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“Authority Hacks” With Ryan Deiss | Is Blogging Really Broken?

“Authority Hacks” With Ryan Deiss | Is Blogging Really Broken?

Recently I was sent the Authority Hacks report on blogging with Ryan Diess. I have to say, while I like Ryan and some of his reports are spot on, this one was not.

Sorry, but it is true. This report is based on something that Ryan and other affiliate marketing “gurus” have spent little time on, blogging. So is blogging really broke? No, not even close.

Here is why I think “authority hack” itself is a hack job to get more subscribers and, how blogging really works and who to truly follow to learn this “blessing” of a platform.

Hacks? More Like “Master Gurus” Gone Wild!

Here is a simple quote fom Ryan Diess within the Authority Hacks PDF download;

I’ve been online for over a decade and in that time my partners and I have launched dozens of online businesses and have personally generated over a hundred million dollars in sales. Not only that, I have an experienced team and an enormous amount of cash to burn, so if I couldn’t pull this off doing what all the so-called “experts” tell you to do… -Ryan Diess

It is true, him and other well known affiliate marketing “gurus” have taken quiet a bit from people, and with very little results in the end. Not that everything you find is a rip-off, just some.

I personally have found Ryan and his simple systems for affiliate marketing to be pretty good, except this one. The reason for this is because of one simple reason; how does someone who has used so many paid for marketing tactics and automated software know much about blogging? Your guess is as good as mine.

Until the middle and tail end of 2012 did we finally see some of the big names within the affiliate industry open up to “actual effort” of content creation. None of this of course was because they wanted to, it was because we were all forced to.

It started with one guru, then it spread like wildfire…content is king!

So what we will do here is break down some of these supposed “authority hacks” one by one and put them to the test…well, at least try.

Blogging Authority, Is It For Real?

Here is the deal, even Ryan can boost traffic with paid components to a website, never forget that when looking at anyone’s “statistics”.

Authority Hack #1 – Make It Messy?

Hey, when my kids have a messy room, I make them clean it. So why would I buy or subscribe to you if your stuff look’s worse than my kids room? Why should you do the same for me? You shouldn’t! First and foremost, it shows a lack of respect for what you have to offer and, to those who want to know about it.

I do have to say this however, you do not need a “perfect” site. What I think “messy” is, someone else might think it is something else.

What we do know is this, and I quote; “Ads on clean sites are always seen. “If you send an email or have a TV ad campaign that directs prospects to your website, but they can’t find the link or relevant information, they will likely bail in the first 3.2 seconds. Those who believe a site is uncluttered will spend more than 13 seconds looking at the ad, four times more than time spent in a cluttered environment.”

So, is Ryan right? You be the judge.

Authority Hack #2 – Stop Blogging? More Editing?

Here is a quote from Ryan, see if this helps with “keeping” it messy; “what the world needs (and values) is a trusted authority who will organize and aggregate all the GOOD information that’s actually worth reading.”

Hmmm, so much for keeping it messy. However, what is said here is correct, while Hack number 1 was wrong. People want to find the information they seek, and they want it fast. A cluttered site hinders this by definition.

Of course there was more to this part, something about “talking” and “showing off” other authorities. I can understand referencing others, but save the links for your own site.

Authority Hack #3 – Stop Driving Traffic Away?

Quote from the #2 hack; “The trick is to talk about other people who are worth talking about.” So after that being said, we are to NOT DRIVE TRAFFIC AWAY, while talking about how others are doing the same thing and possibly better?

Are you lost yet? I am.

What I do know is that it is good to curate content from others…but not all the time. For a long time bloggers linked outward more often than inward…this makes you look like a middle man for good information to people and search engines, not an authority.

You might as well pass all your opt ins to Ryan, because by talking about others so much, why don’t we just go there in the first place?

So now that we have hacked Authority Hacks for blogging together, let’s look at what is good about this report.

Where Most Subscribers And Purchases Online Are Born…

Vanessa Fox recently in late 2012 did a survey. This survey showed that of the 100% of people polled, 82% trusted search the most for information on products and services they were interested in.

What was really amazing however was this, of the 82%, 72% of purchases and or, subscriptions were referred by a blog post, video or, both.

These are the facts. so, what can we learn for the “guru’s” today, well, we can learn that they finally figured out how important information is, especially through blogging and authority sites.

However, this is a bandwagon that Mr. Deiss is on. What do I mean by this? I mean that him and the many others that have “made 100’s of millions” off people, have found another way to get paid.

Here is the deal, when it comes to the back end (sales funnels), listen to Ryan, he knows this part better than anyone. When it comes to blogging, he is not the “authority” on the subject. If so, he would have been doing it for years.

Copyblogger, Darren Rowse at, Vanessa Fox, Brian Gardner, Jon Morrow…these are the professionals you should seek. When blogging was not fun, they did it, and when it was fun, they are still doing it.

Blogging is not broken, what is broken is the information you get from people about “how to” blog. Today it is not really all about blogging, it is informing and educating people on your niche that counts, and taking time to do it.

Authority Hacks, this is a new affiliate marketing system by another guru if you ask me, but I suppose you get that by now.

None of these reports will have any blogging value that has not been said before a hundred times. Sorry to disappoint you, but the second report was almost as worthless. This information is “old” news to those who have been practicing content marketing for some time now.

Maybe that is the problem, it should have been taught the whole time, instead of “get fast traffic” and “get rich now” tactics and strategies. Success online is a process of creating a reason for people to do a specific thing, not trick them into it.

Blogging is not broken, it is alive and well and driving all the search traffic today…just ask Ryan Deiss, as you can see he is finally seeing the facts about hard work now that shortcuts no longer work.

Become your “authority hack” on your subject. Through blogging, video and, sharing it wisely, you will be just fine here. You will not get all the traffic in the world, but you will get some, and some is all you need.

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  • Kate Phillips March 22, 2013 at 6:56 am

    Thanks for saving me the time of reading it! Although Ryan Deiss is a brilliant and effective marketer, he is certainly not an expert on all the topics he markets products in.

    • David Boozer Author March 22, 2013 at 1:11 pm

      When it comes to landing pages, email marketing campaigns he is spot on, content creation however is something we can learn from those who actually practice it…I am with you Kate… Thanks for the comment =)

  • Liam Veitch March 25, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Hey David,

    Fully agree on this – I thought the content was shallow at best and a clear case of padding out an already thin concept. It’s all the rage to be “counter-intuitive” when promoting products but in this case he’s just clutching at straws and sending out the wrong message.

    The “Free traffic loophole” book he claims to have a formula for building traffic – its the next along and in a nutshell isn’t free, isn’t a loophole and isn’t a formula which calculates anything.

    Essentially that one advocates paying others with high klout scores to write content to get traffic from THEIR social followers. Note “paying” here to get “free” traffic from other writers’ social media channels – no loopholes here and it sends out the wrong message to people trying to build a brand/personality on their blog not just aggregate content from other writers.

    I agree, poor showing really.


    • David Boozer Author March 25, 2013 at 7:49 pm

      Hey Liam, funny how there “free” methods always cost a little…over and over and over again…=) I am with you…Ryan Deiss is simply jumping on a bandwagon of “guest blogging” that is about to be hit hard by the search engines as well because of these types of people. Unfortunately, guest blogging is a great platform that is now being ruined by “money-making” morons with no clue. If content was so important Mr. Deiss, why did you not stress that years ago???

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