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Blogging Themes From Solo Pine Designs Review | Why I Chose Designers Close To Home

Blogging Themes From Solo Pine Designs Review | Why I Chose Designers Close To Home

Blogging Themes From Solo Pine Designs Review | Why I Chose Designers Close To Home

Solo Pine, the words just roll off the tongue don’t they? Well, you think that sounds nice too, you should SEE some of the great looking WordPress theme designs they have…! Here is a choice that bloggers can make without feeling guilty of the crush they will have for these themes…

(Some Q&A at the end of the post.)

I am a huge Solo Pine designs fan. Yes, I love StudioPress too, and Brian Gardner is a great guy. But, when it came to what I needed with my own websites and blogs, Solo Pine had that, well, that umph! I was looking for.

So, without further adieu, here is my review of these themes, and the design team behind them.

Or, watch the video on Youtube here.

Solo Pine Is Not Solo.

First off, and in their own words, let’s look at what husband and wife team at Solo Pine have to say about their themes, and themselves…

Solo Pine Designs is the culmination of years spent tinkering with web design & development as nothing more than a hobby. Over time, this hobby blossomed from a profound interest into a passion that has touched nearly every corner of our lives. Not long after getting married we decided to take a second nerve-racking dive into the unknown by establishing a small business together, founding it on a shared belief that thoughtful design, quality coding, and exceptional customer service are paramount.

Simply put, we love what we do and we love sharing it with others. It is our hope and dream that Solo Pine will continue to grow, improve, and cement itself as a trustworthy resource for aesthetically striking and high quality WordPress themes.

And boy have they accomplished just that, wonderful themes myself and thousands of others have come to love! As a matter of fact,if I did not have such a huge passion for blogging and the lifestyle it can afford, I would have been a theme designer! Ha!

On this here website and blog, the more IM and SEO side of me at, I use the Willow Theme. This perfect one page design is perfect for professional brands, companies and or, individuals as well.

But, here are the other reasons I chose Solo Pine over the others…

“Simply put, we love what we do and we love sharing it with others. It is our hope and dream that Solo Pine will continue to grow, improve, and cement itself as a trustworthy resource for aesthetically striking and high quality WordPress themes”

The Solo Pine Team

I Live Among The Pines.

I live literally 55 minutes away from The Southern Oregon Coast. It is also true that currently I live on the top of a mountain surrounded by the Pacific Northwest forest.

And to tell you yet another truth, I love it here! I love the weather, I love the trees, I love the view and I love the cold foggy days that brings about the need for a great cup of coffee and writing…

I also loved the fact that Solo Pine is located here in the Pac West, Seattle to be exact. I also loved the layouts of the different blog themes, and Willow at first, when I first laid eyes on them. They stood out among the crowded templates on Themeforest and other platforms I was searching through.

I have been and remain a huge fan of all things StudioPress, seriously, I am. But, as for my own personal taste and flavor, Solo Pine blew me away with it’s simplistic, but fuller designs that were both easy to work with and fast loading.

As search engine optimization is concerned, because it is still very important today, the Solo Pine themes met my expectation, and actually went a little beyond them compared to many themes found in the Themeforest directory.

And as I say;

Never pass up a great looking theme that speaks to you!

It’s true.

Speaking A Thousand Words, I Mean Dollars.

I blog to free myself and to free you as my friend Ryan would say. And it’s true, I, we, do. Your blogging lifestyle will be determined by the income you can create through the products and services you promote via your blog and website.

This is why the right theme that speaks to you and your niche is so important!

Each of my sites have a specific felling to them, they have a specific product and service as well. And yes, because of those specifics, they have a specifically targeted persona too.

And when you get here, I want you to get to know me, my products and services and my brand…, and nothing speaks faster than a great looking theme ready when you get here.

Thank you Solo Pine for creating just that, a beautiful and perfectly performing WordPress theme(s) I can depend on…

UPDATE & FOLLOW UP… 11.7.2015

Here are some simple Q&A’s I had with Samantha & Sebastian…

1. Any meaning behind the brand name Solo Pine, and which one of you thought of it? (Just for fun) =)

We honestly can’t remember which one of us was the first to blurt out the name Solo Pine — but that’s probably for the best! We had been back and forth for quite a while tossing around ideas. It was important to us that the name be solid, clean, and draw from our home in the Pacific Northwest. Sam’s childhood neighborhood, where we were living at the time, has enormous pines towering over the homes which we admired. When the name “Solo Pine” popped up, it just felt right.

2. How important is mobile friendly design for you today?

Creating responsive themes which are mobile-friendly is crucial in this day and age. With the skyrocketing use of mobile phones and tablets in recent years, it’s necessary to be able to connect with visitors in any situation.

People are constantly moving and on the go; whether they be browsing the web from their office, on the bus, or in a cafe, it’s critical that one’s site is able to communicate its message clearly and beautifully across all devices. While it can definitely be a struggle at times to make a 1080px wide theme design look just as appealing on a 300px wide mobile screen, it’s a challenge we certainly view as a necessity.

3. Does a clean, modern and mobile friendly theme really matter for bloggers today, especially business bloggers?

Blogging has exploded in popularity and, while there are infinite theme designs available on the market, it’s still important to stand out. Quality themes have given the everyday person with no knowledge of coding the ability to create a site and message and brand all on their own without needing to hire a professional. Quite simply, a clean, attractive, and mobile-friendly theme is the most powerful tool a blogger can have.

For those who hope to monetize their site or for business blogs who rely on maintaining a strong connection with their audience, having a modern, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-accessible theme is of absolute import.

4. Any new themes in the works currently?

We’re currently working on another blog theme design which melds some of the most popular features from our Rosemary theme and Redwood theme together. We’ve been listening to lots of customer feedback and a major request for our blog themes is the ability to implement a shop feature, so we’re currently planning on adding WooCommerce support to this new theme. A shop-ready blog theme is new territory for us, so we’re excited to see how it’s accepted!

5. Can you tell us a little bit about the future of Solo Pine, you ideas, thoughts or plans?

We’ve been so grateful for the overwhelmingly warm reception and feedback from the blogging community and, consequentially, hope to grow in ways that allow us to offer even better themes and services. We’re always talking and daydreaming about our next steps and ultimately hope to open up our own theme shop.

Being in charge of all transactions and being the single point of contact would give us the power to assist customers in ways that we’re simply not able to while working with a third-party marketplace. We have big plans for Solo Pine and are excited to see where this adventure will take us next!

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  • Crystal Bonnet February 10, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    Thank you for your review of Solo Pine! I am currently thinking of switching my food blog theme to their Sprout and Spoon theme and after reading your article it was an easy decision!

    • David Boozer Author February 11, 2017 at 12:52 pm

      Spoon is an awesome theme for food bloggers! Thanks for the comment….

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