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Blog Awesome – By Kristen LaValley | Great Book By A Great Mommy Blogger…

Blog Awesome – By Kristen LaValley | Great Book By A Great Mommy Blogger…

Blog Awesome – By Kristen LaValley | Great Book By A Great Mommy Blogger…

I may not be a “mommy blogger”, but I am a daddy marketer, and blogging is a must today. I guess you could say this is why I picked up a copy of Kristen LaValley’s latest book… Blog Awesome.

Here are my thoughts on the book, the blogger and the mom behind a great read.

So, with that over the top introduction, that is not as over the top as I would like it to be, here are those thoughts…

Want The Skinny On A Mommy Blogger?

I read and take in a lot of marketing material. From blogs to video and onto podcasts and downloadable books via my tablet.

One day, as I was doing my daily peruse of books about blogging, I noticed a book that was not yet released, Blog Awesome!


Sorry Kristen, but I am a guy, and I passed it up the first time. I hope you can forgive me…?

However, as I sifted through the .99 cent hacks that seem to have every so-called answer, one book kept popping up in the first spot…yes, your book Kristen.

And, it was not released yet!

One of the reasons I was looking in the first place was to better my own blogging efforts. No, not search engine optimization and all the technical parts, that can be learned by a monkey.

Nope, I wanted a little more than technical, I wanted to read some great writing and thoughts about the subject of blogging.

Yes, the book contained some technical, but it really focuses in on the why and where people usually fail building a successful blog, and how to fix or avoid the problems.

I am an SEO specialist and marketer, it is what I do. But, after reading this book, I can tell you this, it is giving me a bunch of food for thought on my own blog and the way in which my own voice is portrayed through it.

I think not only can you get the best of the basics with Kristen’s book, but the story of her own life online that is woven throughout it. This alone can truly help you understand the most important aspects of a successful blog:

Find your niche. Find Your Voice. Then Create.


As a matter of fact, I not only think daddy’s who blog could use this book, but SEO specialists too. WHY? Because in the end, search engine optimization is all about marketing a voice, not meta information.

The Mom.

I don’t know Kristen personally, but I know my own wife, and when she reads a blog like Mrs. LaValley’s here and then passes it on to me, I take it seriously. Yes, my wife reads your blog, and yes, we were all were sick through the holidays too! (I laugh).

For those of you in my training program, you can learn a lot from this mommy blogger!

What I do know about this mom, is what I have read in her blog. And, I have to tell you this too, it reminds me of my own household, and I guess that is what good blogging does, it makes you feel at home.

If you are a beginner to blogging, mom or dad, and you want to learn what it takes, get the book now. And, when you are ready, get back here and start learning how to optimize that voice…

Last Words.

Thank you Kristen for writing the book, it was great! And, thank you for sharing your own story throughout it, I can see how that is the best way to educate people today…by sharing our own ups and downs and how we worked through it….

Get Blog Awesome today, I promise, you will not be let down for a second!

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