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Do Morning Rituals Matter To Success With Business And Life…?

Do Morning Rituals Matter To Success With Business And Life…?

Do Morning Rituals Matter To Success With Business And Life…?

I am a morning person. I wake up, tip-toe downstairs, grab some coffee, read my daily devotional from Pastor Greg Laurie, pray for a few, and then get to work online. So yes, morning rituals can be a great thing, and can truly change your business and life.

I write at first, my own content like this one and it is currently 5:47 A.M. PST. Eventually, I’ll be working on the set up of two websites and list building funnels for two new clients in just a few hours. But, until then, I’ll enjoy writing, going for a 2-mile run, and get the kids up for school.

Morning rituals do matter, and even as a believer where rituals can sometimes become repetitive things that are empty or hollow, some rituals are good for us, for our lives in general, and our business venture as well. Here is what I mean…

Wake up, your life is starting!

I am not a Gary V. fan when it comes to one thing, his whole mentality of go, go, go all the time is both worthless and, to tell you the truth, it is cruddy advice. I’ve seen what Gary, and myself for that matter, would consider lazy people build a 7-figure income online several times inside of a year or two, and I would know because I coached them.

And guess what, they were morning people who loved to cat nap in the afternoon! So there you go Gary, that hustle mentality does not mean you need to work yourself into the ground, you can work smarter.

His hustle advice is bad actually, the rest is good, and I like Gary V.

Working smarter does not mean you are not working as hard as the next person, it just means that you are taking advantage of the time you have, you are taking a part of your day and building your business, or using it to change some other aspect of your life each day.


And some, well, they find the morning to be the best time to do just that, work on themselves or business ventures.

I was raised in a home where waking up early was a fact, not a choice.

Wood needed to be split and stacked, and some brought in and a fire started. The house needed cleaning and school had to be gotten ready for at the same time. Lazy was not a word or attitude allowed in the Boozer home growing up.

Today, I let my kids sleep in a bit in the summer, but, lazy is not allowed, and I teach them that morning is a great time to grow in the Lord, and in life in general.

Morning rituals are good.

Beware of your Christian walk becoming ritualistic, remember, it is a relationship and walk with your friend and Lord. But, rituals, and what I mean are habits we build in our lives that help us to accomplish certain things, are great to have and build upon.

This is why I wake in the morning so early, still.

The one thing I never want to do is miss a sunrise today.

How do you start waking up earlier, and what to do with the time you ask? Well, start with these;

  • Make a plan the night before to wake early by setting alarm…
  • Wake up painfully early….
  • Start the day right with exercise (walk for 20 minutes)…
  • Tackle your high-priority projects…
  • Work on your side business…
  • Catch up on the news of the world, or listen to something motivational…
  • Enjoy some time with the Lord…

That is a great way to start. The hardest part for your lazy fanny is to start getting up earlier than you might now.

Painfully early means at least an hour and a half earlier than you might right now. I know, you have long days, but look at these benefits!

  • It helps you attain better grades as a student
  • Helps you sustain a better diet
  • Enhances your personal and business productivity
  • More time to exercise
  • Better mental health on average
  • Actually, it improves sleep
  • It can make you truly healthy, wealthy, and wise

I am glad I kept up this habit.

Morning rituals are a good thing, no, scratch that, they are a great thing!

Stop the rushing and hustle.

I do not run out of time today, I get up early, get things done and stop working at a specific time. Sometimes it is way earlier, but that is okay, as a successful lifestyle entrepreneur I can enjoy my family, and this gift called life the more.

I get the hustle mentality, trust me, waking up early does not mean I am just doing it to do it, this ritual is something I have used to grow in my faith, and my work life.

Waking early, using the morning to get things done, well, it has freed my life even more to enjoy my family, my friends, and my faith. It gives me a longer more productive day, no matter what that productivity is about.

It is a great time, a quiet time, the perfect time to get things done and to expand your mind as well. Mornings, they are simply perfect.

Personally, between all the books I have read from Morning Ritual to my Bible, everyone who is successful, for the most part, agrees, mornings are great, and great morning rituals and habits built today can lead to massive success tomorrow with life and business.

Well, there are my thoughts, you can live it or leave it…, either way, I suggest you at least ponder on it this morning.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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