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Expert Blog Post Planning Tips – How I Plan My Blog Posts Every 4 Weeks

Expert Blog Post Planning Tips – How I Plan My Blog Posts Every 4 Weeks

Expert Blog Post Planning Tips – How I Plan My Blog Posts Every 4 Weeks

I hope you are ready for some expert blog post planning tips because this is how this professional blogger plans his blogs and blogging schedule every 4 weeks!

Personally, I do not see myself as an expert blogger, just a successful and knowledgeable internet marketer, but, many people and companies I have worked with or consulted do, and so you can rely on what I am about to teach you.

Blog post planning is difficult, so much so, I have written about it before here, but in this blog post, I want to go even deeper, and even share some of my most favorite strategies for planning, creating, and writing them every 4 weeks…

Why Expert Blog Post Planning Tips.

I think the “why” you are here is simple, you either want to better use your time wisely between the internet marketing best practices you do like blogging, or you are a new blogger wanting to get ahead and plan out in advance your posting schedule, or both of course.

Either way, planning is something a few have a really great and natural grasp on, with anything. But then there are people like myself who have to learn this practice, not just learn how to blog.

Learning years ago was not too difficult, blogging that is. But learning to create and make time to blog and schedule it out, well, that took some serious practice.

However, once it is learned, and you actually “get ahead” of the game, it is a great life saver (okay, time saver), especially if you are more of a solo-entrepreneur here.

As a new online business owner, you are coming to find out how important content marketing really is, and how blogging is one of the biggest spokes in that wheel of success online.

So, let’s look at how to plan your blog posts out for the next few months, and a little bit about putting together a blog post as well.

Coming Up With Blog Post Ideas.

The first step is coming up with some blog post ideas, actually, I suggest you come up with 4 this week, plus one extra for poops and giggles.

Personally, I listen, a ton to my audience and subscribers here, that gives me all the content ideas I can handle.

But as a new “digital entrepreneur” online and business owner, coming up with blog post ideas can be a little more complicated, or at least you may believe it is. To tell you the truth, it is really easy to get started finding great topic matter.

“Start with your passion!”

You are starting your new business online because you have some passion about whatever that subject is (at least I hope you do). Start there, start by thinking of the 4 most important questions you had when you started learning about whatever the product, service or opportunity is you are about to promote.

Make that 5! Seriously, get that one extra blog post topic going, because it will be your first one.


“Planning is easy, execution, now that can be a problem.”

Other great places to find topic matter is social media. Search engines like Google and YouTube, and of course, Answer The Public.

Nothing beats your community, and getting some feedback from friends via social media is a great place to start. Look at your industry from the angle of someone who is new to it and ask yourself every possible question you might have.

Write them down, save them, and draw from them the first of these 5 blog posts.

Planning Out The Blog Post Format.

Formatting matters. What I mean by this is how we put a single blog post together using not just words, but formatting or building it out from the featured image to the video or audio, and even through to the calls to action, it all needs to be seriously considered.

A featured image is a must, but is it something that is so common that it keeps you running with the pack? Or, do you choose a different, more personable route with your blog posts and choose the right imagery for your brand?

Video or audio? Which one? How about both? Is that too much? Great questions, sounds like a great blog post topic! Haha!!! But seriously, see what I just did there, I followed my passion for internet marketing, and how I can convey my message to you via just more than words, but also video or audio!

Calls to action matter. You and I can write all day. We can choose some pretty eye-catching images too, and we can make some incredible, yet simple videos. But none of that matters without a good call to action, or as I like to call it, “giving some direction.

From SumoMe to hyper-linking to other great content, calls to action is simply directing people to do something more, to get more involved, to better their knowledge and trust for your brand.

Other tips could be to make sure to break content up where needed. Like for instance; bullet points, number points, sub-headings and using smaller paragraphs for easier mobile consumption.

Planning topic matter is one thing, executing, and formatting is another.

How Often Should I Publish Blog Posts?

Right now you should be writing the 4 (5) blog posts and getting ready to publish the first one (at least after you are done reading this post and watching the video above).

As a matter of fact, once that is done, the rest should be written within the next week and set to publish weekly, one at a time. Word count? Really? That is your worry? Here is a little rule of thumb about “how much you should write” when it comes to your blog posts;

Write out the answer you would  want to find yourself.”


Publishing blog posts, at least as far as a schedule is concerned, should be once weekly, or at least bi-weekly to start with. And just so you know, this is why I have my new students create 5 immediately, this way we are a month ahead all the time.

Personally, here on this website and blog, I am always 6 months out with my content ready to publish.

But, just so you understand me correctly, publishing blog posts is usually, and should be on average, something you do weekly with regularity.

People like a good rhythm to things, and that includes a good blog schedule.

Sharing Schedule.

As you publish your blog posts, they should be shared, and that includes the video or audio to go with that blog post via social media.

Social media posting is great, as a matter of fact, sharing content via social media groups or communities to be exact rocks! Seriously, if you are not sharing content to group pages on Facebook or Google plus communities, your publishing practices are off the mark.

And let’s not forget about resharing older content, the evergreen content that sits on the top of Google but that is it, that is all the traffic it is driving.

Get it out there! Every other day I go back in time on my blog and find some seriously awesome evergreen content and reshare it via Facebook groups, Google +, and ever retweet it out once again.

Don’t forget when it comes to your post planning; sharing is a part of the strategy.

There Is A Difference Between Batching & Planning.

Some might say this is batching blog posts, and they would be wrong.

Batching content is creating a ton of small blog posts for the next 6 months or so, which is not only a bad idea, but short pointless blog content can hurt you in the long run.

4-5 weeks out, that is the most I think anyone should be writing blog posts.

Batching makes you lazy, trust me, I’ve tried it once and it really did zap a ton of energy from me, and it hurt my message I believe until I fixed the problem.

Blog Post Planning Works.

Planning out your blog posts in advance, and setting them to publish weekly or bi-weekly is just a great plan.

This helps you create more time for your own personal life, keeps great content coming for your current and new readers, and it really helps you manage your time better for other marketing strategies like email marketing, social media, and even webinars or live casts.

Become an expert in blog post planning, and watch yourself become an expert of creating the kind of content that connects, and converts! And on a personal note, I never write past 4-5 weeks of blog posts, ever…, I suggest you follow that rule.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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