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The casual conversational tone of a blog is what makes it particularly dangerous...

When it comes down to it, I’m a blogger, and I love everything a great money-making and successful blog comes with. So, I created the perfect blog training course that many, many new bloggers are finding massive success with, the same strategies and tools that have propelled myself into the mainstream of success online.

Here is everything I will teach you about building a highly successful income generating blog, who it’s for, and how to take advantage of it!

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The perfect blog training course…, for you!

You have something to say, something to build, and want your words to go out into the world to teach and inspire, educate, or simply entertain. And a blog is the perfect platform for spreading your ideas, your message, your brand, your business and everything that goes with it.

But you have a problem – the same problem every beginner blogger has – you don’t know where to start, and how to scale your dreams of that blogging lifestyle…

I am not just an internet marketing and online business coach, I actually have two other highly successful businesses online that rely on blogging as part of the great list building, lead generating, and converting platform that it is.

So yes, I am a highly successful blogger and a master affiliate marketer at that. I have also been the reason for over 500 plus other blogging success stories over the last 4-5 years with this blog training course!

For 10 years now I’ve been working with blogs, they are more powerful today than they were even 5-10 years ago. Even in the day and age of social media and paid advertising thereof, blogs still convert better at both list building and sales period.

Whether you are a first-time blogger and unsure of where to begin or a seasoned veteran needing to freshen up your blogging skills, everything you need is right here.

Without a blog, there is none of what is really needed to convert anyone into the desired income you want here, and that is the know, like, and trust factors!

Yes, you can sell some t-shirts on Facebook and even get some folks to buy your book or art, but creating and building a solid list and community of fans that will support you and share your message around the world and back again, well, that happens through no other better platform online than a blog.

I KNOW YOU KNOW THIS, or you would not be here!

As a matter of fact, you’re ready for that lifestyle of blogging, so much so, I am going to spare the bullet point list of facts why blogging is so important for building the kind of passive and residual income that some platforms seem to promise, but only a blog can actually give you on a silver platter.

So, who is this blog training course for? Well;

  • New bloggers
  • Struggling bloggers who want to become full-time professional bloggers
  • Travel bloggers who are hungry to develop steady sources of income while on their travels
  • Full-time employees who are new to the concept of making money through blogging…..and are ready to this awesome and comfortable lifestyle
  • Master affiliate marketers who need the power of blogging in their tool belt
  • Network marketers looking to take their lead generation and brand to the next level with a blog
  • Local business owners and professionals looking to increase traffic and their sales
  • Authors, artists, and anyone who is looking to increase the know, like, and trust it takes to succeed online today
  • Lifestyle entrepreneurs from foodies to niche marketers looking to finally find the success online they desire!

Blogging is not for everyone and every business type, seriously, while some say yes, I say get real, selling everyone on blogging is just that, selling people.

But, you want one, you want to be that go-to expert in your niche and field, and you know to increase your traffic, influence, and brand you need a blog, well, here is your chance.

How this blog course works.

Just so you know, I do not just coach you for a month, I give you access to a host of blog training videos, webinars, and I personally help you set up your professional blog, and it’s sales funnel and list building assets. Oh, and I help you come up with the perfect content marketing and paid marketing strategies for your niche blog business.

After all…, this is a business!

Not every niche blog uses the same strategy. Yes, we cover all the best practices of blogging here, but together we will also touch on other important aspects to better your blogs outcome like;

  • How to choose a blogging platform for your niche
  • How to manage your blog
  • How to use the best most effective list building strategies and software for your blog
  • How to best monetize your blog
  • How to set up and manage your blogs sales funnel
  • How email marketing works with your blogging efforts for better conversion rates
  • How to use social media to build your blog’s brand and reach

Plus all of this…!

The Set Up:

  • Full WordPress Blog installation
  • Full theme installation and configuration
  • Homepage theme setup with your own content
  • About page, Services page, and Contact page Setup (content created by you.)
  • Navigation, your logo and color palette
  • Security setup and configuration
  • Anti comment spam protection
  • SEO plugin setup,  and sitemap
  • Landing page setup and configuration
  • Make it work properly on mobile devices
  • My personal coaching for one whole month!


  • Understanding of what works with blogging, and what doesn’t
  • Learning how to identify blogging opportunities and pitfalls
  • Understanding the lifestyle and type of niche blog that actually fits your personality and desired outcome
  • Learning how to identify and fix blog problems yourself in the future
  • Best blogging practices
  • Learning how not to give up, even when it gets difficult or boring
  • Encouragement, support, and accountability

How you’ll feel about the coaching:

  • Motivated to work on your blog every day
  • Optimistic and positive about your future blogging lifestyle
  • Focused on what really matters with your blog
  • Powerful and well-equipped to run any niche blog in the future
  • Free from negative or limiting beliefs about yourself, your abilities and making money from home blogging
  • Inspired and motivated to take action today

The blog coaching side of things.

Yes, I can help you with all of the above, but if I was to set you up with everything you need, and just drop you off like most do today, how much of a help is that for you?

Yeah, not much.

So, I want to offer you something more, and something personalized.

This blog training course will also offer a private 1-on1 coaching system where you and I will meet up each week for a month, plus a little extra if needed for some personal coaching time.

We will also cover the following:

And best list building and conversion practices,

  • Determine the best type of lead magnet for attracting ideal readers and fans.
  • Get the lead magnets created quickly.
  • Build the automated systems to capture leads via your blog and send them marketing messages.

The Weekly Content Marketing Strategy.

  • Weekly Blogging Routine
  • Weekly Video Marketing Routine
  • Weekly Email Marketing Routine
  • Weekly Social Media Marketing Routine
  • Weekly Community Building Practices
  • Weekly list building and conversion practices
  • Conversion Marketing Strategies

I love blogging that much.

A cup of hot Sasquatch Coffee, a view of the sun coming up, and my fingers writing it all out in the quiet of the morning is one of my favorite places to be and things to do.

When I am not hanging out with my family, I love to blog, it is not just a hobby either, it is a lifestyle for me today, and can be for you to with the right coach! It is not complicated here, yeah, it can take a little time, but the time invested is more than worth it, it can be life changing!

From Ryan Biddulph to Jon Morrow, Matthew Loomis, and on to Darren Rowse and myself, blogging has been the reason for most of the success stories online today. So, yes, you are in the right place at the right time, and most importantly, with the right person to help you build your blogging empire online starting today.

I love blogging, and I have to say, ten’s of thousands of subscribers later, blogging beat all when it comes to building a passive and residual income online, even today!

Want to get started? Great!

Email me now at and let’s sit down and chat about your blogging goals and how this particular blog training course and coaching can help you…

Or, are you ready to get started now? Even better…why procrastinate!

Click Here Now >>

God bless, and talk with you soon.