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Can You Really Make Good Money As A “Youtuber?”

Can You Really Make Good Money As A “Youtuber?”

Can You Really Make Good Money As A “Youtuber?”

A Youtuber? Can you really make money on YouTube so easily? Well, to a point yes, and to another point, if you listen closely here, you could earn more than a car payment each month, heck, you could make a living out of it!

First off, I will tell you this, before you think that YouTube is the only channel you need to build that YouTuber brand with, get a website and blog, it is simply nice to have and helps you grow that money making brand online, seriously.

But, YouTube and video will be your main content marketing medium, and just so you know, I’ve done this myself, and will prove it here.

I broke my blog with YouTube.

I did, I broke my shared server space with my hosting company because of too much traffic from YouTube and Facebook over on my niche blog here.

I was not planning on that much traffic, to get 20,000 hits in hours 2 months in was really unexpected, but it happened. And because I had not planned for it, I did not increase my shared hosting to a dedicated server, I was shut down for over 24 hours, and that meant this site as well.

So, rule number one, get a VPS package or dedicated server once you start getting notices that your shared server is reaching its limit! Ha!

But, beyond that, that simple little niche has become a pretty popular little brand online today, and as of today, well, the YouTube Channel is only 90 days old.

Here are some stats from the YouTube Channel as it sat last month (January):

  • 580,049 views of 31 videos
  • 2,672,340 watch time
  • 4,607 Channel subscribers
  • 1,000 email subscribers
  • Estimated revenue $867.00 for January
  • View duration 9:46
  • Likes 6,000 plus

Not bad for a channel barely 90 days old. And I noticed that you noticed the estimated revenue. Yes, that was from advertising revenue brought in to YouTube and shared through my efforts there. And via Adsense and YouTube, that was my portion for the month.

I know, it is not the $10K you heard some guy made last year in the downloadable book on Kindle you bought, but I will tell you this, I will be there soon enough, and I want to share with you how I am doing this, and how others are making a living as YouTuber’s!

Being a YouTuber is easy, choosing the right niche to get started with, well, that's the hard part.Click To Tweet

Finding your ‘tuber niche.

I think the hardest part of internet marketing and starting up any hopeful money-making business online is choosing the niche, or topic matter if you will.

While it is okay to try and cash in on the latest and greatest trends, let me suggest going for the more “evergreen” or lasting topic or niche that you are probably really excited about.

I mean seriously, I am excited about talking about internet marketing, blogging, family life, my faith, the Pacific Northwest, history, and even Bigfoot, which is the exact niche subject I chose. See, these are the things that really excite me most, things I enjoy to create conversation around.

So, before you go out talking about leg warmers, I suggest you find what you are most excited about in life, what conversations you know a lot about, the topics and or niche you really enjoy.

Some like 80’s music and some love jazz and want to talk it up and share out their expertise in these areas. Some people just want to make others laugh through funny pranks and jokes, that is good too as far as a niche is concerned.

I guess what I am trying to say and from practical and a successful standpoint is, go with your gut, not what you think is popular or what some supposed internet marketing guru is whispering in your ear.

Your niche should be about something that you know you could talk about with ease, with sincerity, and even with some or a lot of authority.

Let’s build your YouTube channel.

It is the little things that matter here. From your branded banner image on your channel to the links you share to other platforms and on to your video thumbnails, every little thing matters.

When it comes to the technical side of things, though, first things fist, you need to make sure you get the green going on with YouTube.


Get your set up going on the Channels link.

Now some of these will not be available at first, it is like a “you have to earn it” through following the rules thing. However, one of the biggest rules is that of being here over a short period of time.

The set up here will be mostly for confirming you, the channel, and any offsite platforms you’ll be using to promote your YouTube channel.

It is a simple setup, except for the connection between your Google Analytics account, however, you can click here now to learn how to do this within just a couple minutes.

Building a YouTuber’s channel is actually easy, just take your time, do what each page asks. If you do not have a website or blog to connect to it yet, get one if you truly need one, and you will eventually.

Your YouTuber branding.

The links and steps above are simple, even for non-techy people like myself. But, like choosing a niche topic for your new YouTuber adventure and journey, choosing the right look and feel, or, branding if you will, is harder than the setup by far.

Here are a few things you will need to really consider spending some good though on:

  1. The logo for the brand.
  2. The header image for your channel.
  3. Thumbnail images.
  4. And, intro clip to your videos themselves.

Let’s look at each of these by themselves.

The logo: This is the little image up in the left-hand corner of that header image on your channel. I think simple is good when it comes to this particular part of your channel and business’s brand is concerned. A letter, your smiling face, an icon that says something about you and your channel, either way, keep it simple.


90 days in.

The header image: This is important! This image will be something that attracts or repels people instantly. Like a good looking and well-optimized website and blog, your header image will tell a lot about your brand in a split second to everyone who visits it.

The channel layout: I am talking about the layout of the rest of the channel page below the header. This should include and about section with intro video, and the rest well I like how mine here is laid out, you might follow that for now.

Make them subscribe: Here is the code you put at the end of your YouTube channel link to “make them subscribe.” ?sub_confirmation=1 This will literally force the subscribe to the channel button to pop up and call to action people to click it.

How to earn money as YouTuber.

There are only a few ways to make money as a YouTuber actually. Here they are:

  1. Put Ads At The Beginning Of Your Videos. Users will probably watch at least 30 seconds of your video.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Get Your Videos Sponsored. These are usually offered to the bigger channels, but a small channel can get lucky.
  4. Use Patreon. (A platform for creating paid content media access)
  5. Create YouTube Paid Content Series.

Not as many as you would think, but they are enough to make you the kind of income to sustain a very comfortable internet lifestyle.

The key to building that income, though, is content, value added content on a regular basis that people can come to expect.

Your website and blog?

I thought you said this was about YouTube Dave?

I did, and it is for the most part at least. But see here, you need a professional website and blog to go with your YouTuber lifestyle, it is just a great thing to offer your followers.

Within the blog and website, you can share your video content there as well, not to mention to create even more awesome content to share with people. And, you can monetize that as well, adding to your chances and opportunity to increase your income exponentially!

YouTube is not the only place to be, as a matter of fact, it is almost dangerous to leave all your content there. Be a smart business owner as well as a smart YouTuber and get yourself a professional blog and website for your awesome brand.

Be the YouTuber.

The one thing I learned within my first few weeks as a popular YouTuber was; “bring them the best, and as often as you can.”

Being a Youtuber, and earning an income with it is, well, rather simple if you ask me. The best way to get started is to follow everything above; find a great niche, get a good web presence going on, create the brand, and make sure you bring the value!

Other than that, learning as you go is a must, never stop learning things like YouTue video optimization and other internet marketing and branding best practices, it is always good to be on top of your game here.

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