more qualified traffic.

Your Professional Job-Killing Website Setup.

The set up is the killer part. Managing a blog and website is rather simple once you get into that groove but, that groove becomes painful when you are stuck on niche blog and website “setup” issues.

I know, you were taught that it could be some ugly little WordPress blog that will do the trick. Well, think again, today’s little “niche hacks” don’t work like they did a few years ago, we are all smarter than that today.

No, it does not have to be a Ferrari of a site, but it should act like it at least, and it even takes a little bit more than a blog today, social media is a great place to grow traffic as well locally, heck, a great place!

Personally, I believe you need a simple, but well-rounded web presence today to build a solid flow of local leads, and that goes for any niche.

So how can I help you with that, and what can it do for you? Well, here is what I can put together for you first:

  • Full WordPress installation
  • Full theme installation and configuration
  • Homepage theme setup with your own content
  • About page, Services page, and Contact page Setup (content created by you.)
  • Navigation, your logo and color palette
  • Security setup and configuration
  • Anti comment spam protection
  • SEO plugin setup,  and sitemap
  • Contact form setup and configuration
  • Payment gateway setup (if needed)
  • Creative logo designs (extra charge depending on extent of logo needs)
  • Make it work properly on mobile devices
  • 3 social media profiles and email campaign set up
  • My ongoing support!

Plus, I will set you up with these simple, but highly effective skills:

…Weekly Blogging Routine

…Weekly Video Marketing Routine

…Weekly Email Marketing Routine

…Weekly Social Media Marketing Routine

…Weekly Community Building Practices

… Weekly list building and conversion practices

… Conversion Marketing Strategies

Not too bad or shabby for a mere $600 one time investment. Of course, I can only take on 7 people at a time, but at the end of 30 days you’ll have a skill set and a professional local niche website, blog, sales funnel and social media presence that actually drives traffic because I set it up.

Local Niche Marketing Business.

Here are a ton of local niche business ideas to pick from, but here is the deal; pick one you have some passion for, trust me, if you get bored, you get nothing from this entrepreneurial venture.

Auto dealers
Motorcycle dealers
Auto Financing
Auto Repair
Car Rental
Window Tinting

Divorce Lawyers
Personal Injury
Estate Planning
Business Formation

Independent Agents

Profession Services
Financial Planners
HR Specialists

Real Estate
Home Inspectors
Home Appraisers
Mortgage Brokers
Real Estate Investors
Foreclosure/Short Sale

Disc Jockeys
Personal Chefs

Health and beauty
Hair salons
Nail salons
Day spas
Cosmetic Surgery
Personal Trainers
Weight loss specialists
Massage Therapists

Private schools
Technical training centers
Vocational training

Travel Agents (yep, they still exist)
Small non chain hotels

Construction/Home Services
Air Conditioning/Heating
Heating And Cooling
Housekeeping/Maid Services
Bathroom Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling
General Contractors
Pest Control
Carpet Cleaning
Decks & Porches
Pools & Spas
Glass repair
Security Systems
Interior Designers
Home Theater Services

Child care
Pet groomers
Tattoo shops

Now that is a lot to choose from, and most likely you have at least 2 or 3 you have some amount of interest or passion for I’m sure. Like karate and the martial arts, or just the arts themselves, but you have some amount of passion for something.

And the reason I hit the “passion” thing so hard is the fact that those I’ve seen through the years here try and build a local niche business without it, well, they either are fleeting with some earnings and most of the time, fleeting with no money made at all.

There is a lot to be said about passion, it helps us to not only create killer content but, even if you are paying for the content to be made, it gives you the reason to choose and invest in the best you can find.

You care about me and my needs are what you are doing with such a web presence and content.

A truly successful local JOB KILLING niche blog and web presence is packed full of awesome content that converts into loyal traffic and leads, after all, that is the purpose, right? Right!

Your Local Job Killing Niche Starts Today.

Want a cool, awesome little job killing online money maker today? I suggest being a freelance lead generator for local niche businesses, it is one of the many great freelancing ideas that work today.

And if you want a professional one, well, follow the instructions below!

It’s Time To Start Building Success, Together.

My guarantee to you is not to give up on you. Let’s start building, branding and managing success online together the right way, the first time… Email me today at; and request your spot now for the local niche web presence set up today!

Contact me now at: and I will set you up with a full presence starting today!

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God Bless!

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