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Blogging From Paradise Book Series Review | My Wife Let Me Buy Them!

Blogging From Paradise Book Series Review | My Wife Let Me Buy Them!

Blogging From Paradise Book Series Review | My Wife Let Me Buy Them!

Just kidding, I never hide anything from my wife, okay, maybe the Blogging From Paradise Book series, but after this review, so would you for good reason!

I have a little separate checking account for marketing stuff and advertising adventures for my business(es) online.

And when you have a wonderful wife like mine, who is the tightest penny-pincher in the world, you have to try and figure out how to explain the purchase of a ton of books.

But, when that collection of books are mostly about blogging and written by the travel-blogging-guru himself Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise, you just take the shaking finger and warning then move on…

Blogging From WHERE!?

Yes, from somewhere in the world Mr Biddulph, and his “better half”, have been traveling around the world on blogging, ebook and freelancing income.

Seriously, while many are scratching their heads trying to figure out what a blog is, here is Ryan, helping free himself and free us with just that, how to truly BE FREE through blogging.

And to tell you a truth, that whole stint and funk I was in for a couple months after my dad’s death, well, God sent an unlikely potty-mouth-I-have-vibes-and-do-yoga-crap person who is Ryan into my line of sight.

And while the book covers for me sucked, the titles for some reason caught me off guard. And just when I was getting bored of every blogger and blog I was following, poof! There he was, the blogger from paradise!

(Hey, I live in Pac West, I like rain, snow and fog! Island life is not for me, so the pics were not a turn on.)

While I will say the potty-mouth part is true and, no, I do not believe in eastern mysticism stuff that is every once in awhile mentioned by Ryan, the books are friggin’ great!


About The Collection Of Books.

Not all of them are directly about blogging, but most are. So, every single one that is or even remotely close to anything to do with blogging or internet marketing, well, I bought it, ask my wife…ha!

Those of you inside my training program and or, just following me and watch my videos know I am a straight talker with no fluff. Well, that is what I found here in this collection of cheap little $2.99 downloadable books on Amazon.

Right off the bat, I found that spark again, something I had not felt for a couple of months. And trust me, I love my job, I love you guy’s and, I love blogging.

And while this was the first time this “indifference” bug hit me, this loss of passion of sorts, it was a breath of fresh air to feel the words within the pages of the first book I bought titled; 6 Things Your Blog Needs Today.

click the book for more!

It was amazing, and once I finished one, I had to get another. They are so good in fact, I almost bought one about some beach somewhere I will never visit… Yeah, I almost bought it just because it came from Ryan!

I do not get all that smitten with bloggers, trust me, I have spoke in front of huge crowds and have climbed the ranks here myself, but Ryan, I have to tell you man, thank you for the 1-2-punch to the face and wake up call!

And also a quick thank you to my wife for letting me grab so many without looking at me funny! (I love you).

I did, I bought every single one so far that had anything to do with blogging and internet marketing in general. No, I skipped the mindset stuff, there is a difference between being in the right frame of mind and, eastern mysticism.

But, getting past the different world views, our “business world views” were nearly identical, and the books were spot on!

Short, Simple And To The Point.

I think that is why I liked them so much, they were simple, short and to the point. Not too mention, they were different than the typical downloadable ebook or whitepaper, this was personable and matter-of-fact all at the same time.

Like I said here recently, I was running into some crazy times. And, those crazy times starting affecting my overall outlook of content marketing and everything else I was doing online.

And just when it started getting worse, the simple, short and even blunt Mr. Biddulph popped into my line of sight. And, it was like a breath of fresh air! He was the kick in my own butt I needed right when I needed it!

God does answer prayer, and sometimes He will use the most unlikely people when answering it…

Which Book To Start With?

Does not matter if your aim is to dive into and get something done with your blogging efforts. Personally, I went a little willy-nilly with them all. Like a Wonka elevator, I went every which way you can with them! Ha!

If you want, start with the one above (or here), wee what I mean, then move from there…

Like me, you too will probably be taken in by the writing style, the information and the simply put, the overall genuineness of Ryan and his reason for writing them in the first place…

In Review (Of My Collection).

I will re-read them, at least most of them. They were so good I kept reading just for pure enjoyment the first time around. This time however, I think I will take some notes.

In review of the Blogging From Paradise book series (my collection on my tablet), I highly recommend them, seriously…, and for every blogger out here.

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  • Walter Pedersen August 26, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Great Blog David,
    Those books By Ryan look like a awesome read.. will have to purchase a few ……..Or more LOL…

    • David Boozer Author August 26, 2015 at 12:35 pm

      I love them, it’s almost like an addiction =)

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