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Create A Passive And Residual Income With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, And Retire In 120 Days…

Create A Passive And Residual Income With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, And Retire In 120 Days…

Create A Passive And Residual Income With ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, And Retire In 120 Days…

Are you ready to retire over the next 120 days? Or, at least quit that day job and have more free time and income? Well, without the hype and craziness, here is how to create a passive and residual income with the ClickFunnels affiliate program, and succeed!

How do I know you can succeed, and most likely will? Because I expect you to, and I expect myself to give you the skills and personal support over the next 30 days to help you do so.

No joke, no craziness, no hype, and yes, you can do this, here is how it works, and how we will work together…

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What is clickfunnels?

Recently I switched from Thrive to ClickFunnels. The simple reason is that I can have everything from email marketing to my sales funnel software under one powerful and highly effective system and program.

What ClickFunnels is:

“ClickFunnels is basically a software that lets you design and creates sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel. You can create seven types of a funnel with the help of Clickfunnels for any business model or platform.”

What a sales funnel is:

Definition: A marketing funnel is a guided path that prospects move through in your sales process. It takes people from their first engagement with your brand (cold prospects), through a number of steps that are intended to result in one or more conversions.

A conversion can be anything — from opting-in to a mailing list, or downloading a document, to attending a webinar, or making a purchase.

A funnel will usually encourage several different conversions along the way.

Often a funnel will incorporate several branches — upsells, down sells, and one-time offers — to maximize the profit from each customer.

Customers may be offered different things at different points, depending on the actions they take as they move through the funnel.

Funnels may be simple, or incredibly complex and sophisticated, but at the end of the day, they are all about one thing — increasing conversions and profits.

Now you see why they are so necessary!

List building funnels, sales funnels, webinar funnels, lead generation funnels, real product funnels, any funnel you need to run to grow that traffic or, sell your products and services is here, and is just a couple clicks away.

And just so you know, you can help people use this system and get paid for it over, and over, and over again…

But, what do you and they get with the different ClickFunnels system?

What do you get with clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels Basic – $97/month

  • 20 Funnels
  • 100 Pages
  • 20,000 Visitors
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • A/B Split Tests
  • Email Integrations
  • Optin Funnels
  • ClickPops
  • ClickOptin
  • All Advanced Funnels
  • Sales Funnels
  • Membership Funnels
  • Unlimited Members
  • Auto Webinar Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Hangout Funnels
  • Order Pages
  • Upsell Pages
  • Down sale Pages
  • Share Your Funnels

Etison Suite – $297/month

  • Includes ClickFunnels, Actionetics, and Backpack
  • All ClickFunnels features
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Visual Email Builder
  • Manage Email Lists
  • Send Broadcast Emails
  • Track Opens, And Clicks
  • Auto-Responder Series
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Unlimited Commission Plans
  • Easy To Setup – 1 Click
  • One Time Payments
  • Subscription Plans
  • Manage Affiliates
  • (This plan would not require any outside email campaign software, all is built-in)

And just so you know… you also get:

  • Ability to setup funnel pages quickly. Pages like an Opt-in page, interstitial pages for upsells and cross-sells, and the “thank you” pages.
  • Clickfunnels has auto responders (emails) features using which you can do lead nurturing. All the good stuff about automation is possible with clickfunnels.
  • You have a way to do A/B testing for every single page that’s a part of your funnel. Like do A/B testing for your main landing page, do A/B testing for even for your thank you page.
  • You have a way to create membership sites with Clickfunnels. After your leads signup, they can gain access to exclusive membership areas that you can create and maintain.
  • Clickfunnels has integrations with Stripe and Paypal and many others. This allows you to accept payments for your products, services, or membership sites at the end of the sales funnel.
  • Clickfunnels has features to allow you to recruit, manage, and pay affiliates.
  • Obviously, you have all the metrics and analytics you need to review your campaigns, funnel performance, conversions, and sales (on top of A/B testing results).

Talk about complete, here is a system for list building and sales conversion, plus email marketing all in one. Everything a business owner needs for their online marketing and conversion needs…, well, done.


This is why this opportunity here is such a great way to retire with a seriously awesome residual and passive income.

And let me explain how you can generate and create for yourself both a passive and residual income, plus what these mean and how they are very different.

Let’s start with the passive income side.

Passive income with ClickFunnels.

A passive income is something that is, usually income made with very little effort. However, within the internet or online entrepreneurial world, that is not always true. Yes, things are easier here I believe, but when it comes to a passive income, you’ll still need to be involved, at least a little bit.

And you can with ClickFunnels!

Simply put, here is your chance to get paid twice!

Starting with the passive income side, what I mean here is the possibility to earn through helping business owners and entrepreneurs set up sales and list building funnels for themselves.

Seriously, like a web designer, or website setup specialist, here you can be the sales funnel specialist and get paid to set up sales funnels for people!

How much you charge will depend on you, the number of pages and integrations you will need to create, plus any and all email follow-up series content you will need to add.

But, like I said, this is a passive income, some effort for big bucks.

The residual income with ClickFunnels.

So, a small business owner hires you for their sales funnel and list building funnel setup.

This particular business owner has allowed for $279 a month for the email (Actionetics) and funnels software with ClickFunnels, and that was based upon your honest opinion for their business needs. (Some will need it, some won’t, and you should always be honest!)

Well, let’s say you charged $350 for the sales funnel set up, and guess what, yes, the residual $118 a month is yours!

Residual income is income that comes with no effort on your part after the initial effort of signing someone up for something that has a residual income built in.

“You can earn 40% residual commission per month per user for life with ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.”


Here is the commission structure, plus, you get 5% on override from 2nd tier.

Now that is a simple and powerful compensation plan.

No joke. No hype. Simple to understand. This is how simple this compensation plan is, and how effective it can be!

Can I do more than just be an affiliate with it?

Um, yes Virginia, there are such things as stupid questions.

I mean seriously, have you seen the inside of this thing? If not Click Here Now and take a FREE look for yourself.

But the answer is simple, and it is a YES, you can do much, much more with ClickFunnels. Actually, you can create funnels of all kinds for almost everything with them.

Want to run a Facebook advert (sales funnel) and sell fly fishing rods? Well, you can do that here.

Want to share out and set up a membership site by tomorrow? Sure thing, not a problem either.

Need that coaching funnel, or list building funnel for it? Great, you get that opportunity here too.

If you run a business and need a list, and want to sell things, well, this system is for you. So, simply put, it is for every business, including all three of mine.

Personally, this will be the last stop for me and my list building, and sales funnel needs, ever. I have tried OptimizePress, LeadPages, Thrive, and other lesser software.

And no, I can honestly say, nothing is better, and nothing is simpler to use.


Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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  • Anthony Dominic Marasiagn July 11, 2017 at 2:27 am

    Hey David, I would like to take advantage of this coaching you are providing with Click Funnels. Are you still offering the 120 coaching class? I do have some questions. Please contact me when you have a couple of minutes. Thank you!

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