“These days, you have the option of staying home, building a business online in your underwear, and making a great income with it. I think I like the direction things are headed…”

Hello, my name is David, I am, and in order, a believer (Jesus freak), husband, father, highly successful lifestyle entrepreneur, online business, and internet marketing coach. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wife and 5 awesome children. Oh, and I think Bigfoot lives in my backyard!

Personally, I am not going to get into all of my histories online. I’ve been here for over a decade and have worked with and consulted for 3 Fortune 500 Companies, and over 1000+ business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, and with a 70% success rate, just so you know.

What I wanted to tell you here was who I am, what this website and blog are all about, and how I want to help you. Plus, I want to share more of the personal side of myself and this highly successful journey I have been on for over a decade now.

I guess, in the end, I want to share my thoughts and practices in life, faith, family, and of course, building a successful online business and lifestyle from anywhere.

The Online Business Coach & Entrepreneur.

Between the (hopefully) awesome ramblings about faith, family, and life as an entrepreneur here in the Pacific Northwest, I want to share a lot more tips, mindset, and best practices of building, branding and growing a highly successful digital lifestyle and online business for you.

the-lifestyleA word of caution though, an online lifestyle and business may make you a 6-figure or 7-figure income like it has for many here, but it is not, and I stress IT IS NOT all about the amount of money here as much as it is about the FREEDOM TO WORK for yourself from anywhere and generate the kind of lifestyle income that allows for it.

“This is an online business, and you should treat it that way, but it is a lifestyle business too, and your passion for it is the foundation for its success!”

A lifestyle business is a niche business built around something in your life that you are strongly passionate about, like a hobby.

Can you make money with a hobby or something you have a passion for? Yes, yes you can. As a matter of fact, we see more and more people growing successful lifestyle and niche businesses online today than ever before, and successfully at that!

We can break down the features of a digital lifestyle and online business into the following:

  • The owner is the sole employee or, in the case of more than one owner, the founders or owners are the business’ employees.
  • The owner already makes a reasonable living, earning a respectable income.
  • The owner has the freedom to do whatever he or she wants with their time and resources, so they can decide how much time is devoted to their work time and their personal time. They are allowed to pursue their interests and indulge in their passion while running the business.
  • There are no intentions to exit the business or sell it off, so it is built with plans to operate it for many more years to come.

Here are some of the most common examples of thriving online businesses today.

  • Professional niche blogging. This is most probably the quintessential lifestyle business. Many bloggers now make their living through blogging.
  • Master affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing still takes a personal approach to your content and paid reach. Here I can help you grow that multiple 5-6-7-figure master affiliate marketing incomes.
  • Novelists, authors, journalists… These writers prefer to take the freelance route instead of getting employment in established organizations or companies. They travel, go places, experience things and write about them.
  • Network marketing. Network marketing still rocks as a lifestyle business today, period. Next, to personal brand businesses, this one platform can create a passive and residual income.
  • E-commerce online stores. E-commerce also falls under the lifestyle business category if they meet the definition of one.
  • Personal brands. Photographers, videographers, YouTubers, podcasters, and the list goes on to those who create and wants to sell their own goods, personal brand websites and platforms can grow a highly successful lifestyle business income today.
  • Coaching, mentoring OR, consultant. Services of consultants are sought after these days, ranging from matters regarding finance, law, technology, health, travel, real estate, and more. Life coach, business coach, if you have the mind and knowledge to help others, then a simple and wonderful lifestyle business awaits you through your own private coaching, mentoring or, consulting services.
  • Online & Lifestyle Business Owners. Need help with your website, brand, and marketing? Let me help you with the web design and web presence setup services to get you up and online effectively starting today.

Of course, this is not a full list, but it should give you an idea about some of the possibilities here.

Personally, this lifestyle entrepreneurial adventure and journey has been a massive blessing for myself, those I have coached and mentored, and my family as well.

All it took was some basic knowledge and a little time. As another matter of fact, time is on your side when it comes to building a lifestyle business because this is best practiced over a year or so until the income it creates takes place of that of your current position, job, or career.

In the end, patience is the real foundation to success with a lifestyle business, and here on the website and blog, we will cover that, plus a whole lot more.

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Anybody who wants to retire to the entrepreneur lifestyle of working from anywhere (no matter what their business is) through the simple and best internet and inbound marketing practices.

This includes:

  • new lifestyle business owners who have never even tried the online “thing”, but want this lifestyle
  • struggling online and offline entrepreneurs who want to become full-time professional work from anywhere entrepreneurs
  • travel, affiliate, network marketers, lifestyle business, and niche bloggers who are hungry to develop steady sources of income the online world can offer
  • full-time employees who are new to the concept of making money through a lifestyle business…..and are ready to transition from being in the “proverbial” cubical to the online entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • and the would be, could be, and should be dreamer of a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle from anywhere!

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Thank you, and God Bless.