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Can You Grow Your Online Business Without Google?

Can You Grow Your Online Business Without Google?

Can You Grow Your Online Business Without Google?

Yes, it is possible, at least more possible today than it was even 3 years ago. So, let’s take a look at some great ways to grow your online business and list building efforts without the likes of Google.

Now do not get me wrong, Google is still one of the top 3 places to get some seriously qualified traffic, however, it is not the only place. As a matter of fact, I believe it is the second best place, not the best.

So, let’s you and I take a look at how to build your online business without having to rely solely upon Google, which you should never do by the way.

Can You Grow Your Online Business Without Google?

There are online business owners, marketers, affiliates, networkers, and even local business owners relying heavily upon Google for their every traffic driving need today.

This is not a truly great position to be in.

While Google is great, and you should have some SEO strategy that helps you to rank on Google’s search engine, remember, one change from Google and you could lose all your traffic in a split second. This is what makes focusing on one strategy and platform dangerous.

This is what makes focusing on one strategy and platform dangerous.

As a matter of fact, while Google takes up over 70% of the search engine favored pie today, and that goes for mobile, desktop, and tablets too, Google is only responsible for about 40% of all traffic driving to our website and blogs out here, all of them, in the entire internet world!

That is a big percentage, but it is NOT the majority.

Other Ways To Grow Your Online Business.

The Website & Blog:

It is not just about search engines like Google when it comes having a reliable platform to create value added content. A website and blog can be used to create valuable content upon, which in turn can convince and convert web traffic you can drive in various ways to it.

By the way, this platform will inherently drive traffic from Google and search engines to you if the content is really that good, just so you know.

Social Media:

Social media will be the second best way to drive traffic and grow your business online if search engines are not your thing.

This platform can be used by the sharing of content from your website and blog directly. Also, creating content directly on social media and paid social media marketing works well too.

Video Marketing:

Personally, video in conjunction with your blog and shared via social media is powerful. I am a believer and proof that these three platforms combined together can build a pretty successful business online if search engine marketing is something you are avoiding.

Email Marketing:

Once you do start building a list of subscribers with these other platforms, email marketing is not only a great way to build trust but, that trust you build can and will sometimes be shared by others to those they know.

Buying Traffic:

Through PPC, social media advertising (which is not as powerful as you might have been led to believe, look here for that), or you can simply go to a traffic site like Traffic Token. At Traffic Token you can rest assured that you will receive quality traffic that converts, I know, I use it for my other business! Click Here to learn more about it…

Traffic Token is The Next Level of quality traffic that converts with an average opt in rate of 25-48% on a standard (Name/Email) opt in form. You Will build your email list on 100% autopilot and leverage opens, clicks, and sales with your email marketing campaigns.

Link Building:

Link building is still a great way to grow traffic. Whether you are using a link building service to naturally grow them, or just creating a ton of valuable content over time, never underestimate the power of a link.

Link building can be done many different ways, and through many different channels online, but they need to be natural, so make sure that whoever or whatever company you are having help you build them, make sure they are naturally built!

In The End.

Yes, you can build a business online without search engines. However, it is a little harder to get that truly valued subscriber unless, and I stress unless, you turn to YouTube.

Video marketing is huge and partnered with your blog and website pages, shared across social media, and even a little-paid reach here and there, yeah, I believe you can build an online business without Google itself. Heck, you can even use other video platforms than just YouTube and still fair well.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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  • Soumya Roy November 7, 2017 at 8:08 am

    Honestly speaking this is not possible in long run. Yes, you can do all those aforementioned things but to grow your business consistently you must have organic traffic to your website. This is the maximum number of and most dependable form of web-traffic which gets converted into sales more than any other forms of traffic most of the time. As a digital marketer and entrepreneur I strongly believe if a company wants do business online it must invest on SEO.

    Soumya Roy
    Founder & Lead SEO Trainer

    • David Boozer Author November 7, 2017 at 1:05 pm

      A company yes, a large business yes, a print on demand solopreneur, not really. Thanks for the comment =)

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