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A Love Affair With Aweber – Why This Online Entrepreneur Chose The Aweber Email Marketing Service…

A Love Affair With Aweber – Why This Online Entrepreneur Chose The Aweber Email Marketing Service…

A Love Affair With Aweber – Why This Online Entrepreneur Chose The Aweber Email Marketing Service…

(pic by me) I have a love affair with Aweber, don’t tell my wife, ha! Seriously, though, I do love Aweber, I have been with them for the better part of a decade, and here is why.

My wife already knows, and to tell you the truth, she likes Aweber too, in the end, “the money is in the list.” Why? Because that email list is where we can build a few things I want to share with you here.

So, let’s look at how Aweber helps this entrepreneur, and you, build what matters and what converts traffic into beloved customers online.

Click Here to get started with Aweber, a service you can trust!

Content Marketing + Aweber.

I love my view of the sunrise in the morning out my window as I write this blog post, and a thousand others I have over time. I also love the fact that I can trust Aweber to capture my new traffic and see that they get my last creation on time every time.

See, your best content marketing practices in combination with Aweber’s perfect answer to email marketing campaigns builds the three things that matter here, the three things that grow any successful business and business model online today, and they are;

  • know
  • like
  • and, trust

They matter so much that all your marketing efforts online today focus around them, they are the center of your universe online. They are what you need to build up and upon to succeed here. Gone are the days of quick press releases and article marketing, today you need a plan to build these three important things.

I will spend just a few on the “know” because it is the content marketing that you practice to drive that new traffic to your website and blog in the first place.

Know Me.

Building the “know” takes a seriously simple, not easy, but simple, content marketing plan.

I believe in the know plan; I have been practicing it for nearly a decade. Through blogging, social media engagement, video, and of course live stream webinars, I’ve been a fan of content marketing since day one.

The chance to write and publish other formats of content like video to share what I love online, and make money doing it online and from the comfort of home has been a true blessing.

It is a learning curve I will tell you, but it has and continues to be a real blessing that I am truly happy with. Nothing beats being your boss, and working from the comfort of home on a morning like this!

But it is the know that got me here, and it is the same strategy that got the likes of Copyblogger, Problogger, and even the great Ryan Biddulph to a level of success that is pretty much a given when you put forth the time and effort here.

As a matter of fact, content marketing has delivered myself and the aforementioned brands and individuals better and more qualified traffic than any other platform or strategy online.


“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches.”

Do you want traffic? Do you want people to get to know you, your message, and the products or services that can and will make their lives better? Then I suggest you start your content marketing a solid part of your marketing efforts online, and then, partner with Aweber to build the like and trust!

Let’s look at that one now, the like

Like Me.

Ongoing and always updated content keeps you and I building the know, and it also helps us to build the like. But, here is the part where email marketing comes in, and where the right software and company needs to be trusted completely.

Through creating more content I can build a list of subscribers via an email marketing campaign, you can learn more here about this. But, for now, it works like this:

  • I create a blog post with a video today and publish it
  • I share that out via social media
  • It is optimized to be found in all major search engines, including YouTube
  • Now I email it directly to you so that you can get the latest help or tips today

Through this, you and I build a likability factor with people, with our subscribers to be exact!

You and I can build a certain amount of likability through blogging, video, and even social media content and podcasting. But, email marketing in conjunction with any of these other content marketing practices can truly create a better and stronger bond.

And from the like factor, you and I can build the one thing that converts best of all, trust.

The Trust Factor.

Trust, they say this is what converts subscribers into cash online.

I know, it does not sound “politically correct” to say this, but it is true. Besides, being politically correct only proves how dumb someone is, and how much they lack individuality and passion for life.

Trust is the one factor that brings about a successful bottom line online today, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that my friend! Nothing at all!

Partnered with Aweber, you and I can not only build a list without spending an arm and a leg, but we can also create the kind of follow-up campaigns with our blog and other content formats that build trust over time.

Personally, I have tried those other platforms where they offer you all the landing pages and forms possible, under one roof, but still, I get the same amount of email marketing and list building awesomeness from Thrive Theme Plugin, Aweber, and my blog.

Aweber offers you and I the same types of opt-in forms, campaigns, and all the other bells and whistles do, so why not save some money, and save some time? I know I do.

And when it comes to building trust with you for your internet marketing efforts, I have that same trust with Aweber.

See, our follow-up email marketing campaigns are what builds trust today, there is nothing that builds trust and converts better than email marketing, even today.

I Love Aweber.

I build the “know me” through my content marketing efforts. I build the “like me” through that same content plus a great follow-up email marketing campaign.

It is the “trust” that helps me to convert, and that is built through great follow-up and great email marketing software and programs like Aweber.

As for myself, I took my online businesses serious years ago, and I chose Aweber because I was seriously building something successful…

You should too. (Oh, and I hope they send me a free t-shirt!)

Do You Have A Second To Share?

What say you? Agree with me? Disagree? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you think in regards to this article, share it around if you agree and hope that this helps you! And thank you very much…

God Bless!

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