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Becoming A Freelance Blog Writer

Becoming A Freelance Blog Writer

Becoming A Freelance Blog Writer

Becoming a freelance blog writer can be a great income generating gig for anyone out here looking to build a comfortable lifestyle out of writing.

And yes, we will look at what you should know, where to get hired, and what you’ll need to get started in this particular niche…

Becoming A Freelance Blog Writer.

Freelancing is a great platform and business today, especially online.

From video editing to setting up professional WP websites & blogs, and this includes blog writing or any content writing for that matter. No matter what the business type or model is today, many, many, local businesses and online brands and niche businesses owning entrepreneurs are always on the look for writers of great content.

From Fiver to Upwork, from My Opportunity to even working with the likes of Hubspot, being a freelance writer can be a truly freeing business venture online.


And while this is a short post that will look at being a professional content writer in general, we’ll mostly stick to the blog writing itself.

What You’ll Need To Start.

No, you will not need to go to some University or local community college to not only be brainwashed about the so-called awesomeness of socialism, and you will not need their degree in blog or content writing either.

But, you will need at least some basic writing skills.

Here are a couple of books I believe you too should buy and read to get you caught up in the “know” about writing blog content:

  • Everybody Writes by Ann Handley
  • And, How To Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards

Both books are enough to refresh you on the basics of content writing, and cover a bit of copywriting for any sales pages that come your way over time. Yes, once you have been found to be competent and trustworthy, the content from return customers get’s even more involved, and that’s a great thing!

No matter what, though, get these two books downloaded on Kindle now and start reading!

I also recommend Grammarly. What is it? Well, it is an;

“Online proofreading tool (software & app) that checks text (content) for grammar, punctuation, and style, and features a contextual spelling checker and plagiarism detector.”

And just so you know, after using the free version for a bit, I received a 50% off lifetime yearly that I was more than happy to invest in.

What Else You Will Need.

A blog, yes, your own professionally designed, branded, and optimized WordPress website and blog.

I do not know a single successful blog writer that does not have a blog to write on! Even my good friend and highly successful freelancer Brent Jones has a great blog!

Even the masterful, whimsical, and brilliant freelance blog coach Ryan Biddulph, another great friend of mine, he has an awesome blog too!

So, where is yours?

Even if you can’t build one yourself, or just need help to save time, you can get that done here, and I suggest you do.

You need a website and blog; you need a place to share your writing style, who you write for, and testimonials from those that you do or have done work for.

Get a blog today, hey, you are a blog content writer.

You need social media.

Facebook. LinkedIn. Google Plus. Twitter. I think that is enough when it comes to the business profiles and pages you need.

Here you will share content, and that means yours and other people’s content. This helps to grow your reach via your peers and friends you build within this niche.

Here you can also advertise via Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and if you want, some great advertising can be done via LinkedIn too.

Of course, I think LinkedIn, search engines, as well as platforms like Upwork will be the best for driving and converting new customers.

And while social media combined with your blog is powerful, even writing alone does not work for everyone. YouTube, get a channel and start making videos for each blog post content within your website and blog.

Not too mention, make sure to offer a great little video on your sales page, and or, sign-up-page on your website.

Don’t Forget.

Becoming a blog writer is really a great little niche business online, and one with the opportunity for some significant financial rewards, and a freeing lifestyle to boot.

But, you need a professional presence online, at least some skill at writing, an understanding of blogging basics, and you will want to work cheaper for a bit, well, at least until you get a few great testimonies.

And guess what? Yes, all of this can be learned and mastered quickly if you are new to the idea of becoming a freelance blog writer.

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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